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Exam #3 Study Guide

by: Cynthia Bressler

Exam #3 Study Guide Music 170

Marketplace > Kansas State University > Music 170 > Exam 3 Study Guide
Cynthia Bressler
GPA 4.0
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell

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About this Document

Includes lecture notes and main ideas from the text for chapters 7-9.
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell
Study Guide
#Maxwell #Rock #Roll #Music170 #KSU
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This 16 page Study Guide was uploaded by Cynthia Bressler on Monday November 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Music 170 at Kansas State University taught by Dr. Maxwell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 158 views.


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Date Created: 11/16/15
Exam 3 Study Guide After Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Band Album pop music would split into two categories Singleoriented teen pop would be the focus of AM radio Adult amp collegeage oriented music would be the focus of FM Brian Wilson s Smile amp Smiley Smile The 1967 followup to Pet Sounds was Wilson s most ambitious project yet titled Smile It was never released Portions of it were released as Smiley Smile In 2005 the album was rerecorded and released by Wilson Wilson was obviously caught up in drugs during the production of this album amp it shows through the music Beach Boys reacted against Wilson s new songs They argued that it wouldn t be popular with their fans During subsequent years they worked at simplifying their sound Overall the psychedelic era had a negative effect on the Beach Boys career The Beatles after Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band The albums that followed were built around concepts 0 The 1967 project Magical Mystery Tour was built around a road trip I McCartney s idea was to rent a tourist bus amp travel the English countryside amp film it o In 1968 they went to India to study meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi In 1969 McCartney suggested a documentrayOstlye film on the Beatles in the creative process 0 Originally called Get Back 0 Much animosity between band members 0 George Martin walked out amp the project was shelved Band reunited with Martin in mid 1969 to produce their last studio album Abbey Road 0 The film and music tracks from Get Back were salvaged and reassembled as Let It Be I Martin was not involved as producer so Phil Spector was brought in to finish the project 0 Paul McCartney was disappointed with Spector s arrangements of some songs I Spector added orchestral tracks amp choir tracks Apple Records Beatles manager Brian Epstein died in the summer of 1967 Group decided to handle their business affairs themselves by creating a company called Apple 0 It would promote other artists considered uncommercial The Beatles The End The band was ready to break up by late 1969 They made it official in 1970 Band members successfully continued on with solo careers San Francisco Scene amp HaightAshbury The emergence of hippie culture in San Francisco 0 The psychedelic scene had been developing since mid 1965 in San Fran area 0 A bohemian scene celebrating the poetry of Allen Ginsberg amp the prose of Jack Kerouac 0 Ken Kesey amp the Acid Tests 0 During the same time period novelist Ken Kesey was organizing the acid testquot I Kesey celebrated the liberating effects of LSD I He wanted to share the drug as broadly as he could o Kesey s first acid test was in Santa Crus in Nov 1965 the cost to enter the acid test one dollar Really fed into the whole Doors of Perception idea Concerts news the Psychedelic Shop amp FM radio Psychedelic evenings of LSD amp rock music were a regular feature in the Bay Area 0 Local band rented houses in HaightAshbury district for rehearsal spaces 0 Rolling Stone Magazine published its first issue in Nov 1967 The Grateful Deadformerly the Warlocks House band for the Kesey acid tests the band changed it s name to Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia guitar informal leader As the Warlocks the band played a lot of Rolling Stones style American electric blues When playing at the acid tests they began developing an improvisational style 0 Some songs were extremely long amp could last over an hour 0 Released an album of short songs 0 Dark Starquot exemplifies their sound Later albums shorter songs more country amp folkoriented tracks Grateful Dead