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COA 2241 Test 5 Review

by: Madhu Baskaran

COA 2241 Test 5 Review COA 2241 A

Madhu Baskaran
Georgia Tech
History of Art I
Joyce Medina

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About this Document

History of Art I
Joyce Medina
Study Guide
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This 23 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madhu Baskaran on Monday November 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COA 2241 A at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by Joyce Medina in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see History of Art I in Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 11/30/15
CA 2241 TEST 5 REVIEW NEPLATNISM NeopldTohism O O O O O O NeopldTohisTs dre The opposiTes of HumdhisTs Rendissdhce drTisTs drdwihg on AhciehT Greco Romdh world 0 PldTo Greek philosopher 423 348 BCArisToTle 384 322 BC NefplaTonism revinl in The Rehdissdhce of PldTo s ideds lehg wiTh ArisToTle s sciehTiTic er Ihgs De Medici ACddemy l 5Th cehTury 9 Cosimo Lorehzo Giulidho Ivldrsilio Ficiho TrdhsldTed PldTo ihTo LdTih The GredT Chdih of Being o Hierdrchies levels connecTions improvemehTs o PerfecT Forms 0 lmperfecT 9 perfecT done Through pdrTicipdTiOh o PdrTicipdTiOh o In perfecTion in The divine improvemehT Botticelli Birth of Venus i482 Neoplotonism o Illustrdtion of d poem The Birth of Love 0 Allegory symbolic story 0 Poem dbout fdlling in love from flooting to drriving from edrthly to divine o Neoplotonism Hierdrchies Perfect forms Porticipdtion corried over progress through hierorchiesZephros Horde perfect forms clothed porticipdtion with perfection hedvenly roiment o Neoplotonism opposite of Humonism not edrthly spoce not humdn forms 0 edrthly spoce o No plonimetric sepdrdtion o No overldpping o No sfumdto Vdnishing point 0 humonforms o FIooting o No shddows o Chidroscuro 3d but outlined flot implied movement but stotic o Indicdtes the shddows o Outlining fldttens the shdpe Michelangelo CreaTian of Adam SisTine Chapel ceiling l5l5 NeaplaTanism 0 Adam on The earTh God The faTher an sky 0 NeaplaTanism parallelism creaTed in The image of God divine spark Through eye conTacT o more perfecT divine o NeaplaTonism hands of The creaTar To hands of The arTisTs Michelangelo David l504 Neoplafonism o Subfracfive sculpfure open form 17 feef fall 0 Nof Humanisf ambiguous momenf no Goliafh Before Affer o Neoplafonic inferprefafion hands as foolseyes as infellecf o Michelangelo also did dissecfions shows accurafe anafomy wrfh very realisfic defails 0 Had self porfraifs of his own hands 0 Alfernafive inferprefafion Michelangelo baffling ofher gianfs of arf 0 Every block of sfone has a sfafue inside of if and if is fhe fasllt o fhfe sculofor fo discover if 0 Neoplafonism o genius 9 abilify To achieve perfecfion o Arfisfs af higher hierarchy o Arfisfs parficipafe in creafion Michelangelo ST PeTer s PieTa lSOO NeoplaTonism o PieTa 9 refers To lamenTaTion of ChrisT s deaTh 0 Only signed work by Michelangelo as l was creaTed by Michelangelo BuonnaroTi o YouThful Mary 0 NeoplaTonism 0 Mary seeing inTo The fuTure 0 Mary remembering The NaTiviTy 0 Hands feeT as earTth Tools hierarchy of inTellecT over body 0 Face is ooinTed Upward Towards The divine looks peaceful perfecTion of resurrecTion o ChrisT as suspended beTween earTh and heaven 0 Virgin Mary is earTth Michelangelo LasT JudgmenT SisTine Chapel 154l NeoplaTonism 39 r 92 J l o Hierarchy evidenT all of The differenT levels sTacked above each oTher g 4 o ChrisT The Judge and The Virgin Mary 0 STainTs include ST PeTer ST BarTholomew 0 Cross crown of Thorns whipping poinT o NeoplaTonism o hierarchies FLEMISH RENAISSANCE Claus Slufer The Well of Moses l406 Flemish Renaissance 5 differenf sculofural figures around if 0 Depicfion of Moses becoming angry 0 Focus on defails surfaces objecfs sfafic pose o Defails in beard belf buclltle o Pafronage by monarchy arisfocracy O 0 compare Michelangelo Moses 1515 Neoplafonism o lfalian Renaissance 0 Focus on human aualifies relaxedTense o Confrapposfo o Pafronage by Cafholic church 0 Influence of ancienf Greek Roman arf being excavafea in lfaly Jdn von Eycllt Arnolfini Wedding PorTrdiT M34 Flemish Renaissance o Convex mirrorwiTh imoge reflecTed of The orTisT ds wiTness o SignoTure of drTisTwiTness o DocumenT of Their morridge o Symbolizes Their beTroThol o The bride groom 0 Shoes removed becouse he is Tollting o socred vow on holy ground 0 The bride o Swollen belly ferTile o Rosory ChrisTion Tomin 0 OrongezferTiliTy 0 Dog LoTin Fido Tor moriTol TideliTy 9 connecTs Them ds o morried couple 0 Eyes glisTening 0 Fur shiny o Surfoce focus on emphosis on symbols ond deToils Roberl Cempin