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ASTR 107 Test 3 Review

by: Pun Chang

ASTR 107 Test 3 Review ASTR 107

Marketplace > St. Cloud State University > Astronomy > ASTR 107 > ASTR 107 Test 3 Review
Pun Chang
GPA 3.81
Concepts of Stars and the Universe
Lee, Annette

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About this Document

These notes/answers cover most of the quizzes and will be on the test.
Concepts of Stars and the Universe
Lee, Annette
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Pun Chang on Tuesday November 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASTR 107 at St. Cloud State University taught by Lee, Annette in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Concepts of Stars and the Universe in Astronomy at St. Cloud State University.


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Date Created: 11/17/15
Q What is the name of the stationary circular orbit that GPS navigational satellites are in 12 hours in period A MED Q What is the theoretical speed to attain a circular orbit of Earth for a cannonball launched horizontally at the surface of the Earth A 17000 MPH Q Your weight is directly proportional to your A Mass Q Suppose you are suddenly transported to a planet w IA the mass of Earth but the same radius as the Earth Your weight would decrease by a factor of Q What is the name of the stationary circular orbit that the 188 is in A LEO Q Suppose you re suddenly transported to a planet w IA the radius of Earth but the same mass as the Earth Your weight would increase by the factor of g Q GSO that many weather satellites are in This orbit is 24 hrs in period which means the satellite will not be seen moving in the night sky against the stars Q The Sun s internal magnetic field becomes tangled up over time bc of differential rotation Q Our Sun is unique compared to the other stars in our galaxy bc proximity Q Which of the following are manifestations of solar magnetics activity A Sunspots prominences and places Q In the protonproton chain the net reaction is that 4 hydrogen nuclei are converted to 1 helium nucleus and gamma ray photons and neutrinos are released Q The majority of the Sun is energy comes from A Hydrogen Fusion Q Hydrostatic equilibrium is a balance between A Pressure and gravity Q Which of the following is NOT a result of an increase in solar activity A All can be caused by increase solar activity Q Magnetic field is continuously produced and deformed in the Sun by A Differential Rotation Q On a typical HR diagram where are mainsequence stars that have the hottest surface temperatures located A In the upper left corner Q On a typical HR diagram Where are mainsequence stars that have the coolest surface temperatures located A In the lower right corner Q Which of the following properties is not plotted on the horizontal axis of an HR diagram A Luminosity Q The one property of a mainsequence star that determines all its other properties is its A Mass Q Roughly What percentage of stars are mainsequence stars A 90 Q The stars that have the largest radii are classified as A Supergiant Q Star A is a red star Star B is a blue star Which is hotter A Star B Q Mainsequence stars range in mass from approximately A 08 to 150 M Q How many arcseconds are there in a degree A 3600 Q On a typical HR diagram Where are the largest stars located A In the upper right corner Q The collapse of the core of a highmass star at the end of its life lasts approximately A One second Q During the mainsequence evolution of a massive star increasingly heavier elements are fused in the core giving the core support for A Decreasingly short times Q An iron core cannot support a massivesequence star because A Iron cannot be fused With other nuclei to produce energy Q A neutron star contains a mass of up to 3 M in a sphere With a diameter approximately the size of A A city Q When the core of a massive star collapses a neutron star forms because A Protons and electrons combine to form neutrons Q We can identify only a small fraction of all the pulsars that exist in our galaxy because A Few swing their beam of radiation in our direction Q What would happen if mass were continually added to a 2 M neutron star A The star would eventually become a black hole Q Essentially all the elements heavier than iron in our galaxy were formed A by supernovae Q Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of a neutron star A All of these are common characteristics of a neutron star Q What was the angular separation between Bega and the NCP in the year 12000 BC A 3 degrees 44 arcmin Q In Figure 1 on the worksheet which star spends the GREATEST number of hours above the horizon A D Q After Polaris the next North Pole Star will be found in the constellation A Cepheus Q What is the brightest North Pole Star A Vega Q Approximately how long is one Precession circle or Precession cycle A 26000 years Q How many years in the future will Vega be the North Star A 12000 Q How will Vega being the North Star effect the seasons A For the same date as present times the seasons will be opposite Q Which star is the closest to the Precession circle A Thuban Q What was the angular separation between Thuban and the NCP 4800 years ago A 0 degrees 6 arcmin Q In Figure 1 on the worksheet which star spends the LEAST number of hours above the horizon AA


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