were one of the most successful live American bands in the 70s amp 805 In the Dark 1987 Touch of Grayquot Jefferson Airplane One of the first psychedelic bands in the San Francisco area 0 In uences are from folk music amp blues 0 Occasional elements of Indian music 0 Also references to modal jazz Formed by singer Marty Balin amp guitarist Paul Kantner in mid 1965 First album on RCA Jefferson Airplane Takes Off only reached 128 on charts in 66 Grace Slick became main singer Writer amp then they took off Next album Surrealistic Pillow 1967 included two Grace Slick songs o Somebody to Lovequot 1967 White Rabbitquot 1967 The Jefferson Airplane released several hit albums during the late 1960s White Rabbitquot 0 First two verses are followed by a bridge and then an expanded verse 0 Lyrics refer to Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland stories 0 Clear reference in lines like feed your headquot refer to use of psychedelic drugs 0 Music is based on Spanish bolero particularly in the guitar solo introduction American Audience reaction to the Beatles was very positive Musicians response was one of inspired attempts to imitate amp innovate Established artists continued with what they were already doing prior to 1964 Phil Spector Beach Boys Four Seasons amp Motown artists continued to enjoy commercial success There was a music industry movement away from NY to LA after 1964 The television industry in Hollywood began producing pop music variety shows A television sitcom was developed around the Beatles film A Hard Day s Night The Monkees Folk groups amp artists moved to LA but nearly all were eventually signed to NY labels By 1965 new American styles began to appear Former styles were being fused with Beatlesoriented beat music Most obvious example is folk rock The earliest artists to employ these sounds were folk artists first Bob Dylan The Byrds Beatles were originally a guitarbased ensemble The transition from acoustic to electric is easy Wouldbe musicians bought electric guitars amp began practicing in garages The combination of imitation and adaptation of preexisting styles is best seen in folk rock Folk rock begins with Bob Dylan Begins with Bob Dylan 1964 o Dylan was a well known folk artist before 1964 but not known in pop circles I Wrote songs about social issues 0 He wanted to use and experimented with electric instruments and was inspired by Byrds Mr Tambourine Manquot 1965 0 Newport Folk Festival 1965 I Dylan used electric instruments amp folk purists accused him of selling out to pop mainstream but it introduced folk rock to a new audience 0 Spend several months recovering from a nearfatal motorcycle accident in July of 1966 I Dylan was gone for a while but folk rock was continued by other more commercial artists The Byrds amp the jingle jangle of the electric 12string guitar First international folk rock hit was Byrds recording of Dylan s Mr Tambourine Manquot 1965 Formed in LA in 1964 Inspired by the Beatles amp their 12 string guitar use They recorded rock versions of folk songs amp originals 0 First album was titled Mr Tambourine Man which had a total of 4 Dylan covers When Dylan began writing folk rock songs the Byrds lost their best source of material They explored other styles particularly jazz 0 Their next hit was written by McGuinn Clark amp Crosby Eight Miles Highquot 1966 Radio stations quit playing the song when a trade magazine said the song was about drugs 0 Wasn t until 1967 that society was okay with talk of drugs Simon amp Garfunkel amp electric folk Performed as Tom amp Ierry in the late 19505 0 Patterned after the Everly Brothers duo approach 0 They appeared on American Bandstand They turned to folk music amp recorded the folk album Wednesday Morning 3 am 1964 o It didn t do well and the duo split up 0 Simon went to England 0 Garfunkel went to graduate school Dylan amp the Byrds ushered in the folk rock sound in 1965 Producer was Tom Wilson had worked with the Animals where they made folk tunes into rock amp roll 0 He d worked with Dylan on mid 1960s albums Wilson decided to add drums amp electric instruments to one of the Wednesday Morning 3 am tracks 0 Simon amp Garfunkel knew nothing about it but the folk rock version of the single went to number one in the fall of 1965 The duo reunited amp put the song on their new album The Sounds of Silence 1966 Had more hits through the late 1960s Finished out the 60s with 2 monumentally successful albums commercially amp aesthetically o Bookends 1968 amp Bridge over Troubled Water 1970 Janis