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by: Leslie Richardson

KIN464StudyGuideforExam1.docx KIN 464-001

Leslie Richardson
GPA 2.5
Administration of Physical Education & Sport

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About this Document

KIN 464 Study Guide for Exam #1!
Administration of Physical Education & Sport
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Leslie Richardson on Friday January 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 464-001 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Vincent in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 144 views. For similar materials see Administration of Physical Education & Sport in Kinesiology at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
KIN 464 Exam 1 Study Guide Sport that which amuses diversion outdoor game or recreation of athletic nature Management utilizing human resources to amp objectives in the most ef cient amp effective way possible Management Formal Organization Clearly De ned Purpose Hierarchical Structure Planning setting goals amp objectives in behavioral or objective terms amp then developing a method of achieving them Organizing to create efficiency of effort through people to reach objectives Implementing putting the plans into action 0 Executing o Actuating o Directing Controlling performance on schedule according to plan Control Systems establish plan inspection take corrective action I W Taylor of Scienti c Management 0 Time amp motive expert studies to develop uniform standards of work Increase physical output Decrease production costs Lessen employee fatigue Increase wages through increased product Henri Iayol Universal Principles of Management 1 Division of Work specialization 2 Authority amp Responsibility the right to give orders 3 Discipline obedience 4 Unity of Command employee receives orders from only superior 5 Unity of Direction everyone s effort should be towards the SAME objective 6 Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest No in team 7 Remuneration of Personnel all rewarding of effort should be fair 8 Centralization 9 Scalar OR Fayol s Gang Plank of authority 10 Order 11 Equity Fairness 12 Stability of Tenure of Personnel 13 Initiative Thinking out amp executing plans 14 Espirit de Corps there is strength in unity amp harmony G Elton Mayo gt Iawthorne Effect gt Traditional OR Scienti c Management dedicated to improving efficiency Behavioral concentrates on interpersonal relationships Basic Process Planning gt Organizing gt Implementing gt Controlling Quantitative Management Science stresses logic amp objectivity Synergistic when the end result is greater than the resources used Management Environment the sum of all the social cultural economic amp physical factors that in uence the lifestyle of an individual organization or community Factors that in uence managers 1 Social 2 Cultural 3 Economic 4 Physical lnternal constraints within 1 Organizational documents 2 Limited resources 3 Organizational guidelines 4 Customlong established practices External constraints from outside LegaUpoHUcaL Public Competitors Labor unions Society s effect The economy P P FP NE Equal Employment Opportunity Title VII Civil Rights Act 1964 for minorities amp women Globalization expansion of markets internationally Consumerism educated consumers refuse to accept inferior products Demographies statistical study of human population Diversity differences among people in a population Ethics a set of moral values or principles Deontology theory of moral obligation Ieleology results are the reality Social Responsibility the duty of business to promote the welfare of society Planning to formalize amp develop an outline to attain objectives in the desired period of time in the most efficient way with a minimal amount of problems Strategic Plan TOP LEVEL achieves the broadest objective quotlong runquot Tactical Plan Middle Level operational objectives needed to be achieved in order to reach strategic goals Operational Plan rst level achieving operational objectives is part of the effort to reach tactical goals MBO 5 Step Process Employee objectives set Progress monitored Performance evaluated Achievers rewarded Organizational objectives reviewed U39lbUUNH Gantt chart developed in 1917 o A graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time 0 Useful in planning amp scheduling Organizational Guidelines OR quotRed Tapequot 0 Anything managers introduce to in uence the behavior of personnel working to achieve objectives 0 Policies Procedures Rules Systems Codes Methods Regulations OOOOOO


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