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by: Carter Johnson


Marketplace > Auburn University > History > Hist 1010 > FINAL STUDY GUIDE
Carter Johnson

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About this Document

Final study guide for Dr. M's World History I class. Includes vocab, textbook pages, and practice questions.
World History 1
Dr. Malczycki
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Carter Johnson on Saturday November 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Hist 1010 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Malczycki in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 165 views. For similar materials see World History 1 in History at Auburn University.




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Date Created: 11/28/15
WORLD HISTORY I FINAL STUDY GUIDE The Final Exam is over all of the lectures from Nov. 11 and onward. This study guide will include chapter pages, vocab, and some practice questions. There may be some things on the Final that are not in the study guide, and there may be stuff on the study guide that won’t be on the test. I would recommend reading through the textbook and looking through the PowerPoint slides. As everyone knows Dr. M always puts about 5 textbook questions on each exam. The Final Exam will be given on Tuesday, Dec. 8, from 8.00-10.30 am, in Haley 3270. From the Textbook -Chapter 16: “The Ottoman-Habsburg Struggle and Western European Overseas Expansion” (434-462) *corsairs, military orders, apocalypse, fiscal-military state, money economy, janissaries, devshirme, tax-farming, passion play -Chapter 17: “Renaissance, Reformation, and the New Science in Europe” (465-496) *protestant reformation, indulgence, counter-reformation, absolutism, renaissance, new science, humanism, transcendence -Chapter 18: “New Patterns in New Worlds” (498-530) *land-labor grant, creoles, labor assignment, columbian exchange, civil theology From the PowerPoints -People to Know: Charles V, Mehmet II, Selim I, Sulayman the Magnificent, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Henry VIII, Andrea Doria, Philip II, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, James II, William of Orange, Mary Stuart, Louis XIV, Peter the Great -The Habsburg Empire -Four Guiding Principles of Ottoman Rule -> Ottoman Empire -Four Major Political Institutions of the Ottoman Empire -Ottoman declince -Church Hierarchy -Sacraments -Counter Reformation -> Protestant Reform -French Wars of Religion -Thirty Years War -English Civil Wars -The Glorious Revolution -Treaty of Fontainebleau -> Absolutism in Europe -Treaty of Constantinople -Treaty of Adrianople Practice Questions 1) By expansive family inheritance, Charles V ended up as the ruler of ….. a- The Andes Mountains and a large part of Peru b- Spain, Germany, Italy and some parts of the Americas c- England, France and Germany d- Spain, Anatolia, Syria, and Egypt 2) To establish dominance in the Middle East the Ottomans defeated ….. a- William of Orange and Mary Stuart b- The Safavids and the Mamluks c- The Turks, Byzantians, and Balkan Kings d- Sulayum the Magnificent 3) After Mehmet II ‘s capture of Constantinople, the city became comparable to what other major landmark? a- The Vatican b- Hagia Sophia c- Mecca d- Vienna 4) Selim The Grim was most Famous for….. a- Defeating the Balkan Kings b- Restoring Constantinople to its former glory c- Taking Vienna d- Doubling the size of the Ottoman Empire 5) In his time of rule Sulayman the Magnificent accomplished what three things? a- Took siege on Vienna, Formed a treaty with France, and spread power over seas and into North Africa b- Bribed the Mamluks to not engage in battle, took siege on Vienna, and doubled the size of the Ottoman Empire c- Spread power over seas and into North Africa, took siege on Vienna, and doubled the size of the Ottoman Empire d- Converted the Hagia Sophia to a mosque, defeated the Safavids, and formed a treaty with France 6) ____________ was a system in which the Ottomans collected tax in the form of young males who were then trained as civil servants. a- Millet d- gazi tradition b- Janisarries c- Devshirme 7) Gazi Tradition is part of ….. a- The Millet System b- The Guiding Principles of Ottoman Rule c- The Major Political Institutions d- The Pillars of Islam 8) The Major Political Institutions of the Ottoman Empire include ….. a- The sultan and his family, the vizor, the palace servants, and the military b- The sultan and his family, the cardinals, the military, and the janissaries c- The sultan and his family, the vizor, the bishops and the cardinal d- The cardinals, the bishops, the priest, and the pope 9) In order to be a citizen of the Ottoman Empire, one should ….. a- A Christian, pay monthly indulgences, attend confession at least once a year b- A Christian, have a knowledge of many languages and customs, pay monthly indulgences c- A Muslim, have an Islamic education, serve the sultan d- A Muslim, have a Islamic education, serve the church 10) Which of the following is true of the Ottoman decline? a- Mehmet II invaded and completely wiped out the Ottomans b- The Mongols expanded their empire and took over the Ottoman territory c- Due to incompetent sultans and widespread corruptions the Ottomans had a slow decline. 