Joplin Big Brother amp the Holding Company amp Janis Joplin 0 Big brother amp the Holding Company was inspired by classical music I They performed a piece by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg I In the Hall of the Mountain Kingquot Bacon came from Port Arthur Texas Country singer with a blues sound 0 Heavily inspired by female blues singers Bessie Smith Big Mama Thornton Ioined Big Brother amp the Holding Company in 1968 0 Their second album Cheap Thrills 1968 proved that Ioplin helped launch their success Hit Piece of My Heartquot Ioplin went solo in 1969 0 Album I got Dem 01 Kozmic Blues Again Mama The London Psychedelic Scene Rise of the British Underground 0 In June 1965 beat poet Allen Ginsberg went to London to organize a poetry event I Held in Albert Hall I Called Poets of the World Poets of Our Timequot I Over 5000 people attended I Many were under the in uence of marijuana or LSD Drugs had been around in England for a while 0 Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana at the end of their first US tour in 1964 0 Harrison amp Lennon had experienced LSD in 1965 when a friend slipped it into their coffee By Oct 1966 the UFO Club had been established 0 More of an organization than a place Originally met in a bar When meeting at a bar became a problem the UFO relocated o It became the center of the psychedelic scene in London Pink Floyd Named after two American blues musicians Pink Anderson amp Floyd Council 0 Guitar Syd Barret Replaced by David Gilmore in 1968 Bass Roger Waters Organ Richard Wright Drummer Nick Mason Regulars at Spontaneous Underground events amp UFO Club Popular only on the underground circuit Their music was derived from avantgarde concepts 0 Atonality Tape echo on instruments amp voices Unconventional playing techniques Their Satanic Majesties Request Stones psychedelic album Based on Sgt Pepper s Released in Dec 1967 Obvious attempt to follow Beatles psychedelic lead Their album cover was a holographic image of the band dressed in wizard outfits Occult wizards conveyed the Stones more negative bad boyquot image After band decided to stick with their blues sound instead of mimicking Beatles Cream 0 First rock supergroup formed in 1966 Eric Clapton guitarist from Yardbirds Jack Bruce bass Ginger Baker drums Former players in British blues bands with several notable blues band leaders Purpose was to play traditional blues 0 Covered traditional blues numbers such as Robert Iohnson s Crossroads Clapton had developed the instrumental raveupquot sections in Yardbirds shows 0 Long sections ft extensive soloing Cream established the idea of virtuosity in rock music Guitarists in UK were more revered than those in San Fran bands at the same time o Clapton amp Iimi Hendrix were good examples of this Cream only lasted around 2 years before they broke up Iimi Hendrix Blend of psychedelic blues and the avantgarde Hendrix is one of the most in uential guitarists in the history of rock amp roll Played with various bands during the early 1960s as a sideman Little Richard 0 Isley Brothers Curtis Knight Formed his own band in NY Iimmy Iames amp the Blue Flames in 1964 First 2 singles were hits in England in 1967 0 Hey Joequot went 6 in UK Purple Hazequot 3 in May Hendrix was an American but he arose out of the London psychedelic scene 0 Didn t become known in US until he played in the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967 o Are You Experienced Wasn t released in the states until Aug of 1967 His singles didn t do as well as his albums The experience broke up in the summer of 1969 Hendrix formed a new band amp played in the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 Died in Sept 1970 of a drug overdose Important bands in Los Angeles The Doors Formed in 1965 by singerlyricist Jim Morrison Music amp lyrics explored the dark side of emotions and drug use Morrison s determination to explore forbidden topics 0 Break on Throughquot mentions bad tripquot experiences Through all their albums lyrics focus on negative issues 0 Morrison developed an onstage persona to convey these concepts the Lizard Kingquot Doors had several hit singles during the late 1960s as they refined their musical style 0 Hello I Love Youquot 1968 Touch Mequot 1969 Love Her Madlyquot 1971 Morrison died in mysterious circumstances in 1971 Iron Butter y Formed in San Diego in 1966 Second album became a rock classic InAGaddaDaVida 1968 0 Title track is 17 minutes long Menacing organ intro much of song is instrumental solo an edited single version