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Practice Exam 1 + KEY

by: Sandra Lee

Practice Exam 1 + KEY BIOL 118

Sandra Lee
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Physiology
Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D

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About this Document

Introduction to Physiology
Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sandra Lee on Friday January 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 118 at University of Washington taught by Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 694 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physiology in Biology at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Biology 118 Exam 1 April 12 2013 VERSION A Mark your name ID number and test version A B C on your answer sheet scantron You can keep this list of exam questions and you may write on it if you wish Marking and keeping this test is the only way you will know the answers on your scantron Each question has only 1 correct answer Indicate your choice on the scantron If you need clarification for a question raise your hand and stay in your seat If you are stumped by a question place a mark by it and return to it later NOTE FIGURES AF are located on the last page Please make sure you have all 7 pages of the exam before you begin Good luck 1 Victor likes to drink colas pH 4 but Sadie prefers milk pH 6 because it is acidic than the cola a 10X less b 100X less c 2X more d 20X more 2 Which of these is NOT an effector response in regulation of high body temperature a Skeletal muscle relaxation b Active sweat glands c Vasodilation of blood vessels d Hypothalamus detects high temperature 3 Which of these is a catabolic reaction a Glucose 9 Glycogen b Protein 9 amino acids C H20 C02 9 H2CO3 d Glycerol 3 fatty acids 9 Triglyceride 4 The cytoskeleton that supports a cell includes a only microtubules b only microfilaments c both microfilaments amp microtubules d both megatubules amp megafilaments 5 After its synthesis a protein that becomes a lysosomal enzyme must travel through and in order to ensure proper folding a nucleus smooth ER b nucleolus centrosome c ribosome mitochondria d rough ER Golgi apparatus 6 ln FIGURE B the remainder group of this amino acid is labeled a nonpolarized F b nonpolarized G c polarized H d polarized J 7 True or False Diffusion equilibrium has been reached between two compartments when there is no flux F in either direction look at the wordingl a True b False Page 1 of 7 10 11 12 13 14 15 Over their lifetime healthy identical twins will show to their DNA as a result of their lifestyle differences a an identical pattern of epigenetic modifications b increasingly different epigenetic modifications c massive damage d large additions Which extracellular fluid is hypotonic to a cell whose osmotic pressure 5200 mmHg a 5400 mmHg b 5200 mmHg c 5000 mmHg d none of these The pH environment inside of a lysosome is very that move H into the organelle a low active transport pumps b high channels c low channels d high active transport pumps because lysosomal membranes contain Which carbohydrate is not readily digested but we are told to include it in our diet because of its health benefits a Glycogen b Starch c Fructose d Cellulose Scientists may one day discover bacteria on Mars If these bacterial cells have an osmotic pressure 6000 mmHg an environment extracellar with an osmotic pressure mmHg will cause these hypothetical bacteria to lose water a 5600 b 3000 c 6000 d 6400 Which line on FIGURE A best describes the relationship between extracellular fluid ECF ranging from 0 to 300 mOs on the X axis and the relative rate of the diffusion of water on the Y axis if a cell s osmolarity 300 mOs a X b Z c V d W Which of these molecules may be used repeatedly even though it changes its shape during each event it promotes a Enzymes b Ribosomes c Carrier proteins d All of these Which substance in bold is a base a N2H4 H gt NEH b CaCI2 gt Ca 2 cr c HCH02 gt H CHOZ39 d H3P 4 gt H H2PO439 Page 2 of 7 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Mitochondria may catabolize a glucose b amino acids c fatty acids d all ofthese to acquire the energy to build ATP Which organelle requires oxygen 02 to do its work and produces carbon dioxide C02 as a waste product a Lysosome b Ribosome c Mitochondria d Rough ER A substance with a molecular weight channels if all other factors are equal a 100 37 b 50 37 c 100 34 d 50 34 g moves most rapidly at deg C through Put these steps in order start within the nucleus 1 ribosomes form bonds between amino acids 2 Golgi apparatus modifies a protein 3 rough ER folds proteins 4 vesicle pinches off and forms a lysosome 5 copy DNA to form mRNA 5 2 3 4 1 906 You are attempting to determine the mechanism by which your favorite ion bicarbonate HC03 enters a particular type of cell