11) Who helped the growth of Christianity in Europe? a- Constantine and Theodosius b- Martin Luther c- Martin Luther and John Calvin d- William of Orange 12) The _______ is the head of the Catholic Church. a- Monks b- Sultan c- Deshirme d- Pope 13) The Sacraments are best defined as ….. a- When every major religious community governs its own affairs as long as the Church gets their monthly indulgences b- The expectation of the imminence of Christ’s second coming c- Rites that one performs to gain religious salvation d- “go to heaven free” cards 14) Who taught that faith rather than sacraments is the key to salvation after he was excommunicated? a- John Calvin b- Peter the Great c- Henry VIII d- Martin Luther 15) Who had a heavy influence on the Puritans and the Presbyterians when he divided human society into the elect and the damned? a- John Calvin b- Peter the Great c- Henry VIII d- Martin Luther 16) Who was the king of England and formed his own church for his own personal benefit? a- William of Orange b- Henry VIII c- Charles V d- Martin Luther 17) _______________ addressed issues raised by the Protestants such as poor training of the clergy and abuses in the Church. a- The Council of Nicea b- The Council of Trent c- The Janissaries d- The Roman Inquisition 18) The ___________ did missionary work outside of Europe, while the ____________ checked up on the advancement of Protestantism. a- Roman Inquisition, Janissaries b- Devshirme, Roman Inquisition c- Jesuit Order, Roman Inquistition d- Jesuit Order, Council of Trent 19) The Thirty Years War was the last religious war in Europe and ended with the Edict of Nantes. a- True b- False 20) Andrea Doria only consistently opposed ….. a- The Habsburgs b- Genoa c- The Ottomans d- The Mongols 21) Philip II supported which side in the French Wars? a- The Catholics b- The Presbyterians c- The Protestants d- The Anglicans 22) What were the four sides to the English Civil Wars? a- The French, The English, The Presbyterians, and The Spanish b- King Charles I, Parliament, The Scottish Covenanters, and the Irish Confederates c- Charles V, Andrea Doria, William of Orange, and Parliament d- The Scottish Covenanters, The Irish Confederates, Parliament and Charles V 23) Oliver Cromwell ….. a- An anti-Catholic Puritan b- An anti-Anglican Puritan c- An anti-Puritan Protestant d- An anti-Presbyterian Catholic 24) During the Glorious Revolution James II tried to restore Catholicism in England and ….. a- Fled once William of Orange and Mary Stuart came to England b- William and Mary took power from the monarchy and gave it to Parliament c- Secured Protestantism in England d- All of the above 25) After Louis XIV “won” the War of Spanish Succession ….. a- He modernized the army and the navy b- He took the power from the monarchy and gave it to Parliament. c- The French citizens left and France became religiously intolerant d- The Ottoman Empire doubled in size 26) What revoked religious toleration in order to control religion? a- The Council of Nicea b- The Council of Trent c- The Edict of Nantes d- The Treaty of Fontainebleau 27) Peter the Great ….. a- Modernized the army and navy b- Centralized the government c- Eroded the power of the church d- All of the above 28) The “Table of Ranks”….. a- Brought religious tolerance to Russia b- Brought religious intolerance to Russia c- Preserved the nobility d- Benefitted the poor 29) The Romanov-Ottoman Rivalry began when the Romanov desired control over ….. a- The Black Sea Coast b- The Mediterranean Coast c- The Silk Roads d- Constantinople 30) This conflict was resolved with the ….. a- The Treaty of Paris and the Edict of Nantes b- The Treaty of Constantinople and the Treaty of Adrianople c- The Treaty of Constantinople and the Edict of Nantes d- The Treaty of Adrianople and the Treaty of Paris Answer Key 1) B 2) C 3) A 4) D 5) A 6) C 7) B 8) A 9) C 10) C 11) A 12) D 13) C 14) D 15) A 16) B 17) B 18) C 19) False 20) D 21) A 22) B 23) B 24) D 25) C 26) D 27) D 28) C 29) A 30) B


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