reached 30 on US charts in 68 The Monterey Pop Festival First festival was in Monterey California in June 1967 o Organized by John Phillips from the Mamas amp Papas and producer Lou Adler o Modeled after the Monterey Jazz Festival Many other similar concerts took place in the next 2 years 0 Newport Miami Toronto Atlanta 0 TONS ofhippies attended Woodstock Festival Culmination of the rock festival era Held on a large farm in Bethel New York on August 1517 1969 Tremendously successful Around 400K people attended There were problems that were overcome or simply put up with o Overwhelming attendance Roadways were closed in upstate NY 0 Fans turned up without tickets amp got in for free 0 Rain created a huge muddy mess 0 Security forces were too small Everything went well in the communal hippie spirit of fellowship American amp British bands were featured o Grateful Dead Iimi Hendrix Jefferson Airplane Ianis Hoplin Who Santana The Altamont rock festival the violent end of the peacelove movement Altamont Speedway in Livermore CA held in Dec 1969 Rolling Stones planned a free show in San Francisco s Golden Gate Park 0 For faithful hippie subculture o The Stones considered it a thank you to their loyal fans Poor planning cause problems 0 San Fran city officials canceled it amp it was moved in Altamont Speedway Hells Angels motorcycle gang was hired as security Leaders of the gang weren t there to maintain control Fans were beaten if they got too close to stage Even musicians were beaten up Jefferson Airplane s Marty Balin was knocked out Stones were shooting a documentary film and waited till nightfall to play Gimme Shelter 1970 o A long period of time elapsed w no music fans became unruly 0 When the Stones did play the crowd and Hells Angels went out of control 0 A young black fan Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by a Hells Angel 0 O O 0 American pop on both coasts Phil Spector continues onward o Achieved his greatest successes in the months after the Beatles arrived I The Crystals D00 D00 Ron Ronquot 1964 The Ronettes Be My Babyquot 1964 o Spector amp the Righteous Brothers hit with big singles You ve Lost that Loving Feelingquot 1965 He hoped River Deep Mountain Highquot would be his greatest record ever 0 Sung by Tina Turner Failed in charts 1966 went to 3 in UK Later produced some Beatlesrelated projects that went to number 1 0 Let It Bequot All Things Must Passquot Imagine Beach Boys were in direct competition with the Beatles Both groups were on Capitol records 0 Capitol was at that time owned by EMI The Beatles parent label Brian Wilson decided to stop touring with the beach Boys in Dec 1964 Wilson continually developed very sophisticated writing arranging amp production techniques Help me Rhondaquot 1965 California Girlsquot 1965 The album Pet Sounds 1966 upped the standard for record production and arranging 0 God only Knowsquot is the best example The Beach Boys Brian Wilson becomes Phil Spector Beach Boys continued to have hits after the Beatles arrived I Get Aroundquot Pet Sounds became such an in uential album that it pushed the Beach Boys to do more with their sound style amp production Good Vibrationsquot became a new model Sonny amp Cher Sonny had been involved in the LA music scene since the 1950s 0 Assigned to Little Richard before the singer decided to give up rock for the ministry Handled promotion for Phil Spector s label Philes Records Sonny amp Cher released 3 unsuccessful singles in 1963 as Caesar amp Cleo 0 Sonny produced Cher s cover of Dylan s All I really Want to Doquot I Went to 15 Caused Byrds version to stall in charts 0 I Got You Babequot put them really on the charts They developed into cultural icons 0 Known for their outlandish hippie attire amp long hair I Youth culture embraced it Eventually hosted their own network TV variety show that was very successful 0 By the time that happened they were considered to be family entertainmentquot 0 Employed humor on their show amp were considered America s Sweetheart Couple The Four Seasons Highly successful vocal group an East coast answer to the Beach Boys vocal arrangements 0 Lead singer Frankie Valli used high falsetto Overall vocal sound was tight amp powerful Four Seasons had a long string of hits through the first half of the 1960s 0 Sherry Big Girls Don t Cryquot Garage Bands No professional experience necessary Amateur musicians bought guitars basses amp drums and occasionally keyboards 0 They formed bands amp they practiced in garages or basements o Often the goal was to merely