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MGT 445 Week 4 Individual Assignment Miami School District Negotiation Paper

by: NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker

MGT 445 Week 4 Individual Assignment Miami School District Negotiation Paper MKT421

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About this Document

MGT 445 Week 4 Individual Assignment Miami School District Negotiation Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker on Friday November 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MKT421 at Phoenix College taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
Running head MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION Miami School District Negotiation Name University of Phoenix MGT445 August 8 2011 Instructor Miami School District Negotiation MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 2 A recent decision by the Miami school district has caused quite a stir in the area Their concern over the recent unprecedented increase in enrollments has brought them to the consensus to overhaul the admission boundaries in schools In simple words they have decided to restrict each school to a certain number of students to help not overcrowd schools For this they will relocate some students Aiming to study the impact of this decision by focusing on certain vital issues or questions asked by concerned parents and guardians Will children receive excellent quality education or will some suffer Will children have to travel long distances when they could have arrived to school in half the time with the old structure What will the impact of mixed cultural and ethical backgrounds Will children be spoiled by exposure to a cruder culture in their opinion The proposed solutions by the parents will be analyzed An example is Broward where the district government has cut the budget for school construction citing the number of empty seats in the eastern part of Broward as the reason On top of that the school district and the county government have had an agreement to limit the number of seats Because the overcrowding has worsened the only options left are redrawing boundaries or increasing the limit The district opted for the second mostly unpopular choice Mazzei 2009 Impact of the decision The above listed major apprehensions are of the parents The parents fear change as a mother from Broward expressed worry and anger at the decision on behalf of the parents Mazzei 2009 Ethnic and cultural differences are a huge cause for concern everywhere in the world but especially in a multiethnic society like America s Despite modernization people are still vary of other cultures and tend to avoid mixing This fear becomes tenfold when connected to their off springs as they do not want their child to adopt unsavory habits like drugs drinking MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 3 gang culture etc Even minor differences in customs and traditions can be worrisome for parents and even children who have to survive in that environment Stigmas like violence are attached to certain groups of the society and some groups are not thought worthy of notice and interaction The parents and children holding such views are afraid of a transfer to such a locality as it would be an insult The concerns are not based on culture or social rank discrimination Meek mild mannered and sensitive children and their parents wish to avoid a violent lawless school at costs and would be very afraid of such a situation Similarly transferred hot tempered children to such an environment would give parents many sleepless nights as the dangers of fights and injury would increase The scared children of the social changes the unfamiliar environment rules and the unknown teachers They and their parents wonder if the children will be treated with equality will the teachers show the same professionalism compassion and dedication their current teachers do The standard of education and the teachers qualifications are matters of high importance in the choice of a school even under normal circumstances In this context it becomes a greater problem for parents as they do not know where their child will be transferred whether the teacher has enough teaching experience to be teaching the child s level and subject Another issue is the distance If the commute were long they would have to rearrange their routines and may be even wake early to arrive to school on time The situation could even force them to relocate to another city or district which would lead to other causes of unease such as finding homes property costs cost of relocation and stress of shifting to a new neighborhood and the difference of culture customs issues over again People are also nervous that taxes would be affected by these changes like an increase in property tax would burden their pockets a great deal For the children the social change constitutes a diverse environment he or she is not used MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 4 to or comfortable in It would also mean personal changes which are a big deal for children like losing their friends struggling in making new friends have trouble grasping the culture and customs of the new society fighting to fit in and be accepted This could lead to confidence and personality issues among the children thinking he or she is neglected could make him or her crave support They often bring the frustration and helplessness in this situation home with them This type of support can lead the child to rely on a completely untrustworthy person and make the child develop many sorts of behavioral and psychological problems The students of Broward expressed their dislike of the pronouncement building a Facebook page reading We want to go to Pioneer Middle Mazzei 2009 The school board had not made pioneer the school he or she would have gone to of this choice Lack of certainty in where their children will go is at the head of worries for parents and children alike It adds to their anxieties and makes them think of these possible scenarios Jodi Baumel from Broward speaking on behalf of parents said that the school district needs to give parents opinions and concerns more weight age They should hear the parents perspective before finalizing any boundaries The worry over this impending action is causing severe harm to the social structure of the area Mazzei 2009 It is the basics of negotiation strategies that one party should look at the problem from the other party s perspective to come up with a solution that suits both parties and solves their main problems This is exactly what the district members need to do to resolve this issue without any upheaval or disturbance In addition parents need to put themselves in the administrations shoes to know that they believe this reform is in evitable Mazzei 2009 Stakeholders MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 5 In any business transaction or a negotiation meeting there are at least two parties involved These parties are partners in the profit and loss of the firm and are affected by the decisions taken at the meeting A stakeholder is by definition a party that holds some vested