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O Chem study Guide 1

by: Anna storie

O Chem study Guide 1 CHEM 2070 - 001

Anna storie
GPA 3.64
Organic Chemistry I
Peter D Livant

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry I
Peter D Livant
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anna storie on Tuesday November 24, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 2070 - 001 at Auburn University taught by Peter D Livant in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry I in Chemistry at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 11/24/15
Ewerybody s Favm ife Course r H z Examination PDf In 111 be please wrife The fitsf filer a your Iasf name 2Q 2006 39 p20 1 I For each atom below indicate the proper formal charge Neutral charges need not be indicated 39 Also for eczch atom bonded to two or more atom indicate the expected geometry All electrons are shown I 3 9L 5 a I b O 39 39 39 39 39 Wquot browquot quot4345 WWW g 39 9 KW HHIFI e cg szjNCH3 39 H we 39 15 w 1e I 39 39I EEA 39 keg Goquot 539 WWW I I9 cH2 F39T39F 0 WWW quot0 a 39 j I39 H I quot ng Q H 39 quotW ngny 0014 I 0 Jr39 aquot raw 39 H tg G S quot5W 1 7 RO mbmktw CH2 CHZCHa 1le nnqlg39I I I I r 45 39 39I K tartarquot Cr kj y Viv W H Mes 5 H ana hem I P 3 05 2501311 NEATL Y ue chair form of 1frquotaurugJ cis 43551 Tfmei hylcfclohexane Show beiow and Hquot H39njffp I39Somer Incfude MEATLY and LEIGHLYN PFHj H39s Pl qse be NEAT ire6 ne more sfabe isomer NEATNESS COUNTsj 6H3 I fgp39fsj CH5quot hang 4335 1 rime1quoth 363 Ioh ea 13 CH a 5 Draw NE TLYIa Newman projeo on of any sf ajjpmd Conformahbn of 3ch39lor0 2 39mehylhexane ookizy down39 ie gigs banal 5prsJ r 43 In 93651 chemic39al 6393 nah on beiow all daemons re shown barf forha charge and curved arm an missing Provide 4 charge and gurved arer5 39 clearly and Iegfby 761 I H 3 BR E 39 WK 9 cue H H 39 I H g b 39 391 5H H3C H 3 H5C H CquotquotC39 H 39 a I CZC HH a K I H Q H 14 J r 4f 2 6 Shortanswer 9 a The overa raf39e of a rcach39on 55 offfirmined ag rah of 6quotquot96 J pr5 Me fa Sfesi 1 1 Honest 39 g fr39rsf 39 1556 quot305 374 39 We 5w WW I indica39 Md can 5 y I aa rif L 3 PTSJ 5 Circle 5139 ages bellow 39 r whit Hue bond I IIBifI Hsc La C PICK gay Shucmms below and pmvide la om ev e IVP c name for 3356 2 HJ I 39 2 pfs each x 39 I H OH 39 39 39 39 39 39 0H I i V 39 gm Hz 9H CH2 CHCH3 2 I P I If I quot 0 Br z ac ac z vs IvaCream I Wme quot3 39 CHLs quot as name here 39 j cwlwlwzw 39 39 39 0quot I CH 39erFe 2quot I 39 39 mapr name he I 39QI39ZI 12fr imemuy h I 39 1 39 d erIhg 2 3 urban far e ansf39ed acid base quotacHan which pccurs When ne base 39bepw reads WH h wafer show all deafrah amt placeall J brm39al39ckhage papery i SW 170de mseI39II f 5 I 6 o n II 39 II quot I I h I 39I I CKCCPPB H fNII I 4 HQXH 9 I HNH I11LI I e The Buggy dl39fgepgnce befIwcen39 Sf39agjefgd awe 39ech39gsed ehahe mg is cIfrtie one I I I m Malmy m kcaimj39 39 2 Italmu 6L02xro healm 2 1 PM f Circle a E CDMpoundIs below I m ccHzI I a H k gtlt c I I Hcs I H I Ira L u I I 0 0 Biquot 2 39I I g True orquot false y 0 Draw Homers E C n icfcr The Gtreach on wording affairam below I39Eakiih VEM C a39 division eguals 391 taximoi 39 1 The sectioning 5 39 ii 1 9 is an example of ah etecw mph e WHUQQQMIW T v E and 25 2 buicne are MD conforma 39ons of 2 bnkne I 1 11101 1 1 2 Phs each a pair of 39 resonance sfruchAre5 J9 v 9 H c CH c H CH Hicw CH CHCH3 m AceHa acid wig H has a Ivytar boamy pomr 039 I I an anybaf ing gekgdlri CH3 T F 39 disparai39cm EV The sofubifj y of I pentano m Wa r IS The Solubih39fy c25 Jbm ana In waHr 5r aer 13 mem ubiwr39 T I 39 m gmoA i39gwu and a 1511 5 03 C H 9 I I pf EaChJ gn u Ibc d CL 1 Wadi of fi jl um r UHSMLif nH5P 104339quot 17 39 39 39 3 V3 D x 3391 friend E The o erail rezach39on Is dragone 39 enderjani o animafronic Safersmfc if A 55 circle one hum42 a fransih ph a kekul 39quot L I FratB 39 39 formula in The A for eveA is 4 k almoj m The A6 for Z A is39 7 Wm QIH e uilfbrium 1113 species Which would be PPGEEH39f 39in freaks 1 reaction 39 b hdance is Z 39 39 I Vi The rahAmuminhli g for me 39 reaCHo CquotquotquotquotZ i5m circle one 39 I J 39quotquot Pr 36 A r Z39 CirCJC 718 39 E39h onjE39 i f39 Bro fed acfd bg0w Fiat H Cquot H H 0quotH I H H H WKTNOKXQH gt A C7ch THIS 5 A smog ZEACHON 39 I PM STILANGE Lg IT SSTWAYT E mm WA EGPSCASNOATLfAu I Sfudenr ID Hum barn PRINT quotpancake in u39s 50xquot CH2070 I I I E3 narhbn 39 Brigitte Haj 59quot 20 2006 39 f of I


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