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by: Amelia Notetaker


Amelia Notetaker
GPA 3.88

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About this Document

Exam 1 included Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. If the question is not included with the answer please ignore it (there may be one). The document shows what I got wrong and what questions go "thrown...
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl
Study Guide
sociology, uah, exam, answers, study, guide, notes
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amelia Notetaker on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 100 at University of Alabama - Huntsville taught by Dr. Christina Steidl in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Art History at University of Alabama - Huntsville.




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Date Created: 12/01/15
Exam #1 Sociology 100 Dr. Stiedl Grade: 86% RED: Incorrect on Test 1. C.W. Mill’s conception of sociological imagination refers to ___ a. Vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and a wider society (A) 2. In the U.S. we walk on the ride side of the sidewalk and pass on the left. This is an example of a. Social norms (B) 3. People conform to his/her assigned sex. They are ____. a. Cisgender (A) 4. The theoretical perspective where social groups argue over who gets resources and power is ____. a. Conflict perspective (C ) 5. The difference between sex and gender. a. Sex is your biological make up, gender is the role assigned with one’s sex (B) 6. Kevin prints his resume, irons his shirt, and does research on the company he is being interviewed by. This is an example of ___. a. Backstage work (E) 7. Sociology has ethics, which one is true? a. Do no harm, one can stop whenever they wish, and consent is required. (E) 8. The Murder rate and internet explorer market share are up at the same time. What is this? a. Correlation (C) 9. If market share and murder rates were caused by a third variable is ____. a. Spurious (B) 10.A ___ refers to rights and responsibilities of a cultural status. a. Role (C) 11.Division of labor, organic social solidarity society typical of modern sociology comes about due to ____. a. Interdependence (E) 12.Which is an ascribed status? a. Asian American Descent (D) 13.Which is quantitative research? a. Calculating GPA scores vs income (C) 14.Professor hypothesizes that keeping up with the reading increased test scores because students understand the material. Which is the dependent variable? a. Test scores (C) 15.Mead says kids spending time on games is important because _____. a. Gives them a sense of the generalized other (D) 16.If quantitative data is used, and you know the relative impact of 2 factors, like age and college GPA, you might use ____. a. Statistical analysis (E) 17.Kinsey’s early research on sex and the scale he developed suggest that ____. a. Sexuality is complicated but most people identify as being strictly heterosexual. (A) 18.If a professor bumps into a student at an off-campus party, she is experiencing ____. a. Role conflict (B) 19.After burning dinner several night in a row, she notices that the oven gauge reads 50 degrees higher. What is it? a. Reliable but not Valid (B) 20.Dr. Angelo is a sociologist studying gay fathers, he interviews 200 men. These men are the ____. a. Sample (C) 21.Taylor and Rupp say we can learn ____ from Drag Queens. a. That sexuality may be influenced by role portrayal, like if a man looks and acts as a woman, a man may be attracted to him. (B) 22.For Goffman’s dramaturgical theory, which is true? a. Self is ever changing and influenced by our actions every day (A) 23.Milgram’s electroshock experiment in 1950 demonstrated what of human nature? a. That people are more willing to do harm when it’s for the greater good. (A) 24.Which is not a method of social control? a. Informal and formal sanctions, Internalization, and social experiment. (E) 25.When you arrive late to class or stop to text during lecture, Hall and Hall suggest you are ___. a. Implying to the professor this class is not important to you or worth your time (A) 26.“the social construction of reality” implies that ___. a. (D) --- was not counted on the test 27.Why is “should the death penalty be eradicated on the grounds it’s immoral to kill people a bad question? a. It doesn’t measure empirical data (B) 28.On a crowded subway, a woman nods to another while sitting down, then opening a book and not communicating the rest of the time. This is ____. a. Civil inattention (D) 29.Cooley suggests self emerges from how we think others see us. This is called ____. a. The looking-glass self (C) 30.Which fits inclusive masculinity according to Anderson? a. “I cheerlead because I enjoy it. I don’t care what other people think” (B) 31.The underlying belief of feminism is _____. a. Men and women deserve equal opportunities and respect. (B) 32.In Miss Representation, what did the media do to diminish women’s accomplishments? a. Changed their titles to Miss or Mrs., commented on their clothing instead, and used negative verbs like “complained”. (E) 33.Men and women are portrayed differently in advertisements. According to Goffman how are women portrayed? a. With them sitting down with their eyes closed (E) 34.Cahill says washing your hands after using the restroom is _____. a. Positive interaction rituals (D) 35.According to the ______ perspective, humans interpret things by using shared meanings and interacting on that. a. Interactionalism (C) 36.Teens that take virginity pledges are more likely to ____ more than those who don’t. a. Have less partners, not use a condom, have an STD. (E) 37.After winning the lottery, the man feels like he can’t be friends with his old ones, but can’t make new ones due to not trusting them. This feeling of loss and hopelessness according to Durkheim is ____. a. (A) ----thrown out of test 38.She has a goal of earning a degree, but no money to do so. She may turn to _____. a. Selling drugs (innovation) (D) 39.What can be drawn from the Stanford Prison experiment and applied to the atrocities at Abu Ghraid in Iraq? a. Not everyone is naturally a “bad apple” but circumstances change someone (D) 40.Concept of ______ suggests “to be a man or woman masculinity and femininity must be practiced at all times.” a. Hegemonic Masculinity (B) 41.Which isn’t part of the gender maneuvering seen in the roller derby girls? a. Not identifying as a feminist due to its stigma (E) 42.Which of the following isn’t an informal sanction? a. Getting a parking ticket (D) 43.A study of job applications and criminal records show that negative labels affect someone’s chances in life. This is a _____. a. Stigma (B) 44.Julia scrapes a car in the parking lot but doesn’t more her car because she is scared what other people may think of her. She leaves a note. According to Mead she used _____. a. The generalized other (A) 45.Rosenhan sent students to a psych ward and told them to say they were hearing voices. Each one was diagnosed with a mental disorder. He was showing _____. a. Labeling (C) 46.Historians look at unique events (like WW1 and WW2) while sociologists focus on ____. a. Patterns and interactions (B) 47.Few people verify educational chains, like a diploma (piece of paper) is more important than the knowledge to do the job. This is called ____. a. Credentialism (D) 48.Swidler defined _____ as a toolkit that includes habits, skills, and styles where people form their actions. a. Culture (C) 49.Recognizable social positions individuals occupy is known as a _____. a. Status (A) 50.Myron studies whether rich people are happier. He debates whether to choose income or net worth the measure if someone's rich. a. Operationalization (E) ----thrown out of test


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