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Week 15 Reading Guide

by: Asia Peters

Week 15 Reading Guide ENVD 3114

Asia Peters
GPA 3.92
History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings
Lindsay,Georgia Lucille

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About this Document

Chapter 20 After Modernism: key terms defined, key buildings thoroughly described with location, date, and pictures
History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings
Lindsay,Georgia Lucille
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Asia Peters on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENVD 3114 at University of Colorado taught by Lindsay,Georgia Lucille in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings in Environmental Science at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
Wednesday December 30 y Week 15 Ch 20 After Modernism History of Buildings photovoltaic panel an energyproducing screen made of silicone cells that imitate the natural process of photosynthesis Calatrava 1951 Spanish engineer who diverted from HighTech to develop a personal language of biomorphic structures steel and concrete molded into sensual shapes inspired by bones and bird wings Buckminster Fuller 18951983 American engineer who inspired a movement to maximize the efficiency of building technologies calculated that the world wastes 90 of its resources due to poor de sign make more with less Dymaxion house Spaceship Earth Community Center Alabama 2000 rammed earth walls rafters fashioned from trees with the site north elevation glazed with 80 recycled I g automobile windshields on a budget under 20000 users involved in planning and construction Friday December 4 y Center Pompidou Paris 19711976 Rogers and Piano radicallism interactive scaffold like Plugin City which houses flexible components and serve as an electronic billboard Legolike assembly exposing structural and mechanical systems in bright colors plexiglass enclosed escalator up western facade houses library bookstore museum cinema center for experimental music Casa Rotonda Stabio Switzerland 1982 Midici House Botta a pure cylinder dramatically carved rounded walls primitive capital ATT Building New York 19781984now Sony Philip Johnson skyscraper crowned with Mannerist broken pediment Wednesday December 30 y Menil Collection Houston Texas 1987 Piano ferrocemet louvers to modulate natural light for minimalist sheds gray wooden cladding contextual approach to city blended in with bungalows Bilbao Guggenheim Spain 1997 Gehry scudded titanium covered art museum explosive forms atrium with three levels of glass and paneled surfaces that unfolded like rose petals inner gallery conform to typical orthogonal spaces ll Church of Light Japan 1989 Tadao Ando perfectly square altar wall I inscnbed with a cross that leaves glaring crucifix of light Olympic Stadium such Vietnam Memorial carry of black Friday December 4 y Beijing 2008Birdsnest Herzog amp Meuron Ai Weiwei woven steel flanges synthesis of traditional concepts as basketweaving and modern structure Washington DC 1982 Lin Land art crossed with architecture oblique V shape two flanges of wall that more than 58000 names listed in chronological order death amphitheaterlike enclosure reflections off granite wall


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