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Test #2 Study Guide

by: idk

Test #2 Study Guide mus-m174

Marketplace > Indiana University > Music > mus-m174 > Test 2 Study Guide
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About this Document

I have a lot of practice questions that should help prepare for the test!
Music For The Listener
Professor Hoffer
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by idk on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to mus-m174 at Indiana University taught by Professor Hoffer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see Music For The Listener in Music at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/15/15
Music For The Listener Exam 2 Study Guide   The approximate dates of the Romantic period in music are ________.a. 1450-1600 b. 1750-1820 c  . 1900-1975 d. 1600- 1750 e  . 1820-1900 1820-1900 Romantics writers, artists, and composers believed strongly in rational thought.a. True b . False false Which of the following was NOT a well -know Romantic writer?a  . Keats b  . Voltaire c. Scott d. Tennys . Coleridge Voltaire An interest in nature is one characteristic of Romanticism. a  . True b. False true Romantic writers, artists, and composers were often self - absorbed.a  . True b. False true Romantic writers, artists, and composers thought of years between the fall of the Roman empire and the Renaissance as the "Dark Ages."a. True  . False false In many ways the Romantic period had a split personality.a  . True b. False true Which book title best represents Romanticism? a  . The Logic of Aristotle b. My Struggles c . The Coronation of Poppea d  . The Acoustics of Music e. The Life of J.S. Bach My Struggles Which person was NOT a Romantic composer? a  . Wagner b. Brahms c. C. Schumann d. Tchaikovsky e. Josquin Josquin Which of the following, from earlier music, can be found in several Romantic works?a  . Kyri . Dies ira . basso ostinato d. organum Dies irae Many Romantic writers, artists, and composers were fascinated with evil and misery.a. True b . False true Romantic writers, artists, and composers showed little interest each other's works.a. True b. False false Most Romantic writers, artists, and composers admired the works of their Classical counterparts.a. True b . False false The centers of art and music in the Romantic period were the major cities such as Paris, London, and Berlin. a. True b. False false The term "romance" came froma. medieval poems about a heroic person or event in a language derived from Latin. b. poems that were written during the time of the Roman Empire. c  . tales about ancient Roman rulers. d. a series of passionate love stories. e  . stories about heroic Roman soldiers. medieval poems about a heroic person or event in a language derived from Latin. An art song is aa. song melody played on an instrument. b. type of folk song. c. musical setting of a poem for singer and piano. d  . song about a piece of art. e. choral work based on a poem. musical setting of a poem for singer and piano. Harmony is an especially important element in the music of the Romantic period.a  . True b. False true The king in Schubert's "The Erl King" isa. the name of a ship. b. a demon who haunts churches. c. an ancient Roman emperor. d  . king of Bavaria. e. a mythical king who lives in the forest. a mythical king who lives in the forest. "Der Erlkönig" is said to be through-composed becausea. no musical line in it is repeated. b. the accompaniment adds to the mood. c. piano and singer accompany each other throughout. d  . Schubert completed it in a week. e. it has verses and a chorus. no musical line in it is repeated. In an art song the role of the pianist is just to accompany the singer.a. True  . False false Until recently there were few recognized women composers becausea  . it was difficult for a woman to have a work published. b  . women could not take the advanced courses in composition. c  . women were discouraged from composing. d. in many ways it was a man's world. e  . All of these choices.  


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