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Chapters 5-6 study guide

by: Alyssa Martinez

Chapters 5-6 study guide HSC 300

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Alyssa Martinez
GPA 3.79
Complementary Healthcare

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About this Document

A comprehensive study guide covering Ayurvedic Medicine and Native American traditions and customs
Complementary Healthcare
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alyssa Martinez on Friday January 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HSC 300 at Arizona State University taught by Savaglio in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 85 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Chapter 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Ayurveda one of the oldest medical systems in the world a holistic system encompassing balance of the body mind and spirit as well as balance between people environment and the cosmos Means quotlifequot and knowledge 0 Blending of this with Western and conventional medicine has proved to be very compatible Concepts 0 People are a creation of the cosmos and are a minute representation of the universe 0 Emphasizes the interdependence of the health of an individual and the quality of societal life 0 The focus is on the person and not the disease Five Elements 0 Earth dense heavy and hard in the human body all solid structures and compact tissues are derived from the earth element 0 Water liquid and soft and exists in many forms ie plasma secretions cerebrospinal uid 0 Fire hot and light believed to regulate body temperature solar plexus is seat of re in the body manifests in the brain as gray matter 0 Air cold mobile and rough in the cosmos it is the magnetic eld responsible for movement of earth wind and water in body it governs cellular function 0 Space clear and subtle allows existence of sound includes both audible sounds like music as well as ones that occur in the body Doshas Both structures and energy mediators between body tissues waste and environment 0 Three types 0 Vata most important composed of air and space 0 Pitta composed of re and water responsible for digestion body temperature hunger courage and mental activity 0 Kapha composed of earth and water heaviest of three doshas provides structure strength and stability Body Types 0 According to Ayurveda there are ten body types 0 Singledosha types one dosha is predominant 0 Two dosha types one dosha is predominant and there is a strong secondary dosha o Threedosha type all three are in equal proportions Knowing one s type is key to balance 0 The strongest dosha has the greatest tendency to increase 0 If this one becomes imbalanced then you are more prone to illness or disease Vatas changeable unpredictable and often start things without nishing them 0 Are happy and enthusiastic When out of balance they tend to be impulsive Pittas intense ambitious outspoken and ef cient Tend to respond to the world visually Balanced pitta people are sweet and con dent Kaphas relaxed stable steady people who havea happy tranquil outlook on life 0 Do many things slowly ie eat slowly wake up slowly etc Respond to world through taste and smell Tend to place great importance on food Tissues Dhatus structures of the body that are responsible for nourishment and must be retained for health Rasa plasma Rakta blood cells Mamsa muscle Meda adipose Asthi bone Majja bone marrow Shukra reproductive tissue Waste Products Malas nonretainable substances within the body 0 Examples include sweat and urine Excretion of these cleanse Vata is the dosha that causes these urges Energy Prana primary energy breath or vital force Five pranas categorized according to movement direction and body region Navel pranic center of physical body Prana vayu forward moving air moves energy from head down to navel Apana vayu air that moves away energy from navel down to root at base of spine Udana vayu upward moving air energy from navel up to head Samana vayu balancing air moves from periphery to center and moves energy from entire body back to navel Vyana vayu outward moving air moves from center to periphery and regulates energy out from navel to entire body View of Health and lllness assesses mental emotional physical spiritual and environmental factors Balancing one s dosha does not mean trying to achieve an equal portion of vata pitta and kapha Imbalance in the doshas is rst sign that mind body and spirit are not perfectly coordinated Each dosha becomes more predominant during certain times of the day as energy moves through six cycles in each 24hour pedod Adhyatmika diseases originate within body and include congenital and hereditary diseases Adhibhautika diseases originate outside the body and include trauma bacteria and viruses Adhidaivika diseases originate from supernatural sources Diagnostic Methods Pulse diagnosis involves placing the index middle and ring ngers of the right hand on the radial arteries of the right hand of men and the left hand of women 0 The general feeling of the pulse is related to body type and can help determine current and future diseases Tongue diagnosis can reveal the functional status of internal organs 0 A healthy tongue should be pink clear and shiny Urine diagnosis should be clear without much foam 0 practitioner places a few drops of sesame oil in the urine if it spreads immediately the disease may be easy to cure if it sinks straight to the bottom it may be incurable Body observation careful examination of skin nails and lips for any imbalances Treatment 0 Nutrition recognize six tastes sweet sour salty pungent biter and astringent