Merode Allerpiece isn Renaissance 1428 Flem o Relolively smell porl slruclure cenlrol panel wings o Triplych Three 0 Almoer funclions as like Cl book Jan van Eyck Hubert van Eyck The Ghent Altarpiece T432 Flemish Renaissance 0 Very large altarpiece 0 Part of a large frame constructed by Hubert quotif 5 1 239 V ill 0 Elaborate frame destroyed clockwork mechanism for openingclosing played music llm39i Ill WE39VE Hr mumquot 1 le ll 0 closed The Coming of Christ Annunciation o Represents the beginning coming of Christ 0 No overlapping interaction 0 Symbolic Easter Lily 0 Message that Mary will bear the Christ child The Annunciation o Holyspiritdove 0 open The Redemption Adam Eve quotGod o quotThe Mystic Lamb 0 God the Father FLEMISH H AND GERMAN RENAISSANCE Bosch The Garden of Earthly Delights l5lO Flemish Renaissance o Interpretations Adamites Freemasons Alchemy o Adamites o Sect who believe it is possible to regain Adam s innocence o Posits Eve as seductress o Practices nudity 0 Creation of Eve Garden Hell Grunewala senheim AITarpiece 1515 German Renaissance Crucifixion 0 Includes John The AposTle Virgin Mary Mary Magdalen John The BapTisT 0 King of The Jews 0 Three nail crucifixion o ChrisT as sacrificial lamb 0 Blood in chalice Through EucharisT O 0 Virgin Mary nun s habiT conTemporized o Symbolizes ThaT she will be The original moTher of all of The nuns o HospiTal ThaT TreaTs ergoTism 0 ST AnThony s fire 0 Fungus on grain o Limbs exTremiTies roT away o EnTombmenT of ChrisT o Flemish Renaissance symbolism microcosm o ITaIian Renaissance Techniques Linear perspecTive OrThogonals SfumaTo Human drama Holbein French Ambassadors l533 German Renaissance Divided o On Top symbols of heavenly realm o Bollom earlth human realm Polilics vs church Ivleasuremenl of celeslial sundial aslronomical o Delail is really precise can determine The day and lime Realm of humanearlth o A rerres rrial globe o A book on arilhmelic o A hymnboollt o A lu re wilh a broken slring 0 Includes dus r 9 passage of lime Anamorph dislorled image Three levels 0 Heaven 0 Dea rh 0 life llalian Renaissance Planimelric separalion Linear perspeclive Orlhogonals Engaged eye Durer The Fall of Man l504 German Renaissance o The humours HippocraTes developed This medical Theory 0 fIIInglCll l moods emoTions and behaviors were caused by body Ul s 0 Four humours o The sanguine Type 0 RabbiT9 indifferenT o melancholic 0 Elk 9 sad 0 PhlegmaTic 0 OX 9 lazy o Choleric o CaT 9 irriTable 0 AT The TeeT of Adam and Eve CaTmouse TempTaTion O O Psychopomp spiriT carrier bird 0 HighesT poinT in composiTion 0 Tree of life spiriT carrier on iT 0 Tree of Forbidden frUiT fig branch 0 Flemish Renaissance arT Symbols Ivlicrocosmic deTailing lTalian Renaissance chiaroscuro O ltmijgtZ mmZgtmmgtZOm gtZU ZgtZmem7gt O O O O Giorgione The Tempesll 5i 0 Venelian Renaissance Tempeer slorm Symbolizes change in nalure Division by The bridge 0 Modern cily vs ancien r ruins Ancien r ruins O O Arcadian landscape Arcadia an area in ancien r Greece Symbolizes pure rural idyllic life Symbolism O O Slork symbolizes paren ral care Molher compared lo vege ra rion fer rile Nude purily wi rhin nalure Soldier compared lo archi rec rure makes use of Tools inven rsbuilds bridges clo rhed Adam and Eve mo rhersoldier 0 Garden 9 modern ci ry 0 Adam loil by The seal of his brow 0 Eve birlh pains Flighl inlo Egyp r Gospel of Mallhew Mary Joseph flee lo Egypl lo prolech Chrier Child from Herod s plan lo slay all of lhe infanls in The Holy Land Space pure landscape ci ry Humans malefemale specific Time pas r presen r fu rure Parmigianino Madonna wiih The Long Neoki 535 Mannerism o Exaggeraied shape ellipsis o Exaggeraied proporiions o Exaggeraied spaiial configuraiion foreground o Enough room for all of The figures 0 Si Jerome 0 Lack of realism 0 Lack of completion Tihlarella Laer Supper 1594 Ivlahherism Chrier is sari of hard la locale him 0 O Exaggeralea subjecl mailer O Exaggeralea arlhagahal long 0 Exaggeralea sfumala O Viewer s vahlage paihl high above almaer parallel la Chrier El Greco Buridl of CounT Orgdz l586 Ivldnnerism o CounT Orgdz o The CounT of Orgdz st d pious mdn who dccording To The legend dT The Time he st buried SdinT STephen dnd SdinT AugusTine descended in person from The hedvens dnd buried him byTTheir own hdnds in fronT of The ddzzled eyes of Those presen 0 Division beTween divine dnd edrThly o Divine o God The FdTher ChrisT Virgin lvldry 0 Soul of The CounT o Trdnsference ds reversdl of edrThly birTh process 0 Colors whiTes pdsTels o EdrThly 0 Body of The CounT 0 Colors gold red block 0 Descending pdrdllel o Self porTrdiT of himself dnd his son 0 ArTisTs signs his home on The hdndllterchief


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