play gigs locally at parties or school dances The Kingsmen amp Louie Louiequot 0 Garage band that succeeded with their 50 recording of a 1964 calypso in uenced rhythm amp blues song I Band is from Portland Oregon Recording was also made in that area 0 Rose to 2 but poor quality caused controversy 19605 rock amp roll television American Bandstand meets A Hard Day s Night Fictitious bands Monkees concept 0 The Archies a rock band cartoon show I Single from the show Sugar Sugarquot topped both US amp UK charts 0 All songs belonging to pretend bands were in a style that appeared to youth 0 This young teen pop style was named for a substance present in nearly all young teen mouths bubblegum music Folk RockPop Movement The Turtles A folk rock group that went pop Turtles started their career by singing Bob Dylan songs Moved towards Mainstream Pop sound 0 Happy Togetherquot 1967 Mamas amp the Papas A quartet of highly skilled singers formed in New York Move to LA w other folk artists They had several hits that blended pop rock amp folk music Had a weird love square eventually Cass died and group broke up SingerSongwriters 0 Roots are in folk music of the 19605 particularly Dylan amp late Beatles songs 0 Lyrics were meant to appear as though they were from personal experience 0 These artists were the antithesis of glam amp theater rock artists I Glam amp theater rock artists were presenting an artificial persona I Singersongwriters were perceived as genuine observers of the human condition James Taylor One of the first artists signed to the Beatles new Apple label 0 james Taylor 1968 did not chart 0 It contained Caroline on My Mindquot which became popular Taylor continued his success through the first half of the 19705 Carol King Moved from songwriter into the artist role in 19705 Became one of the most important female artists of the 19705 Several hit albums amp singles from those Sung about realities of life Transition away from Psychedelic era 0 Tapestry 1970 It s Too Latequot p1 1971 Music 1972 Rhymes amp Reason 1972 Paul Simon Continued on as a solo singersongwriter after a successful five years with partner Art Garfunkel Simon incorporated nonrock styles into his wellcrafted songs 0 Jamaican musicians provided backup tracks before reggae was popular Simon increasingly added jazz elements in his music Elton John First big hit single Your Songquot Series of hugely successful albums Elton John s songs are all written with lyrics Bernie Taupin Tiny Dancerquot John formed a band in the early 19705 Billy Joel First big success was with his second album Piano Man 1973 o Contained track Piano Manquot Bruce Springsteen Backed by the EStreet Band Springsteen s lyrics were understood to be largely autobiographical and frequently confessional American blues amp southern rock 0 Southern rock a term that originated in the north and on the west coast 0 Writers and media used the term in conjunction with southeastern bands I Means of categorizing the music from southern states I Served as a means of marketing an image I Musicians themselves didn t necessarily think much about it Allman Brothers Band Allman Brothers band amp southern rock Duane Allman a favorite guitarist at Fame Studios in Muscle Schoals Put a band together in 1969 3 Important in uences on their music 0 Blues British bluesrock bands lengthy improve solos in the style of San Fran Psychedelic bands Allman Brothers Band has an important music industry aspect Band s first successful album was their 3rd a double live album 0 Live at the Filmore East 1971 o quotWhipping Post from their first album exemplifies their live blues soloing abilities Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971 and Barry Oakley in 1972 o Lamar Williams was added on bass 0 Chuck Leavell was added on piano Eat a Peach 1972 0 One of their most successful albums 0 Ramblin Manquot by Dickey Betts Lynyrd Skynyrd Wouldn t sign with the same label as Allman Bros Several successful albums during the 1970s 0 Songs ft lots of guitar 0 Clear vocals by Ronnie Van Zant 0 Lyrics topics often focused on stories of life in the south 0 First album was a hit Pronounced Lehnerd Skinnerd 1973 Several hit singles 0 Sweet Home Alabamaquot 1974 0 Free Birdquot was on live album One More from the Road 1976 Ronnie Van Zant was killed in plane crash in 1977 days after the release of Street Survivors Santana Emerged from the San Fran psychedelic scene in 1969 Led by Carlos Santana 0 Ft organistvocalist Greg Rolie o Rolie later formed Iourney Distinctive style that