balanced diet must contain all six at every meal 0 Three pairs of gunas qualities are inherent in food Heavy versus light Oily versus dry Heating or cooling 0 Herbs classi ed according to the six tastes like TCM the entire plant is used 0 Like foods herbs balance doshas Exercise should conform to one s dosha type key is moderation and regularity 0 Exercise keeps one s senses and mind alert and attentive as well as being effective in inducing relaxation and sleep 0 Yoga one of the most effective forms of exercise for the body 0 Breathing valuable tool that leads to healthier lifestyles 0 Alternative nostril breathing pranayama can ease difficulty in breathing by making respiratory rhythm more regular Meditation considered a powerful tool to help maintain health 0 As the mind is brought into a silent state new energy comes into being which is important for peace and health 0 Massage focuses on 107 sensitive points marmas located on the skin 0 Similar to acupuncture in TCM Aromatherapy based on olfactory stimuli used to help balance the doshas as each responds to speci c signals 0 May be used at any time by is usually prescribed at night because it helps induce sleep 0 Music three doshas peak at different times of the day and traditional music smooths the process of these transitions 0 India has a long tradition of merging music and medicine 0 Puri cationquotpanchakarmaquot o Involves ve procedures any or all of which can be chosen based on the person s general condition the season and the nature of the disease Chapter 6 Native American Healing and Curanderismo Concepts spirituality gratitude healing circle medicine wheel and the number 4 Spirituality and medicine are inseparable 0 Native Americans believe in a singular living God but also believe that the same God may be contacted through many ways 0 Everything is considered a gift from the Creator Gratitude central aspect of Native American culture Native Americans give thanks to the Great Power who makes all things possible 0 Native people do not own or possess land but rather see themselves as caretakers of the earth for the Great Spirit 0 Mother Earth is a powerful living being like humans 0 Healing medicine people see themselves as channels through which the Great Power helps others achieve wellbeing in mind body and spirit 0 time is often considered an ally in recovery because it allows fears and problems to fade away 0 Circle represents the circle of life Great Spirit causes everything to be round 0 Creates a spirit of oneness and sacredness between people 0 Medicine Wheel both an important conceptual scheme and a major ceremonial observance 0 Four directions of the Medicine Wheel are the basis for the astrological system 0 Four colors white black yellow and red Represent the races of humanity 0 The Number 4 signi cant to Native American people and is incorporated into their daily lives through prayer ceremonies and activities 0 Four types of things take breath those that crawl y walk on four legs or two legs 0 Four directions 0 Four seasons 0 Four races of people black white yellow and red Diagnostic Methods healers must diagnose the source of the problem because they want to treat the cause not just the effect 0 Holistic point of view refer to whole body rather than individual parts 0 quothand tremblingquot associated with diseases and anxiety nervousness quotstar gazersquot enter trance states to read cause in the stars Treatment power ows through the healer to the patient patient preference is always respected medicine objects anything that relates to Great Spirit in a sacred way 0 Pipe one of the most sacred medicine objects and is an instrument of prayer 0 Indian art of healing is ceremonial in nature 0 The primary purpose is to allow connection with the Great Healer Smudging a cleansing and purifying process using smoke from burning sacred herbs 0 Examples include sage sweet grass and cedar Sweet lodge or puri cation ceremony ritual to cleanse the body mind heart and spirit a powerful ceremony to keep people healthy and many view it as the rst line in defense for preventing iness Drumming and chanting brings oneself into balance with self others and the world harmonizes people with the heartbeat of Mother Earth chanting form of prayer through music Sing healing ceremony that lasts from 29 days and nights used in healings sings are attended by as many people in the community as are able to come because just being present is considered healing Sun dance includes the sweat lodge the Pipe ceremony monthly prayer rituals and a yearly ceremony medicine person prays on behalf of the tribe Vision quest time of fasting prayer isolation and exposure to the elements all of which contribute to a mystic experience with the goal of understanding self and communicating with the Great Spirit Curandermismo quotto healquot cultural healing tradition found in Latin America and among many Hispanic Americans in the US most characteristically practiced by Mexican Americans believed that in certain types of illness and healing Native healers are more accomplished than practitioners or conventional medicine Three levels of healing material level involves the use of physical or supernatural objects to heal or to change the person s environment 0 spiritual level believed that spiritual beings who exist in another dimension are interested in making contact with the physical world 0 mental level lease encountered level of practice healers have the ability to transmit channel and focus mental vibrations in a way that directly affects the person s mental or physical condition


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