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Review 3

by: Diloanusi

Review 3 POLS 2312

Political science
Larry Carter

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About this Document

Political science
Larry Carter
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Diloanusi on Tuesday November 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POLS 2312 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Larry Carter in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Political science in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 11/17/15
Review Exam 3 POLS 2312 Chapters 810 and lecture material Greg Abbott Current Governor of Texas Dan Patrick 0 Current lieutenant Governor of Texas 0 Source of power president of the senate Carlos Cascos Secretary of State of Texas 0 Appointed by governor and confirmed by senate Glen Hegar State Comptroller of Public Accounts 0 American Attorney 0 5 billion off 0 Chief tax collector Bob Bullock Wants to be deputy governor and not governor George P Bush 0 Son of Jeb Bush 0 Unusual land commissioner Sid Miller 0 Agriculture commissioner Gun on his suit Ken Paxton o Attorney General Indicted and might go to trial Ruled for himself Lawyer for all officials boards and agencies in state government Annise Parker 0 Houston Mayor Ivy R Taylor 0 Mayor of San Antonio COGS Council of Governments 24 regional COGs in Texas PUC Public Utility Commission RRC Railroad Road commission 0 Oil and Gas SBOE State Board of Education Oversee selection of textbooks SAC Sunset advisory commission Nathan Hecht Chief Justice of Supreme Court Sharon Keller 0 Chief Justice of the criminal supreme court Ordinance 0 Law made by cities Grand jury lndict people 0 12 people serving En banc 3 to 9 judges hear an appeal Judicial Campaign Fairness Act 0 Limited contribution to judges when they run for office 0 Limited contribution to Law firms District attorneys County auditor Atlargeelection Whole district of the whole area Home rule 0 5000 population Nonschool special district 0 Anything not a school district Hidden governments Special district that citizens are unaware of DROP Deferred retirement option plan 3 questions from a movie Rose vs Green democrat vs republican Notes Review CH 8 0 Formal Qualification for governor o 30 years of age 0 US Citizen 0 Live in Texas for 5 years immediately before election Mansion CH9 Ann Richard 0 Rode a motorcycle 0 Lost to George Bush in 1994 0 Last Democratic governor in Texas George Bush 0 Enjoyed being Governor because its not a hard job Governor may be removed only by impeachment Ferguson is the only governor ever impeached misapplication of public funds and failing to respect and enforce the banking laws Governor has weak formal administrative powers Veto rejecting a proposed bill 0 May be overridden by 2339s of each house Governor39s power Bureaucrats blackmail Bargaining support form the governor comes at a political Removal powers limited Planning powers Clemency Powers Postpone executions for 30 days 220 boards and commissions 0 Texas railroad commission 3 member commission 0 Teas Education Agency 15 single member districts OOOOO Civil cases 0 Responsibility not guilt o Defendantrespondent is a private oarty o Preponderance of the evidence 0 Compensation Criminal Cases 0 Proper behavior and morality o Guilt beyond reasonable doubt 0 Determination of guilt results in punishments Original Jurisdiction Power to hear a rst time case Appellate jurisdiction Power to review the decisions of a lower court 0 Based on law not fact justice of peace 0 Established by county commissioners o 1 8 District Court 0 General trial courts 0 Licensed lawyer it judge for 4 years 0 25 of age Court of appeal 0 35 years of age 0 Ten years experience as Lawyer or judge Only Texas and Oklahoma have a split supreme court system 0 Court of criminal appeals Highest appellate court I n criminal matters CH 10 Judges are elected for 6year overlapping terms Must be 35 years old Judges must be lawyers orjudges from a lower court with 10 years experience Grand jury 12 suf cient evidence exists to try an individual Indictment formal written accusation issued by a grand jury against a party charged with a crime No bill not enough evidence Hung jury unable to agree in a verdict after a suitable period of deliberation Merit plan Missouri Plan 0 Selection ofjudges based on merit o Appointees later face retention election 0 Hold their position for atleast a year 0 Names are put on a retention ballot county government in Texas More than 4800 generalpurpose local governments 254 counties Primarily for governing rural areas and have constricted powers County Commissioners court main governing body of county elected officials County commissioner s court sets the county tax rate and county budget Larger counties have more justices of peace and more constables The sheriff is the chief lawenforcement of cer within county government Recordkeeping county clerks Emergency welfare assistance most important social services Homerule charter amendments 1912 enables cities to adopt homerule charters with a majority vote of quali ed voters Politics at the local level is often politics at its most basic Houston 0 Largest city in Texas 21 million 0 Strong Mayor council form 0 16 elected of cials Mayor controller 14 council members 0 Annise Parker is mayor San Antonio 0 Second largest o Councilmanager form of government 0 lvy R Taylor is mayor Dallas 0 Councilmanager form 0 Power of mayor is weak 0 Mike Rawlings is mayor Austin 0 Mayor is elected citywide 0 City council is elected from singlemember districts ElPaso o Councilmanager form 0 Eight city council members chosen by singlemember districts 0 Joyce Wilson is city manager 0 Poverty is a main problem Special districts 0 School and Nonschool district School district 0 Governed by an elected board of trustees o The board employs a superintendent to oversee operation and superintendent recommends the trustees o The board sets overall policy for the school district Paying for a special district Property taxes are the primary source of revenue user fee are the secondlargest source state and federal aid furnish the remainder Hidden governments special districts of which many citizens are unaware CAB Capital Appreciation Bond 0 Used primarily by school districts to raise revenue for development in times of rapid population growth Pension systems are looming nancial crises for many local governments


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