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Iarc 204 final study guide

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by: Isabella Stephens

Iarc 204 final study guide 204

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Art > 204 > Iarc 204 final study guide
Isabella Stephens
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Hello! This study guide is the same format as it was for midterms. This test is only on what was after the midterm so that's what the study guide is on as well. Bold questions are ones that have b...
Under Contemp Inter
Ahn K
Study Guide
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1 review
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"Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!"
Toni Sipes

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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by Isabella Stephens on Monday November 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 204 at University of Oregon taught by Ahn K in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 215 views. For similar materials see Under Contemp Inter in Art at University of Oregon.


Reviews for Iarc 204 final study guide

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Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!

-Toni Sipes


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Date Created: 11/30/15
1 QUESTION: ANSWER: inclusive design products and places everyone can use regardless of age, ability, or circumstance inclusive design is used in the UK to describe environments that promote human functioning what? what term does US use to describe inclusive universal design design? what are the principles of universal design? equitable use, simple and intuitive, flexibility in use, perceptible info, tolerance for error, size and space for approach and use, low physical effort, user engagement what is user engagement working with users throughout the design process to know their needs/wants who says user engagement is super important? Zeisel if you don’t engage with user of space during the long-term dissatistfaction design process, there can be what since it’s hard as a designer to really know what it listen to others who are handicap or disabled feels like to be in an inaccessible environment you really need to do what what’s the automatic response a person has when sympathy, pity, treats them differently they see someone who’s disabled? disabled discrimination is simlilar to what? racial discrimination what kind of handicaps don’t actively undermine “positive" an individuals ability to be taken seriously in society? what do we use to make our first perceptual our 5 senses experience of a space? sight lets us see colors, we only are aware of it when something is bothering us two parts of hearing 1. acoustics 2. white noise what is white noise mixture of sounds that are considered neutral sounds touch skin has thermal reactor that sends messages to brain about how hot or cold something is high impact something that lacks resilience example of a high impact object concrete floors smell olfactory sensation what is healing through scents called aromatherapy taste not prevelant in interior spaces besides restaurants anthropometrics study of human body measurnments 2 QUESTION: ANSWER: ergonomics arranging things so they’re efficient and safe what's an example of ergonomics being used in office chairs being comfortable enough so people don’t get back furniture? injuries what is WMSD work-related musculoskeletal disorder what is americans with disablities act? a law that makes it so that most public spaces have accommodations for disabled people visually impaired people rely on what? brain and other raised symbols hearing impaired people rely on what? enhanced visuals like lighting must design specifically for what people? alzheimers, kids, autism, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), aging people kids don’t recognize danger until what age? 6 what needs to be done in houses w/ young kids? childproofing/ special designs what are the four distance zones intimate, personal, social, and public personalization only comes after what is met basic human needs accessibility is seen as what in inclusive design? just as important as any other aspect of design ROUND HOUSE (from video) - tried to extrapolate from historical parts of building - they needed to decided whether to keep old/cool parts of building or change them to make them more accessible - cafe is accessible cuz it’s right next to entrance, elevator, bathroom and tables are accessible for wheelchairs cosmetic consultation designer asking disabled what they need consultation groups need a lot of what? diversity should accessibility be subtle or obvious? subtle EDEN GARDEN (from movie) -they had disabled people come in and asked them what they'd want changed and then they changed it then brought these ppl back to show them -one inclusive design feature is the bus/train that brings people around WILLOWS SCHOOL (from video) -focuses on economical/sustainable designs -different sink faucets so mentally disabled kids can learn all different ways to do it accessible designs should make people feel included, physically accessible _____ not just _______ what percent of the US population has a self- 1/5 claimed disability rehab act of 1973 - made to secure equal playing field with ppl with disabilities - protected them from discrimination in programs that were federally funded 3 QUESTION: ANSWER: americans with disability act - 1990 - everything has to be accessible to people with disabilities now (not just federally funded programs) the regulations we have today were established in 2010 what year assembly areas require what 2 things to comply 1. horizontal and vertical dispersion with disability acts? 2. line of sight over standing spectators corridor of accessible travel basically every part of a place needs to be accessible travel pathways must be at least what dimensions 36” x 48” x 80” safe harbor if a building isn’t complaint with ADA standards but was made before 1991, they don’t have to change it to be accessible until they were gonna redo the specific area anyways universal design doesn’t just have to be for people people with strollers or young kids (for