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Study guide for the finall!!!

by: Savannah Wagner Belk

Study guide for the finall!!! Psy 247

Savannah Wagner Belk
GPA 4.0
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Clemens

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About this Document

Hey guys! This will be my last post and it is for the study guide for the final. It includes everything since sexual disorders until today's class material. I organized it in the question/answer fo...
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Clemens
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savannah Wagner Belk on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Psy 247 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Clemens in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.

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Date Created: 12/02/15
Psychopathology Study Guide for the FINAL Questions Sexual Disorders What are the stages of the sexual response cycle What are the categories of sexual dysfunction What are all of the sexual disorders identi ed as name some What are some treatments for sexual disorders gtUUl 39 Ea ting Disorders What are eating disorders What is anorexia nervosa characterized by What is bulimia categorized by What is binge eating disorder categorized by gt Uquot Schizophrenia 9 What is schizophrenia identi ed as 10 What are positive symptoms 11 What are negative symptoms 12 What are disorganized symptoms 13 What is Catatonia Schizophrenia 14 What is delusional disorder Disorders of Childhood 15 What two chapters does the DSM5 split childhood disorders into 16 What are some examples of externalizing disorders 17 What are some examples of internalizing disorders 18 What are the three types of ADHD and characteristics 19 What is conduct disorder Aging 20 What are the myths about aging 21 What are some facts 22 What are some later life issues 23 What are the two categories of dementia Legal and Ethical Issues 24 Why are they important to regulate 25 What is the truth about pleading guilty because of insanity 26 How many people who commit crimes are mentally ill Psychotherapy Treatments 27 What is applied behavioral analysis 28 What is cognitive behavior therapy 29 What kind of drugs are used to treat certain mental iHnesses Answers Sexual Disorders 1 2 Arousal appetitive plateau full erection and tenting for women orgasm muscle contractions resolution Sexual interestarousal disorder hypoactive sexual desire disorder male erectile and female orgasmic disorder early ejaculation spectator anxiety and genitopelvicpenetration disorder Paraphilia fetishistic pedohebephilic incest vogeuristic exhibitonistic frotteuristic and sexual sadism and masochism Cognitive behavioral treatment classical conditioning aversion therapy covert sensitization counter distorted thinking enhance motivation to change biological treatments medications to alter hormones and reduce androgens birth control for women Ea ting Disorders 5 6 Severe disturbances in eating behaviors such as eating too little or too much Body weight excessively low due to distorted body image most common among Caucasian women in western cultures between ages 1825 10 times as likely to occur in women than men 50 70 recover very addictive Excessive amount of food consumed under two hours feel loss of control when eating usually normal body weight 75 recover 90 women New diagnosis in DSM5 bine eating without purge BMI gt 30 not all obese people have this disorder 225 qualify Schizophrenia 9 10 Coarse brain disturbance in thought emotion and behavior Disorganized thinking ideas not logically arranged faulty perception and attention Lack of emotional expressiveness inappropriate or at emotions affects 1 of the population and more prevalent in men and African Americans More easily treated excess of something hallucinations delusions for example gustatory taste tactile or herpetiform under skin sensation hallucinations can occur but are more rare than the common auditory or visual hallucination 11 Negative symptoms absence of avolition lack of interest apathy asociality inability to form close personal relationships anhedonia inability to experience pleasure blunted affect exhibits little or no affect in facevoice alogia reduction in speech 12 Formal thought disorder disturbances in speech that re ect disturbances in speaking incoherence rambling too much detail in conversation tangential oddpeculiar and word salad 13 No longer identi ed as Catatonic Schizophrenia it is its own categorycharacterized by motor abnormalities repetitive complex gestures waxy exibility excitable wild ailing limbs and catatonic immobility maintain unusual posture for long periods of time 14 No other symptoms of schizophrenia may include persecution jealousy feeling of being followed loved by a famous person and somatic delusions Childhood Disorders 15 Neurodevelopmental disorders and disruptive impulsive control and conduct disorder 16 Outward directed behaviors non compliance aggressiveness over activity includes ADHD and conduct disorder and more common in boys 17 Depression anxiety social withdrawal inward focused behavior more common in girls 18 lnattentive combined most common and hyperactive ADD is now combined with ADHD no separate diagnosis characterized by dgeting squirming difficulty following instructions concentrating and present for 6 months with 6 or more symptoms before age 12 Medications are affective in 75 of children but have side affects like loss of appetite and sleep problems Prenatal factors include low birth weight and maternal tobacco and alcohol use 19 Conduct disorder consists of aggressive behavior showing no remorse for wrong doings no cure but family interventions and multi systematic therapy can help Heritability7080 More prevalent in boys and if not treated it can lead to antisocial personality disorder 2 types life course persistent and adolescent limited Aging 20 Late life is sad majority are not depressed aging cognitive decline older people lose interest in sex 21 Society deems 65 as old and in 2010 124 of people in the population 35 million were 65 or older FDR put social security in place 22 Physical decline lose stage 4 of sleep chronic health issues possible polypharmacy multiple drug perscriptions dementia more common delirium more common mental confusion 23 Mild neurocognitive disorder more common can live independently and major neurocognitive disorder Legal and Ethical Issues 24 To better ensure criminal commitment and that we don t lock up innocent people to greater protect the rights of people with mental illness and to regulate ethical dilemmas in therapy and research 25 NGRA not guilty reason of insanity is a rare plead that actually works and isn t always the best way out They will send you to a mental institution until stabilized with could take years and then to prison without medication Concept of insanity by the law is a disordered mind cant be a guilty mind but as a legal term there is no psychiatric advice and the person who decides if the accused is insane is a judge Mental state is based on the mental state at the time the crime was committed Pleaded in less than 1 of cases 26 3 of crimes are linked to mentally ill and if they are violent the target is usually familyfriends Mentally ill people are no more likely to commit a crime then the average person and they are more likely to be targets Psychotherapy Treatments 27 Involves chronically mentally ill and conduct as a functional analysis of behavior target behaviors desired to change Uses reinforcement and punishment 28 Based on thought processes Aaron Beck is a famous cognitive behavioral therapist who used schemabased beliefs about the world self and future to shape cognition 75 of depression cured this way without medication Albert Ellis used rational emotional therapyA antecedent event Bbelief Cconsequence Ddispute Eevidence Motivational interviewing also a good way to help patients Stages of change Precontemplation contemplation and maintenance 29 Drugs are used to treat not cure For schizophrenia traditional anti psychotics dopamine reduction Thorazine and Haldol Many side effects include Tardive Dyskinesia Atypical Psychotics block different type of dopamine receptors than traditional and reduce risk of TD but risk of neuroleptic malignant syndrome increases Depression SSRI 51 affective MAO inhibitors Non medication therapy includes ECT electroconvulsive therapy which is not as common but is proven to reduce some depressive symptoms temporarily Also electric and magnetic therapies have similar procedures and results Labatomy s are outdated but were once used to cure anything from migranes to anxiety and depression Anxiety benzodiazepines and barbituates Bipolar Lithium often prescribed for mania but dangerous side affects possible No medication is near as affective without cognitive based therapy Always seek evidencebased therapy


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