incorporated several in uences o Lengthy improvs based on jazz amp blues 0 Latin rhythms amp percussion Aerosmith Comparable to the Rolling Stones 0 Lead singer Stephen Tyler similar in appearance amp stage performance to lagger o Guitarist Ioe Perryquots toughguy demeanor paralleled that of Richards Gradually rose to consistent hit success 0 Aerosmith 1973 did not chart 0 The track Dream Onquot only rose as high as 51 in US 0 Second album Get Your Wings 1974 charted low despite wellcrafted tracks More successful releases beginning in 1975 promoted FM radio airplay of earlier work 0 Single Sweet Emotionquot 1975 Differences between bluesrock bands and progressive rock The hippie aesthetic was applied to bluesrock bands 0 Some bands blended in classical folk or country elements 0 Others focused on virtuosic soloing in uenced by blues amp jazz 0 Some engaged serious issues in their lyrics The Who and their big projects They experimented with adding classical music ideas to their music in the 1960s These projects laid groundwork for Tommy 1969 o Encouraged by their manager Kit Lambert his father was a classical composer Tommy o Deaf dumb and blind boy Tommy gains spiritual enlightenment through playing pinball 0 When Tommy is cured he s cast as a guru with great wisdom o Tells followers they must give up pot amp drinking mute their senses amp play pinball 0 Followers reject him and hard work he requires 0 The message is that spiritual enlightenment is difficult to attain Jethro Tull Started as a blues band Concept albums focused on religion amp spirituality bourgeoisie values amp life after death Aqualung 1975 Led by vocalist Ion Anderson Most accomplished musicians of the time Yes was one of the most commercially successful bands of the 1970s The 1970s were a time of diversification and new turmoil Lifestyle amp politics Countercultural issues born in the 1960s were absorbed into the cultural mainstream in the 1970s 0 Hippie fashion amp lifestyles personal grooming re ected hippie in uence The Vietnam War continued through the first half of the decade 0 Strongly divisive among the American people 0 Considered to be the first war that America quotlostquot The breakin at the Democratic national headquarters caused a political scandal 0 Covered up by the Nixon White House 0 Resulted in extensive distrust of the American government 0 President Nixon resigned because of his alleged involvement Problems with economy 0 Gasoline shortages 0 In ation 0 Nuclear disaster at 3 Mile Island raised concerns about safety of nuclear energy Political revolution in Iran 0 American hostages were taken 0 Foreshadowed further unrest in the Middle East Expanded focus on social issues begun in the 19605 Feminism became known as women s liberation Women s libquot 0 Gloria Steinem publishes Ms magazine in 1972 0 Virginia Slims cigarettes were marketed to women I Their slogan you ve come a long way babyquot Mary Tyler Moore Show dealt with issues of women in the workplace Chico amp the Man focused on issues in the Hispanic community Music programs expanded on American Bandstand 0 Midnight Special featured famous radio diskjockey Wolfman Jack 0 Don Cornelius s Soul Train focused on RampB 0 Saturday Night Live showcased rocks groups in live performance Radio became more divided between AM amp FM AM retained some of the old networkstyle programming 0 Preteen pop amp oldies FM became more corporate 0 Less control given to Dls on what to play 0 More tightly formatted o Dls lost some of their ability to in uence industry Film Addressed many social issues amp showcased new music The Hippie Aesthetic 2 important changes occurred in 19705 rock music 0 Rock music shifted from emphasis on the single to the album 0 Rock shifted from music for dancing to music for listening Focus on craft amp a distinctly artistic approach to music creation can be called hippie aestheticquot o Emphasis on studio technology 0 Rock musician has a responsibility to create sophisticated music using whatever means is available 0 Music should stand up to repeated listening 0 Lyrics should deal with important issues Musical ability is highly valued fans voted on who is the best in their field 0 Best Guitarist Keyboardist Drummer Bassist Vocalist Best Album Best New Act Led Zeppelin One of the most successful new British groups in the 1970s 0 8 1 albums in the UK 0 Six 1 in US 0 Resisted releasing singles amp focused on creating albums Never released singles only complete albums Blend of traditional electric blues acoustic folk and psychedelic