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Exam 3 Study Guide

by: Aimee Castillon

Exam 3 Study Guide PSYC317

Aimee Castillon
GPA 3.61
Cognitive Psychology

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About this Document

Contains content from chapters 9-11 (Chapter 8 will NOT be on the test)
Cognitive Psychology
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aimee Castillon on Saturday November 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC317 at George Mason University taught by Wiese in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Cognitive Psychology in Psychlogy at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 11/21/15
Chapter 9 What are approaches to categorization How is similarity used for categorization Prototype approach vs exemplar approach Effects of prototypicality Prototypical objects are namecl first Pomegranate 600 HT time 550 EDD From Goldstein Cognitive Psychology High Medium Low Prototypioality Prototypical objects are affected more by priming Heaciio l39l time Prime Test for some or quotdifferentquot Same color good examples fl 7 Same color poor examples f x f Heat r Light 1 Light 392 quotGreen quot39 Lt green 1 ix Ema 7 50 m5 J quot J 610 ms quot8 3 bl Different color Iquot 7 39x rquot 39 n L Reed l l Elue J From Goldsteim Cognitive Psychology 0 Does prototype or exemplar approach work better How are relationships between categories depicted Semantic Networks Collins amp Quillians 1969 Cb Canary Has akin What does spreading activation within a network mean What are problems with semantic networks What are features of the connectionist approach Semantic networks versus connectionist networks Semantic Networks Collins 81 Quillians 1969 Eb CEREW Has Connectionist Approach Outpult units Hidden units Input units Can there be category specific deficits after brain lesions Table 12 Neuropsychology of Categories Naming Cases Living Things Nonlimi g Things Cases that result in an inability to name living De cient OK thing Cases that result in an inability to name nonliving OK De cient things r Chapter 10 What is mental Ivisual imagery What does the conceptualpeg hypothesis state What is the idea behind mental chronometry What are typical paradigms to investigate visual imagery How does Kosslyn think about visual imagery How does Pylyshyn think about visual imagery ls imagery spatial or propositional 953 can TABLE If r i 7 l aquot a 7 C l 1m sitional Spatial or depictive representation representation What is the evidence for Kosslyn s theory What does the tacit knowledge explanation state View from afar Mow closer H39il39 2020 ma aquot ET in 1 s39ru ms What are imagery neurons What are typical neuroimaging findings on visual imagery Perception Imageryr Perception a 4 39 Stimulus E D E U E 2 Stimulus E i E 011 a E a E D L Stimulus imagined Stimulus an stimulus on 4 024 554 124 1 54 224 Tune mims ecj Are perception and imagery similar concepts Visual Higiher 7 Actual 39 E Memory is T renewing ip HIIEL HEH p V 3 object 77 I w area areas storage Mia39s HEMt a damage damage Do perception and imagery share the same networks Imagery Perception Poor Goo How can imagery be used to improve memory Ham Elgar Fianna T Eigm a Honinteractlng nonbizarre flit NoniInteracting bizarre i 3 lF39i nut Giggle Gig Fininn in interacting nanhizarm th Interacting bli r i Chapter 11 What is the Phonemic Restoration Effect What is speech segmentation and how is it done How are letters and words perceived What influences word understanding Ability to understand words is influenced by word frequency context effects and lexical ambiguity What is the Word Frequency Effect What are basic properties of sentences Processing semantics vs syntax Ih G315 W r lf t a 39ll39l39te eats wen t The 315 WGW T T S i n a The cats won t EATllNG t EDD we EDIll El JG i eat 433 etc elite Time m 5 Time the h Haw semantics atheists when it Hew eyhtex a eete P v What is parsing How is parsing accomplished syntaxfirst approach Semantics is activated only after syntax has determined initial parsing Parsing is determined by syntax Phrases are grouped based on structural principles Late closure When a person encounters a new word the parser assumes that this word is part of the current phrase principle of late closuregarden path model ambiguity is resolved taking semantics into account interactionist approach Semantics come into play when sentence is being read When are semantics taken into account it all Put the apple en the tewel in the heat ht Putlthe apple en the towel in the be 1 74 4 Aquot How are texts and stories understood relation between sentences understanding the narrative of a story coherence representation of the text in a person s mind so that information in one part of the text is related to information in another part of the text texts with coherence are easier to understand than texts without coherence What is inference and what are types of inference How does the situation model explain text understanding How is producing language studied What are typical speech errors l l to ll up my gas with car instead oil ll have to ll up my cw with gaf j noun Bitch angel 2 Unce I Hap It can t Hart instead of Once I Hart it can t stopquot verb exchange How can producing language be structured 1 Ed was given an alligator for his birthday Given in mmian am Preview cmvcrmtian lid had 3 birthday NW fw ma an He got at alligator Z 1116 alligator was his favorite present Given in mmtian er tenteme I Ed got an alligator New in marian It was his favclrite present The girl gave the heat the they quotquotquotThe girl gate the by the


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