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KSU - BSCI 10120 - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: Hannah Kennedy Elite Notetaker

> > > > KSU - BSCI 10120 - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

KSU - BSCI 10120 - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

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background image © Hannah Kennedy, Kent State University 1 Biological Foundations, Honors—Exam 3
Chapters 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15
Chapter 11 1. In what kind of cells does mitosis occur in? what kind of cells does meiosis occur in? 2. Explain the difference between meiosis and mitosis: Mitosis Meiosis How many rounds of cell 
Is the original cell 
What are the resulting cells?
Are the resulting cells haploid of 
How many S phases?
3. During Meiosis I (the first round of meiosis) how do homologous pairs behave? Are sister  chromatids separated? Is there an interphase?  4. Describe what is happening in each step of Meiosis I: Step  Key events Definitions Prophase 1 ­ define synaptonemal complex ­ define synapsis ­ define crossing 
­ define chiasma Metaphase 1
background image © Hannah Kennedy, Kent State University 2 Anaphase 1 ­ define independent assortment Telophase 1 5. Describe what is happening in Meiosis II: Step  Key events Prophase 1 Metaphase 1 Anaphase 1 Telophase 1
background image © Hannah Kennedy, Kent State University 3 6. Define nondisjunction Chapter 12  1. Define the following: Term Definition Monohybrid cross
Dominant trait
Recessive trait
2. Perform a monohybrid Punnett square when GG and Gg are mixed 3. Define the following: Term Definition Alleles Homozygous Heterozygous Mendel’s Principle of Segregation 4. List Mendel’s 5 Elements
5. Define the following:
Term Definition Genotype Homozygous dominant (give example) Homozygous recessive (give example) Phenotype Dihybrid cross Mendel’s Principle of Independent Assortment

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School: Kent State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biological Foundations Honors
Professor: Professor Grampa
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Bio, bio foundations, Exam 3, exam, Meiosis, DNA replication, and translation
Name: Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: This is a detailed study guide on everything that will be covered on our exam
Uploaded: 03/31/2016
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