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ARH 301 Exam 3 review

by: Lisa Notetaker

ARH 301 Exam 3 review ARH 301

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Art > ARH 301 > ARH 301 Exam 3 review
Lisa Notetaker
GPA 3.2
Intro to visual art

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About this Document

Hey this is a compilation of personal notes and in class notes over some of the pieces that were discussed in class and might be covered on the exam! Hope it helps you all...have fun stud...
Intro to visual art
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lisa Notetaker on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARH 301 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Bradley in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 138 views. For similar materials see Intro to visual art in Art at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 12/02/15
1222015 OneNote Online Surrealism Wednesday November 18 2015 858 AM Perception Artist expressing experience inner life different types of association with reality within their paintings Surrealist are involved in o subconscious Dream world Create absurd combination of things that normally wouldn t be fitted together 0 Looking to represent emotion feeling Kasmir Malevich Supremacist Composition White on White 1918 0 White square on top of white background Slightly different white color in square and ground but different enough to see the square Ambiance sense of emotional spiritual experience 0 Negotiating searching within themselves Communist did not like these paintings abstract realism open to diverse representation of the art Painting of Russian cabin Women is praying in the corner 0 Sick man in bed Quaint existence of poverty social Realism set representation of art Naked people running around Riding a pig dragon animal strange cats Some in translucent bubble Person coming out of clam shell very weird Pornographic sexual images What would have happened if adam and eve never became aware of what it meant to be naked Strange trees landscape we don t really see this in real life yet its not super abstract because these individual items do exist in real life Scene of Hell Diffent kinds of suffering Bird eati g a person39guy throwing up 0 Pig in a habid bad illusion of church Highly linear representation of painting a drawing Giorgio De Chirico The Melancholy and Mystery of a Street 1914 o Haunting image Girl running with hoop she is playing 0 Mysterious looking creepy shadow coming towards the girl but not able to see the actual person Color scheme half of the painting is in a strange dark place other Perspective super strectched out into a deep space out of proportion with shadow figure doesn t really make sense spatially Salvador Dalli Spanish painter Surrealist Involved in staking claim 0 Its linear crisp forms are defined there is modeling and shading Whats going on in painting 0 Time is a huge part in the painting because there are 3 clocks present Manipulation of time infinite amount of time o The fact that they are melting is something that happens slowly a process of deteriation o Difficult to measure time o Slight part of face present nose and eyelash Very strange metal plate presentstrange https onenoteoffi ceapps l ivecomoonenoteframeaspxF i SD91 68A8436C BD FA95l955ampH em ul ampC 5810BN1SKYWACWSH lampuien U Samprsen U Samp 12 1222015 OneNote Online How does the title of the painting relate to the subject of the painting Academic representation present Rene Magritte 18981967 Paintings have less to do with puzzle or dream like 0 He plays a lot more with how things are signified the meaning of things39 Relationship between things and language Pictorial visions and what he can do to play with them 0 Words don t match with images 0 The human condition 0 Window and landscape a painting of the landscape or is it Cant really tell 0 This is not 0 Pipe 0 Why paint a picture of a pipe and then say its not a pipe 0 Involved in hyperreality but messing with it through technical means because it really isn39t a pipeit s a painting of a pipe Peter Paul Rubens The Rape of Persephone Ambiguity of reality that a lot of artist are faced with o What seems realistic 0 People gravity shadowing modeling light source 0 What looks strange 0 Very dramatic theatrical 0 Flying baby 0 It just isn39t believable https onenoteoffi ceapps ivecomoonenoteframeaspxF i SD91 68A8436C BD FA95l955ampH em u ampC 5810BN1SKYWACWSH ampuien U Samprsen U Samp 22 1222015 OneNote Online Exam 3 Review Friday November 20 2015 852 AM Pablo Picasso Guernica 1937 Oil on canvas Guernica was bombed by the German allies Nobody knows how many people died around 17000 Franco was kind of like napoleon he took power of the republicans in Spain institutes a factious government in Spain Image of war on Guernica o Geometric shapes uses only black white and grey paint small black marks that look similar to news paper 0 There is no modeling or shading there is a little on the horse giving the volume and space effect but besides that the image looks pretty shallow and flat There is a light source coming from the lamp on top of the image and also from a smaller lamp that the lady to the right is holding in her hand Equot o What kind of sense is Picasso making 0 The painting is a mess it appears chaotic no one