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CHEM241: Test 3 Review Sheet

by: HannahJ

CHEM241: Test 3 Review Sheet CHEM241

Marketplace > University of Maryland > Chemistry > CHEM241 > CHEM241 Test 3 Review Sheet
GPA 3.65
Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Montague-Smith

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About this Document

Here is my master reaction list for reactions that are new to this test! I have also included all the mechanisms step by step that MS listed on his sheet of what to study. Don't forget to study the...
Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Montague-Smith
Study Guide
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by HannahJ on Sunday November 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM241 at University of Maryland taught by Dr. Montague-Smith in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 2 in Chemistry at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 11/29/15
O Q AOH QH C02 3 0 8 H 9 CO QMOH RT QVH 2 AZE39Ke rOOC39d 3 o 3 L HOACH V Coz mo malomc 062d 10 W o V q 7 V 39 90 A09 A H H330quot H20 4 C02 Ammonae comomc acid REKOR H310 Q oe f QOH o O 39Bf3 0 A h A r 3 worms 9mm 80 Rw 0 5r JL OH 3 3 m1 0 Bf O N00 2 H100 1 L C fouma 91090 12 L91 3 Q 0 butvmcxfofpw z 0 OH K Q39Lx IR 9 2Hao72 Q O Q My h o K 9934 1 on me Some 7 23 30 n9 o x 0 H2 RKX Q A0 a m C n O G Oquot Rikx Q gtOH Q Koa a I O a x Q as Q 52quot a a a QA Q M22 x o igiqi gtHZO PR OH V al a GH 39 0 R EEK 051 9 Q gtH39O r2 XOR 94 A09quot 0 0 Quo 3 19 EKGKg a RAGE Q AOH 0 x H 0 EO KOLQ Q s 2sz n Q 392 NH q RAGKc Z a Exxonquot x a 30 A 00 R b R Rm 3 EAOH oc Q 06 Q0 3 5sz 1 QAQQ F a 2 OP AH hS S fC HCQhGW G H 2 5 n 26702 Wm 1 29130 H 39 Q N v n zaDmO a 9 bquot 39 7 QXNQZ dNao l zgA QOH or QEOG HNQZ 1 mew 9 F 2 C N WW Eda Jr 3 bQ Jak Am 5002 Q 9Q o 39 A O h WQBM 08H war AR I 4 gt 2 2 2 30139 h 2 23 a V w H rag 32 w 2 E I Lk 39 H Q 0 0H mron A a X aB 3391HF Q OH WQNAQH pon 39 2W5quot R 7 0 RAo K 2 we 3 2 J I QAom ALA 2A0 7 a 0 0 Q ZDHgO r L H g quot v At 08 C v 0 C U quot2 eff940 W BH5391HV 21 mi Z G n o NaB q a 1 2309 A39M mg tm C fL LH 439 YL GH u gc Q 23 30quot VsAU 22T 4 RANQ2 O W 0N08H4 AN 3 dB 3 1H Q 21 0 50 LAMQZ R i b 39 7 C V AW Z zi iAQLZL VAg RA H 39 Qz AW Stu TH A km 2 QmCN Maoquot 23930 N QUMSI m 39 OH 2 7 r f w 2 a W a 1 Jr aado was Q x 393943 2451 OH I 2 BO Q Y Q i n 0 1 7 a K EHng x3 R ZHBO P Q l 2quot 2 02 H s OH zmw 7 2 Ta gt1 2X02 qua Lou quot 2 50quot a Q OKO mm m x H 1 U goi r mt nu OH 39HQI CDLquot R cm 2W NR 2quot 0 mm 9 Q quot i OHICILZ 21h30 CH GR 62 3 h 3 5 12 00Hcar 3 T 0 2Ach 2 CCk2 1 0Q e Y gt20 W09 C Q C C H L 3 0 9 0H R ALCL addm f H quotquot9 39 H x H H m int qu cg AH EL6 MH Ammdanmon 0H0 XH os MR quot1 C iH P H 50 q A o 3 H P H x5 5 T Lmo enol 1 omnec3 but no 0mm gammy xv 0st Q a Heo g a H 393033 maddan blC no move oume 0003 2ng m0 NOOK 0 moer 03016 W9 2 so f 5 90m 0 3 QWOQ it 2 9 H 02 20 n QO I 9 7 65 ah Y 2 Y9 w DH 3 we K o HQ 0 OH O D 3 1 Nu H 5335 MMH 0 Mp 39 LLNSC Rmowm mdfcidel Camong ad om 0qung 39 01c addmon i C g 2 89 Q39OQPCEM endows Q ZCLL3911 H5 1 9000 1 0 B roman covmnw add mon Q Lx LAH 2H50 119m Max why does oom conjugate mommy m 14E ex Hgdmvdm m Acxd 0 39 RAOQ39 3 QAOH 39 QOx t 90 OH 9quot 483 Cu axon Q Aa 92 393 M c QAQQ RAGE v Q JOH ES Vomesxea cc on in Add 0 QI OH 9 QKOR RAG 439 2 0 A Q OR 0 H OQ OH OH AL RKOQU 3 AC Q fn3 9 2 ZUOR Hop CM I2 33 e ILA 012 e 02 H 2 02 09 a a Q OJ 2 1 Cf QO x O 3 V 1 k Ar 1 quot RNOQ39Q QKO a R G OR 339 Q 0 5 1 j 3 I WW mm IO d A a w mm Ad n1 wd d WWWij T u VKm i ya ya 0 IO 66 E mam9 0954


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