You conduct an experiment to block ATP synthesis and find that ATP concentration in the cell falls to zero in 5 minutes but that transport continues for at least 30 minutes Which type of transport does this rule out exclude a simple diffusion b facilitated diffusion c active transport d osmosis ln FIGURE E increasing the replacement of with TFA a person s total cholesterolHDL ratio It may lead to heart disease a PU FA polyunsaturated fatty acids exponentially increased b SFA saturated fatty acids exponentially decreased c MUFA monounsaturated fatty acids linearly decreased d All other fatty acids linearly increased The energy for cellular work is released when the on an ATP molecule a 3rd phosphate ionizes b sugar splits in half c nitrogen base splits in half d 3rd phosphate breaks off Which substance gave up 2 of its original electrons a N2 b 2H c Na d Ca2 Page 3 of 7 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Phospholipids with stiffer a saturated tightly b trans loosely c monounsaturated tightly d polyunsaturated loosely fatty acids pack more together making cell membranes Which enzyme in FIGURE C has its maximum activity at a nearly neutral pH a Pepsin b Salivary amylase c Arginase d None of these Negative feedback responses are activated when a regulated variable a moves outside of its tolerance limits b stays inside its normal range c moves outside of its normal range d under all of these conditions As a cell grows its metabolic rate because its SAN ratio a increases increases b decreases increases c decreases decreases d increases decreases Carriermediated transport such as is used to move glucose a facilitated diffusion down a concentration gradient b active transport down a concentration gradient c osmosis up a concentration gradient d simple diffusion up a concentration gradient LDL is the a good liver b bad liver c good arteries d bad arteries transporter molecule because it delivers cholesterol to the The a ribosomes b endoplasmic reticulum c mitochondria d centrosome are formed within the nucleolus region of a cell s nucleus Which event in FIGURE D is the best example of a positive feedback loop in this homeostatic process a Estrogen induces formation of oxytocin receptors on uterus b Oxytocin is released from fetus c Prostaglandins stimulate release of more oxytocin d Oxytocin causes the uterus to contract An ion that travels through a membrane carrier using only kinetic energy is moving by its concentration gradient simple diffusion up facilitated diffusion down active transport down endocytosis up 906 Page 4 of 7 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 How many amino acids will be in the protein made from a strand of mRNA that has 500 codons a 1500 b 300 c 500 d 3000 Which of these types of chemical bonds is the weakest on average a Ionic b Covalent c Hydrogen d All are equal Put these parts of a homeostasis reflex arc in order 1 controllerintegrator 2 effector 3 receptor 4 stress 5 response a JOFU39Ib 3 2 2 3 2 3 1 5 906 5 NU lFU39I Which of the following is NOT required for translation a tRNA mRNA rRNA Ribosome RNA polymerase 090 Which molecule in FIGURE F is the most highly unsaturated fatty acid a M 903 77 If you are losing blood a beneficial positive feedback loop would a speed up the heart amp thus accelerate your blood loss b reduce blood flow to the heart thus weakening the heart c accelerate production of chemicals that promote blood clotting d slow down the mental processing caused by the blood loss What is the approximate molecular weight of a Phosphorus atom with 15 protons 16 neutrons and 15 electrons a 30 b 31 c 46 d 32 can moves substances over the surface of the cell by bending their Centrioles microfilaments Endoplasmic reticulum microfilaments Cilia microtubules Golgi apparatus microtubules using ATP 906 Page 5 of 7 41 Positive feedback should produce a change in a variable that looks most like line in FIGURE A a ltNgtltlt b c cl 42 Which molecule has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions a Cholesterol b Triglyceride c Phospholipid d Glucose Page 6 of 7 Figure A Figure B higher greater Y axis Figure C Salivary A amylase 39 Pepsin Enzyme Arglnase V activity sma er 0 I fewerlower x axis morehigher 153155 6 7 8 31011112 pH Figure D Figure E i 9 o 35 5 39 TFA trans fatty ac1ds Estrogen Oxytocln m 39 7 39 i 030 d 2 From fetus d and mother s 0 03925 pItUItary E 020 Induces oxytocin 3 receptors on uterus g 015 39 U 010 39 Stimulates uterus 9 to contract 2 005 Stimulates 395 placenta to make 8 000 Prostaglandins S 0 1 2 3 4 5 c 0 Percent of Calories Replaced by Trans Fat I Stimulate more vi orous contractions Mozaffarlan D Aro WC Willett 2009 Health effects 0 uterus of transfatty aCIds experimental amp observational evidence Eur J Clin Nutr 63 Suppl 285821 Figure F Page 7 of 7


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