example) with disabilities, it can be for who else? accessible areas need to be ______ for people super well lit with visual impairments? do some companies make you continue your yes interior design learning during your career? what is the Council for Interior Design an accreditation that colleges can get to show that their school has Association? a good program interior designers need to have what? licensing, certification and registration good personality, work habits, talent, skills, experience what should be an ethos that subconsciously socially responsible design drives all design decisions and choices? whats the number 1 activity in open plazas/ people watching spaces? plazas are ranked by what? the # of people who use them daily in a plaza you need to have ___ square ft. of 1, 30 sitting space for every __ square ft. of open space do plazas need to have sunlight? yes you shouldn’t have a ___ in a plaza if people can’t water feature use it? it’s good to have _____ so people can have shade clumps of trees what will draw people to a plaza? food what will give people something to talk about in a big pieces of art, street performers, etc. plaza? plazas must be where if you want ppl to use them in the very center of the city do indoor spaces influence outdoor spaces? yes 4 QUESTION: ANSWER: ____ percent of people have a disability 18.7% do outdoor spaces need to be accessible? yes barrier free design application turning diameter 60” requirement barrier free design application transition space 48” requirement barrier free design application minimum clear 36” width requirement Masclow’s hierarchy of needs 1. physiological needs 2. safety 3. belonging 4. self-esteem 5. self-actualization what's most appropriate stage of programming design stage of design process to consider human factors/universal design? in what century did design become a job? 18th in what century did design and decoration become 20th two separate things? what is design planning based on decisions decoration = ___ ornamentation ancient civilization - first permanent city dwellings = mud-brick dwellings of the sumerians - caves were practical and decorative - there were spiritual and tribal symbols - greek 5th century BC is said to have most direct significant influence of arch. of western civilizations - marble/stone for commercial - mud/bricks for residential (didn’t last long) - little furniture - mosaic floors - wall paintings told stories - middle ages elaborate interiors for church/aristocracy - no signature furniture pieces - most items were mostly functional what's a guild? a group of people with similar pursuits renaissance - “celeb” artists (ex: michelangelo, andrea palladio) - baroque style became popular (elaborate ornamentation) 5 QUESTION: ANSWER: 18th century neoclassicism - art and science crossed boundaries - european men traveled around continent (known as grand tour) - robert and james adam said every detail must be executed from a single conception - people focused on materials, floors, ceilings, wall paneling, arches, columns - 19th century industrial age mass production of furniture and textiles - queen victoria of england gave her name to this era - more choices led to niche for people who could combine them and make it look good - decorator emerged - 1901: people tried to go back to order/simplicity - codman and wharton became experts at combining old with new - julia morgan = 1 of first girls to get civil engineering degree at U of Cal 20th century architect - after WWII lots of commercial skyscraper offices were built - florence schust married hans knoll and made knoll associates and focused on office space design, space- planning functions and furniture sales 20th century decorator - women gained prominence in approaches to home décor - people who could distinguish between good and bad design were people with the “inheritance of gentle blood and independent from all training” - influential people projected their tastes on others - styles were broadcast through magazines - elsie de wolfe = first prof. decorator - - society decorators got clients antiques from europe dorothy parrish and albert hadley = undecorated look - 21st century new things = technology, global connectivity, health/safety/ welfare, sustainability, gov. regulations, research (evidence based design) - people stopped buying furniture during recession so firms had to charge more for their design services human factors in rooms affect what? performance, our safety, psychological function best layout for a room is how you’d move in what triangle shape? human factors/ ergonomics a term intended to the world to include all studies of all aspects of human interactions human factors /ergonomics mainly aims to operational performance and safety improve what? signs need to be what? big enough and clear enough what are the areas of studying human factors? 1. physical/physiological (anthropometrics) 2. behavioral/social (amount of space people need) 3. psychological 4. culture (proxemics, public vs. private) 6 QUESTION: ANSWER: if things aren’t laid out right or aren’t the right uncomfortable distance apart people feel what? 5 aspects of ergonomics? 1. safety 2. comfort 3. ease of use (want to minimize stress) 4. productivity/performance 5. aesthetics (can create acceptability among users) you need to make things easy to use or what will people will get frustrated and just not use them happen? standard anthropometrics data is used 90% to design furnishings for what percentage of the population? why do you want to make things that fit most 1. company: saves $ to make everything the same people? 