interest in the organization running decisions successes failures etc Normally stakeholders are customers share owners suppliers etc In other words people directly affected by the organization but do not take direct part in its functioning Because the stakeholders share the company s fortune they have a right to voice their opinions about important lifechanging decisions made in the company The affecters in this instance are parents school administration teachers children and the community Hence they are the stakeholders Parents have to bear the full brunt of the decision so they are the direct stakeholders Next in line is the school The school is also directly in uenced as it deals with the students sent to them for instruction and mentoring The teachers play a huge role in shaping the future of these individuals they are mentors counselors and role models for the students In addition their own future and career is partially in the hands of the board they in uence decisions and in uenced by any such decision Parents qualify as the primary stakeholders because of their position as taxpayers They fuel the building of schools provision of latest facilities and establishment of new dorms motivation of teachers by high salaries or new grants In short their tax pays for almost everything their children use in school This gives them power and they must use it to get their voice heard The board is dependent on the parents and needs to keep them happy At West Kendall Miami parents formed a committee and proposed to the board their own school boundaries plan The committee is using the plan to negotiate with the board Negotiation Strategy MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 6 The board and the parents are equally strong in their position as stakeholders they must negotiate to come up with a mutually beneficial solution Before beginning the process of negotiation both parties must go through the preliminary stage of planning The negotiations success depends on its planning according to Farrington 2006 the more time spent in planning and preparing the more beneficial will be the outcome Negotiation is a bargaining process in which both parties keep their demands on the table and try to come to a solution for the said problem Before they even sit down to discuss options they must prepare and plan The first step make a list of their aims needs interests and rank them in order of importance Next step into each other s shoes understanding the other s perspective The parents try to understand the boards view and vice versa It involves selecting alternative point of settlement and offering concessions They should be aware of the cost of a concession to them and its value to the other party only then they can convince them to settle for less Farrington 2006 If they aim for mutual satisfaction they are employing winwin or integrative strategy The steps are as described above identification of the problem or goal disclosure These are parents wanting to cancel the rezoning the board needs it to take place Next understanding the problem from both standpoints Both of them have to understand each person s interest According to Lewicki Saunders Barry 2006 interests are the underlying concerns needs desires or fears that motivate a negotiator to take a particular position Third find alternative solutions It means conceding their main goal in favor of a less important objective Last evaluating and reaching a consensus Both opponents must be aware of MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 7 the value and cost of their offer For instance the board offers a revert of the policy if the parents offer to sponsor a dorm in a popular school and agree to the shutting of a less populated school For the parents a high value offer as it achieves their main aim Parents cover the cost for the board cost of construction and saving money by shutting of a school To do away with the uncertainty plaguing the parents the board could offer them a meeting with new faculty members and a visit of the branch Here it is using its knowledge of parents39 dearest aim to get an acceptable solution essential to good negotiation Farrington 2006 The board may to arrange two shifts of school morning and evening Thus satisfying parents and avoiding extra construction costs again a winwin situation Instead of schools they can start learning centers It can be a successful longterm solution but a costly one Money is an essential component of solutions and better one handles the money issues the better the solution Hence this solution is useless Instead the different sessions39 solution is far more effective This is a sound monetarily and mutually beneficial for everyone involved Ethics and Culture Ethics and culture are the backbone of a civilized successful society They are a set of previously defined rules of conduct such as helping an old lady cross a road It is essential to the building of a moral and courteous cooperative society that parents and teachers get together and strive to set examples of conduct abound with respect courtesy etc defines culture as a set of attitudes behaviors beliefs and practices belonging to a certain ethnic group So giving rise to the parents fear their child may become culturally confused when exposed to several cultures or MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION 8 one different culture It would drive him away from his own culture and values a painful ordeal for parents as in their homes they are the ambassadors of their culture Conclusion Children do not take changes especially sudden changes very well They do not cope well if we threaten to re vamp their whole world by sending them to a different school in a different locality with loads of strange people Children today already face loads of stress in the form peer pressure learning difficulties personality crisis low selfopinion and family troubles Shaking up their world by taking them away from friends familiar comfortable surroundings amounts to disaster in their lives They need some form of stability so this shuf ing of schools does not seem conducive to psychological and emotional health of a child The value of a child s health is higher than the monetary cost of construction So whatever change has to be made a plan should be in place and should incorporate the opinions of not only parents children and their friends The change should be such that it promotes cultural and religious safety protects child s selfesteem and provides opportunities for growth and development into confident complete personalities MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT NEGOTIATION References Farrington J 2006 Negotiation Planning for a successful outcome Retrieved from httpezinearticlescomNegotiationP1anningForASuccessful Outcomeampid454128 Lewicki R Saunders D amp Barry B nd Negotiation 5th ed McGraW Hill 2006 New York NY Mazzei P2009 Miami Herald Broward school boundary changes take step forward Retrieved from http oridainsuranceregulatorycomnewsphpcategory FloridaLegislatureNeWsHead1inesamphead1ineMiamiHerald3A Browardschoolboundarychangestakestepforward


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