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Exam 3 Study Guide

by: Maddie Evans

Exam 3 Study Guide PS 348

Maddie Evans
GPA 3.6
Women in Politics
Professor Yamin

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About this Document

Hey everyone! Here are my notes for the final exam on Thursday. Good luck to everyone and email me with any questions!
Women in Politics
Professor Yamin
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maddie Evans on Sunday November 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PS 348 at University of Oregon taught by Professor Yamin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 137 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 11/29/15
Women in Politics Exam 3 Study Guide Body Image amp Culture gt Normalcy average what should be and what is accepted gt Pathology being outside the norm deviating from what is accepted gt Physical and Social Body 0 Demonizing body images fat people perceived as bad 0 Physical problem turning to social problems gt Jean Kilbourne 0 Ads seen women negatively 0 Killing Us Softly O Womengirls compare themselves to models Adios Barbie gt Barbie has been around for 60 years gt Aesthetic obsession blonde thin tall gt Were Dawn Dolls any better Strip Courvant gt Enforcement of gender bodies 0 Only can be man or woman 0 Anxiety over difference or the unclear O Fearful over not being accepted or violent reactions difference and deviance O Stripping as a way to free oneself and their soul I Desensitizing body differences and uniqueness ExShaver Mackler gt Male vs Female body image in terms of hair and where acceptable gt Attachment of hygiene 0 Women need to be cleaner men more lenient Masculinity gt Katz video men seen as strong and violent gt Men must bulk up and be bigger and stronger Resistance gt Culture and recognition of acceptable gender roles gt Gender roles must be man or woman no trans gt Mythical beauty norms Photoshop editing Modes of Resistance gt Duty of citizens gt Public health issue issue in media and schools on what to teach Stiglitz gt Equality of opportunity 0 Politics of Welfare I PRWOWA 1996 passed by Clinton US has less equality than all other advanced countries Education is key Myth of social and economic mobility Goals and ideas disconnected 39 Goal get rid of poverty I Idea can move upwards in society OOOO Gwendolyn Mink gt Political Scientist gt Analysis of welfare 0 Mothers vs Working vs Kids gt Themes of Welfare Reform 0 Marriage policy that allows breadwinner O Paternal involvement men involved with care 0 Work outside the home gt Morality of what is need and who is deserving Moralism gt Who is to be eligible gt Good and bad mothers who determines that gt What if mothers are poor and can t provide Legislative History gt Focusing on moralism 0 Mother s pensions for widows O Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDC in 1935 a federal program 0 1939 institutional changes 0 Deserving vs undeserving poor Welfare Rights Movement gt Welfare entitlement O 19631970 s gt Eligibility over those deserving 0 Access doubling or quadrupling from 3 to 11 million gt Moving back to previous welfare PRWORA PRA gt Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act 1996 0 5 year welfare limit work requirements ended welfare as we know it must be actively looking for work to be eligible Doing extra work can not only be living off welfare No entitlement to give money 0 AFDC replaced by TANF gt Oregonians can get 616 per month per family 0 7392 not welfareeligible 0 95380 on cash assistance 0 810535 with food stamps OOOOO Eligibility for TANF gt Paternity test required gt Working as soon as possible gt Not making 616 per month Citizenship Feminism and Welfare Reform gt Limiting rights on poor and single mothers 0 Often forfeiting family reproductive and vocational rights 0 Limiting I Parental decisions I Vocation freedom I Association I Sexual privacy gt Mink s Analysis 0 Mainstream feminist support I Child support 0 Claims that women s equality pivots on ability to make independent choices 0 Focusing on welfare mothers and not problems with the system Guest Speaker Dr Scott Lift the ceiling by raising the oor 400000 lowwage workers 60 of women make minimum wage Average lowwage workers age is 35 53 change jobs in a 2 year period Job churning as jobs were temporary 54 have changing weekly schedules Having exible care givers very important Being fired for being sick was very common VVVVVVVVV Guest Speaker Ronnie gt gt gt 23 of families rely on female breadwinner Gap between the rich and poor bigger than ever 63 of men and 74 of women support paid sick leave IIRIRA 1996 VVVVVVVV harsh punishment for crimes reduced Expedited removal from the states Criminal grounds for deportability 10 year bar to reentry for 365 day presence More difficult for noncitizens with convictions Moral turpitude how conduct should be to defend against deportation Removal up to discretion of the judge Elimination of defenses to deportation Citizenship gt gt VVVV Jus Soli birthright citizenship Naturalization available to free white persons racial bars were overturned in 1952 0 After 1923 common knowledge of who is white prevailed in court Women until 1922 women automatically naturalized if marriage to a US man Until 1932 women lost citizenship if married a foreigner Today good moral character and 5 years legal residence Special Immigrant Juvenile Status any unaccompanied minor can gain citizenship must say have been battered or abused can t defend parents later in life usually put in the foster system Prosecutorial Discretion judge can decide without giving explanation on whether someone is allowed to stay Motherhood and Traditions gt Latina Mothers Stereotypical Role 0 Promotes continuous motherhood opposition to contraception opposition to abortion 0 Proposition 187 abnormal or dangerous reproductive have political and economic consequences 0 Pure virginal girls and obedient wives and mothers 0 Anchor Babies used to describe supposed strategy of among undocumented immigrants of having babies in the US citizens so that this child will eventually get them legal status I Legal Facts Immigration Family System and 10 year bar to reentry


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