experimentation Came from Yardbirds Led Zeppelin lyrics often dealt overtly with sexuality Page produced all the albums 0 Master of layering guitar tracks 3 styles appear on their first album actually recorded amp released in 1969 Deep Purple Formed in London First band to mix it s bluesbased rock amp roll with classical music 0 One of the first albums to use a symphony orchestra o Concerto for Group amp Orchestra 1970 The lineup with Gillan amp Glover had several hit albums in the 1970s Depp Purple in Rock 1970s Fireball 1971 Machine Head 1971 Smoke on the Waterquot amp Highway Starquot were on Machine Head These two songs have been staples of rock radio stations ever since Black Sabbath Introduces gothic elements into metal Started as blues band Decided to use horror as a trademark to get noticed Renamed their band after the Boris Karloff film Black Sabbath Singer Ozzy Osborne First track on their first album Black Sabbath sounds like it belongs in a horror film Next album Paranoid contains Iron Manquot 0 Beings with ominous lowpitched tolling of guitars Jazzrock fusion Iazz amp the studio musician Clapton amp Hendrix extended improvisations were a central component of their live shows 1970s progressive rock musicians used classical music as a model for technical virtuosity Iazz also provided a model for many other musicians Musical prowess of jazz players has commanded respect for decades Buckinghams Formed in Chicago Hit the charts in 1967 Used horn backups Modeled after the Beatles Miles Davis Trumpeter Miles Davis had been at the forefront of jazz since the 1940s He noticed that Hendrix amp Clapton used extended solos in their shows 0 Their solos were not so different from jazz solos 0 Rock audiences actually sat amp listened to them 0 Rock audiences were hugestadiums and festivals Davis wanted to put music together that would work for large rock audiences He formed a band that could do the job amp recorded Bitches Brew 1970 This was the first jazzrock fusion album The Bitches Brew musicians went on to highly successful solo careers Chicago Also featured a horn section in the band Chicago TransitAuthority 1969 0 Band mixed jazz arrangements with Beatlesin uenced pop vocals and song elements 0 Song beings with a rhythmic ensemble instrumental introduction jazzrock fusion controversy Iazzrock fusion and progressive rock both ended up being invalidated by jazz and rock purists 0 Many jazz traditionalists considered jazzrock a sellout to the popmusic industry 0 Rock purists thought jazzrock was too concerned with pop music Glam rock amp rock theater Shocking Characters Setting the stage for rock musicians who act out a character onstage 0 Early in uences come from Genesis amp Pink Floyd 0 During the 1970s rock shows were held in stadiums and arenas Alice Cooper A band of toughlooking harddrinking men with a front man named Alice Explored theatrical aspects of horror in their albums and shows Cooper finished his shows with often gruesome antics 0 He was hanged o Executed in an electric chair 0 Got his head chopped off in a guillotine Kiss Al 4 members of the band assumed individual character roles with makeup and costumes 0 Gene Simmons bassist Peter Criss drummer Paul Stanley amp Ace Freely guitarists 0 Their characters were based on cartoonlike comic book type figures I They appeared on stage only in costume I For years they kept their identities a secret which added to the appeal and mystique 0 Stage show incorporated elaborate effects amp spectacle I Light shows Flames Explosions 0 Smart when it came to merchandise David Bowie David Bowie was the only British glam star able to make a significant impact in the United States His first important success in the UK the single Space Oddityquot 1969 o It eventually placed on US Charts 0 Inspired by the Stanley Kubrick s film 2001 A Space Odyssey 19705 rock evolved into a big business Early 1970s rock based on the hippie aesthetic shifted to economic concerns Rock musicians began creating mass appeal music 0 Goal became how much money could be made 0 Less emphasis on sincerity amp creativity Much early 1970s effort was put into developing psychedelic era creative ideas The second half of the 1970s saw a consolidation of earlier mainstream styles Major corporations invested in the music business Music from the last half of the decade was designed specifically for radio play Realization that an unimaginable amount of money could be made 0 Goal of big albumquot came about


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