2. user: they won’t get frustrated if it fits them biomechanics - study of mechanical motion in biological systems - amount of stress is measured by posture, force, and # of reps psychological aspect of signs you need to make signs VERY clear so people won’t be confused one of the terms used that expresses the way behavioral mapping to zone interior spaces according to activity is? people can act with territoriality in what two physical spaces and groups things? personal safety people need help in identifying possible environmental hazards cue searching personal safety, way finding. VERY important for ppl w/ disabilities personal space invisible comfort zone surrounding an individual proxemics study of space between people in different situations what's the proxemics for social space where 4-7” people know each other? what's the proxemics for social space where 7-12” people don’t know each other? sociopeta arrangement of seating to bring people together sociofugal arrangement of seating to keep people separate/give them privacy why do we need sustainable designs? because global warming is happening NOW when did the world temp. start increasing? industrial revolution what's the cause of global warming? our human activities average world temps have grown ___ degrees 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 7 QUESTION: ANSWER: what % of world greenhouse emissions come from 30% US? at least ___% of landfills are filled with remnants 35% from demolition of buildings in 2003 in the US, the average person create ___ 4.5 pounds pounds of waste per day average commercial space should last how many 7 years sick building syndrome new buildings that have a distinct smell that can make people sick paradigm shift crade to grave to cradle to cradle what must be preserved if we want the human nature population to survive? what's the most used energy consumption in heating residential energy? what percentage of energy in residential homes is 47% heating? what percentage of energy in residential homes is 17% hot water? what percentage of energy in residential homes is 14% appliances? what percentage of energy in residential homes is 7% lighting? what's the most used energy consumption in heating commercial spaces? what percentage of energy in commercial places is 32% heating? what percentage of energy in commercial places is 23% lighting? what percentage of energy in commercial places is 15% hot water? what percentage of energy in commercial places is 7% cooling? energy star - it’s a label on lightbulbs - DOE and EPA - started w/ computers in 1992 - now lots go office equipment & lighting are energy star - CFL bulbs - residential lighting fixtures - ceiling fans - exit signs incandescent bulbs are __ lm/w 16 8 QUESTION: ANSWER: CFl bulbs are ___ lm/w 60 LED bulbs are __ lm/w 100 what type of lighting has highest efficiency? LED top 5 places lights are used in homes kitchen, living room table lamps, living room floor lamps, bathroom vanity, back porch if all 5 places where lights are most used in homes 1 trillion pounds were changed to high efficiency bulbs in every US home, the US CO2 emissions would be reduced by how much? US buildings account for ___ % of raw materials 30% use 35% US buildings account for ___ % of waste output? steps in life cycle analysis row materials acquisition, manufacturing process, packing/ shipping, installation, indoor air quality, durability/performance, resource recovery row materials acquistion - use salvaged materials - maximizes recycled materials - use renewable resources - uses sustainably harvested woods - non-toxic constitutes - avoids high embodied energy materials - minimizes environmental impacts of raw material acquisition manufacturing process - facility is local to raw material acquisition - closed-loop material use (no scrap generated) - - minimizes energy used in production use renewable energy in production - minimize water use in production - uses closed-loop water in systems (water is clean and then we can use it again) packing/shipping - minimize use of packing - packaging is recyclable/reusable - maximizes recycled content in packaging - minimizes shipping distances - use energy-efficient shipping methods installation - provides no risk to installers - zero-VOC installation materials - minimal installation waste - installation waste can be recycled - indoor air quality emits no VOCs - emits no other toxic compounds - doesn’t support microbial growth durability/ performance - material suitable for intended use - material is long lasting - patterns/colors are not “fads” 9 QUESTION: ANSWER: resource recovery - installation technique allows materials to be removed w/out damage - material is reusable/recyclable/biodegradable company profile - consistent efforts to protect environment - do they pursue 3rd party environmental certification? - does facility have a recycle plan for ALL waste? - company is an example of sustainable design Which isn’t a component of LCA circle? D) U.S. Green Building Council Certification LEED leadership in energy and environmental design — green building rating system developed by the US Green Building Council USGBC US Green Building Council — non-profit dedicated to sustainable building design and construction we hire ____ to help us complete our design contractors ideas. programming - problem analysis stage - assess project resources and limits - identify safety/code requirements - schedules, work plans, budgets - wants vs. needs of client - have an idea of the approach you’re gonna take - this is BEFORE you start designing schematic design - designers formulate design concepts and preliminary plans (this improves efficiency. you show client designs so you can change them now if they don't like them) - use bubble diagram is a bubble diagram a linear processs? no design development - formal drawings (orthographic) - space planning and furnishing arrangements, wall, window, floor, ceilings, furnishings, colors, etc. contract documents working drawings and specifications for non-load bearing walls, materials, finishings, fixtures, and equipments for clients approval - contract administration oversee project is constructed - assist client in making decisions - confirm required permits are obtained - review and approve shop drawings and samples to make sure final product is exactly like the design _____ is the project during which the who, programming what, when and how is delineated? professional ethics - int. designers are expected to adhere to ethical standards - comply with all laws/codes - consider health/safety/welfare - responsibility to client - responsibility to other int. designers and colleagues and to the profession 10 QUESTION: ANSWER: what 5 things influence trends in houses lifestyle, demographics, technology, communication, and transportation lifestyle - the way a person lives in a given place/time - it reflects a persons activities, interests and opinions demographics -generational changes baby boomers assisted living is popular generation X 1961-1981. independent, reject rules, casual, friendly work environment. OPEN office seating generation Y 1982-2001. kids have high expectations from parents. 