really knows what is going on it has negative effects and colorsthese characteristics are similar to the effects of war Robert Chapa The Falling Soldier September 5 1936 negative Gelatin Silver Print Metropolitan Museum of New York Picture of Spain soldier shot in the head He did die But they werent in the middle of battle They were out in the field chilling and playing around and then another soldier from the enemy side seen them and started firing at them while under fire chapa caught the death of one of the soldiers on film Robert Chapa Omaha Beach Normandy France June 6 1944 negative Gelatin Silver Print J Pail Getty museum los Angeles Picture is kind of distorted bc his assistant disrupted him in the dark room while he was developing his negatives and opened the door and let bright light in 0 Really fuzzy and granularsudden juxtaposition between light and dark colorshues 0 American invasion on Normandy beachbreak heads in the water prevented American boats from docking soldiers had to abandon ship and swim to the beach A lot of them drowned were killed in action or bombed E What kind of story does this tell Roger Fenton Valley of the Shadow of Death April 23 1855 Negative Salted Paper print 0 Photographic vanone of the earliest forms of war photography Plate Photography 18501860395 o Took about 15 minutes to take a photo 0 He took pictures of soldiers and their life at war while they were resting and eating because it took so long to take pictures Valley picture 0 One of his most successful images because it cause the viewer to imagine the destruction that occurred 0 Picture of all the cannon balls that were fired during the war 0 There is no trees no flowers no bushes its just the gravel and the sky Eadweard Muybridge Pigeon Flying Animal Locomotion 1887 Collotype on paper When a horse runs do the feet ever come all the way off the ground 0 They had a bank of cameras the horse would set off the cameras with plate glass images and gave a sequence of running images where they were able to catch the horse with all four legs off the floor https onenoteoffi ceapps ivecomoonenoteframeaspxF i SD91 68A8436C BD FA95955ampH em ul ampC 5810BN1SKY WACWSH lampuien U Samprsen U Samp 11 1222015 OneNote Online Exam 3 Review Monday November 30 2015 905 AM Surrealism What is it Thinking about symbolism metaphors meaning Pop Art Industrialization of visual culture Andy Warhol 19281987 0 He sells paintings of soup cans to wealthy people In one way it s a joke because they aren39t really buying anything 0 Worked with a lot of different mediums o Paints painting with screen print process Screen printing you lay a piece of paper down have stencils between the picture and paper lay the picture on top of the paper and rub this sort of tar like substance all over it and flatten it with a quotsqigeequot think kind of like what you use to remove water off the front window of your car 0 The soup cans sort of become an icon of American life 0 He39s looking at commercial material commercial subject matter What39s is the difference between painting the can and the design itself What does the add say about Campbell39s Its gourmetwe know its gourmet because it s a quotFrench chefquot The can has a seal of approval a seal of quality Its saying their can of soup is the exact same as having a French gourmet chef cook a homemade soup for you 39 Soup for Lunch addwhat does it say Soup is enjoyed by family They are selling soup to the dad because quotWhen DADDY goes to the market you can tell he likesquot O Two side by side pictures of virgin mary and pop art of marilyn o What do they have in common Idealization of a woman Both are really flat the color in both are really flat as well 0 They are both painting with the subject matter in the center It s a demonstration of his skill of a thinker rather than his skill as a painter The multiple images of Marilyn 0 He has repeatedly placed pics of Marilyn rather than just one 0 As the images precede form top right to bottom left the shading and highlights of the faces are different the highlights get brighter and the shadow and contrast get extremely darker o In the color printed one you can still see her face throughout the prints but in the black and white painting some of the contrast is so high it almost blocks her face out completely 0 He believes that repeated images desensitizes you so that maybe why he put several of her images on Death and disaster series 0 Very hard to see doesn t shove in our face what happened to these people however he does force the community to face the gruesome truth of what happened 0 Sort of like activism brings light to people what do people feel after they see these paintings of the civil rights violence in Alabama Some act on it and speak up to create a difference and others do nothing and are outraged because of the severity of the painting 0 Same painting in Red white and blue symbolic for Americaprinted to call to attention the outrages acts of the civil war violence Advertisement of Marlboro Cigarettes o What is connection to cigarettes and the cowboy Cowboys don t follow rules they are real men they chew tobacco https onenoteoffi ceapps I ivecomoonenoteframeaspxF i SD91 68A8436C BD FA95l955ampH em ul ampC 5810BN1SKY WACWSH Iampuien U Samprsen U Samp 11


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