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Utilitarianism Chapter

by: Jadaia Notetaker

Utilitarianism Chapter PHIL 110

Marketplace > Old Dominion University > PHIL 110 > Utilitarianism Chapter
Jadaia Notetaker
GPA 2.7
Intro to Philosophy
Alexander Kourtsares

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About this Document

Here's the notes I took in class about Utilitarianism and the different types associated with it. This will be on the final exam.
Intro to Philosophy
Alexander Kourtsares
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jadaia Notetaker on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHIL 110 at Old Dominion University taught by Alexander Kourtsares in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.

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Date Created: 12/02/15
November 19 2015 Philosophy Class Questions related to Utilitarianism The problem of posterity this prob is a problem for most theories of ethics but with utilitarianism in particular it gets at a really pernicious general concern regarding the theory the problem of posterity ask us whether nonexistent people count when we re making ethical decisions 0 While imaginary people don t exist and that seems like enough to say we shouldn t concern ourselves about them Are there any nonimaginary people who don t exist What about future generations 0 The problem is pretty clear those people don t exist weto some extent can t know how our actions will affect them Q PARTICULARLY as utlilitarians our ability to make good ethical decisions is dependent on our ability to predict the consequences of those decision 0 For ex would you do something that affects your potential grandchildren no because if you do something while you re young like go to Florida for spring break and have a video of you topless your children will eventually come across it as well as your future grandkids 0 issues in Environmental Ethics often have to wrestle with the problem of posterity we re making predictions about the climate and about the globe that often won t come true for 30 50 100 years from now more broadly for utililitarians the difficulties we encounter in predicting the future really do make all ethical decisionmaking challenging Does Utilitarianism justify immoral means there are many cases where the unjust option locking up an innocent person letting a guilty person go free will probably have the best utilitarian outcome An obvious ex would be locking someone away to prevent a riot the fallout from the Rodney King beating in the early 90 s 0 for the utilitarian this isn t an objection there is no such thing as justice as an ethical good For utilitarians the only ethical good is greatest good for the greatest number Rule or Act Act Utilitarianism evaluates the ethical character of our actions in terms of the specific consequences of each specific action Rule Utilitarianism evaluates each of our actions as part of a type of action 80 the ethical questions is what type of action tends to lead to the best consequences


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