2 working parents. Multitask fast. optimistic/realistic. structured, supportive work environment. Personalized work, interactive relationship technology - manufacturing - lighting - computerization/internet (office design, home office, distance learning) communication - media - internet - public/clients can see trends so they know what you’re supposed to be doing transportation - importing and exporting products and services - it’s easier to travel (hotels, cultural diversity, etc.) cocooning the need to protect yourself from the outside world. people are most happy in their own homes or online 99 lives living at too fast a pace with too little time to do everything. many elders have a 2nd or 3rd career. time rewarding rather than money. simpler living. home delivering clanning belonging to a group that has similar interests (ex: facebook) anchoring reaching back to spiritual roots, taking what was secure from past in order to be ready for future eveolution women’s thinking is impacting business. causing marketing shift. (emotional, relates to others, “homey environments”) SOS (save our society). country rediscovers a social conscience of ethics, passion and compassion atmosphere polluted air, contaminated water, etc. (people eat organic food now) branding/creative marketing product economy - service economy - experience economy product economy technology/distribution service economy travel agency, customer service experience economy story telling, branding, social/cultural 11 QUESTION: ANSWER: areas of human factors that influence the physical/physiological relationship between people and space behavioral/social psychological/perceptual cultural intimate proxemics 0-18 inches personal proxemics 18 inches - 4 feet social proxemics 4 to 12 feet public proxemics 12 to 25 feet is it advised that emerging interior designers work for a firm for a firm or on their own? new interior designers should follow the tracks National council for interior design qualifications outlined by what? designers are ___ times as likely to be self 4x employed than other careers? ____ exam is the universally accepted exam NCIDQ which company documents the work experience Interior design experience program required by legislation about __ out of __ interior designers are self 3/10 employed informational interview where you call a company to ask them questions about their company what's considered to be the most effective method referral of promotion for interior designers forecasting a prediction or calculation of future events or conditions trend general direction or movement, a prevailing tendency or inclination life cycles of product/syles introduction, growth, maturity, stagnation, decline, reincarnation environmental scanning report a snapshot of the habits and tastes of a population at a given time is environmental scanning report a formal or formal informal way to conduct research? less formal way to conduct research? follow current events, global news, people watching what 4 movements underpin trends? DIY, design in the public interest, design as a business model and correlation between fashion and design fair trade practice a social and business model whereby goods are made by local artisans with traditional techniques, under safe and non exploitative conditions, and balanced with profitablity design thinking a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match peoples needs with what is technologically feasible and what is a viable business strategy 12 QUESTION: ANSWER: project manager assigned to manage phases of project deliverables floor plans and other drawings phases of design process 1. pre project 2. programming 3. schematic design 4. design development 5. contract documents 6. contract administration 7. post completion desk audits review of a company’s organizational chart, policies, practices and procedures (only done for commercial spaces) existing conditions architectural features of the site field measurments ceiling height, doors, windows, etc. what does it mean when it asks how a property is where it’s located or positioned, northern or southern exposure for cited? example design concept generalized idea, or vision, not only of how the interior will look but also of how it will serve users circulation patterns how people move around the space, including to the outside, the direction of door swings, widths of corridors, hallways, stairs suites adjoining rooms with related functions what's the end result of the programming phase? compilation of a program that will direct the actual design schematic diagrammatic representation of the framework for a plan zones areas of a space by type of activity adjacency studies relationship studies that are more complicated. result in decisions about what should be happening near what matrix one technique for condensing and formatting many of the programming requirements, including square footage needs and adjacencies stacking diagram represents the locations of major components of the space perspective drawings add volume, or three dimensionslity sample boards/material boards illustrate what types of materials and furnishings will be used what's the key to the design development stage? preparation of more refined drawings what stage does the designer get written approval design development stage from the client concerning the plans? change orders authorized orders where designer buys things for client w/ clients $ shop drawings drawings, diagrams, brochures, etc. that illustrate how specific proportions of the work shall be fabricated and installed 13 QUESTION: ANSWER: competitive bid process the process of bidding/picking the tradespeople for your project bid procurement request for proposals big procurements should be sent to how many three people at least? what happens during contract admin phase? - ordering merchandise - get permits - supervise installation - issuing documents punch list a list that outlines outstanding or deficient items at the final stages of installation


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