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PHYS 1302- Physics 2 Exam 2 Review/Study Guide

by: Alexis Clowtis

PHYS 1302- Physics 2 Exam 2 Review/Study Guide PHYS 1302

Marketplace > University of Houston > Physics 2 > PHYS 1302 > PHYS 1302 Physics 2 Exam 2 Review Study Guide
Alexis Clowtis
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

This review consists of material on the 2nd exam from lecture, powerpoints, and from the textbook. It also includes a list of what Dr. Das mentioned we should focus on for the test.
introduction to physics
Mini Das
Study Guide
Physics, Optics, lens, mirrors
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This 37 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexis Clowtis on Thursday March 31, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PHYS 1302 at University of Houston taught by Mini Das in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 437 views. For similar materials see introduction to physics in Physics 2 at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/31/16
Exam 2 Wednesday Review This includes everything Professor Das mentioned on Wednesday to study for the test Chapter 23 Lenz’s Law- current always flows in direction opposes change that caused it Direction of inducted current when there is a change in flux Flux: # of B field lines cross a given area  Area= area of loop usually  Theta is angle between AXIS of loop and magnetic field Do example 23-1 Radius of coil r r Faraday’s Law of Induction  Induced EMF o Opposes whatever caused change in flux  Can move bar magnet or coil  Move closer, more B lines cut through coil (small distance)  Ɛ=IR (V=IR) given resistor  Right hand rule #2 with curling of fingers E=Bv – electric field by velocity of rod in B ΔΦ=BΔA=BvLΔt (don’t really need to focus on inductance) Chapter 25 Right hand rule #1  E is first (pointer)  B is second (middle finger)  Direction of wave propagation last (thumb)  All perpendicular to each other so if they have components, they will only have 2 (usually E and B are in x and y so they don’t have a z component) Doppler Effect (didn’t really go over in class but should only be simple problems) If you know Power  intensity  E  B ???? ???? = ???????????????? = ????2 ???????? E=cB Take one component of E or B 1 at a time to find other given direction of wave (perpendicular to E and B) For the +z direction of propagation: if +z comes out at you  If it had been –z, B would be flipped 180 degrees to fourth quadrant Polarization Chapter 26 Law of reflection  Angle measured RELATIVE TO THE NORMAL of th mirror  A ray perpendicular to the plane mirror has an angle of 0 Mirror equation  Image formed behind mirror= -d i  Convex mirror: virtual image radius of sphere from which mirror is cut from =-2f o Its negative because its behind the mirror  Concave mirror: virtual or real image depending on location of object in relationship to center; waves actually meet at focal point Refraction  More bending so smaller theta  sin???? is approximately just theta so you can think of the relationship as ntheta=ntheta to tell if the angle will get smaller or bigger Total internal reflection occurs at a critical angle where the refracted angle is 90 degrees (like laying on x axis/top of 1 medium) where ray is coming from the bottom; ????2 sin of 90 degrees is 1 so it just turns into sin???? ???? ????1 Chapter 28 Constructive(multiple of lambda) and destructive(multiple of .5lambda) interference- any 2 waves (sound or light) Problem #1 in chapter Not on formula sheet: ℓ2− ℓ 1 ???????? 1 ℓ2− ℓ 1 (???? − )???? 2 If you’re given lengths and lambda, solve for m and if it is a whole number (integer) then it is constructive interference; if it is a multiple of .5 then it is destructive interference (find the relationship between Δℓ and λ) 2-slit experiment If it goes through denser medium, slower v Frequency of light stays constant because it’s related to the source Reduce distance between 2 slits (d) gets smaller and mλ stays constant sinϴ has to go up and so does theta so distance between fringes is increasing If need distance between fringes (y) then use tanϴ Refraction- no phase change Reflection- there is a phase change of λ/2 if n2>n1 Do problem #28 Additional distance (2d) traveled by one of the rays causes phase difference (substance n doesn’t contribute to phase change if n 1n 2 PHYS 1302 Exam 2 Review Chapter 23, 25, 26, 28 Chapter 23 Magnetic Flux and Faraday’s Law of Induction Mechanical Work and Electrical energy Induced EMF as seen on formula sheet Lenz’s Law Inductance Circuits and energy stored in magnetic field Chapter 25 Production and Propagation of electromagnetic waves Electromagnetic Spectrum Energy and Momentum in Electromagnetic Waves Polarization Chapter 26 Reflection of light Spherical Mirrors Forming images with plane mirror Ray tracing and the mirror equation Refraction of Light Ray tracing for lenses and the thin-lens equation Chapter 28 Superposition and interference Dispersion and the Rainbow Two-slit experiment Interference in reflected wave Diffraction Resolution Diffraction and Diffraction gratings


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