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Review for Final Exam

by: oliviastanziale

Review for Final Exam MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications

GPA 4.0
MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications
Dr. Chris Roberts

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About this Document

Dr. Roberts full review for the final exam from his review video!
MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications
Dr. Chris Roberts
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by oliviastanziale on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Chris Roberts in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 196 views. For similar materials see MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications in Communication Studies at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 12/03/15
Review for the Final Exam Covers everything he talked about in his review game video Integrated Marketing Communications a corporations coordination of PR and Advertising efforts Media is plural quotCPMquot stands for cost per thousand Framing how media portray events Third Person Effect when you know violence on TV doesn t bother you but it might bother your neighbor o Idea that mass media affects other people differently than it will affect you Priming affects evaluation standards 0 First thing you think of when you think of something Marshall McLunan called TV centered society a Global Village Selective exposure when you consume media that reinforce your beliefs Its legal to burn the American ag Images DO NOT make assertions words make assertions Edward Bernays called Public Relations quotEngineering of Consent Using a word people don t understand could insert semantic noise in your message Noise anything getting in the way of shared meaning 0 Environmental you actually cannot hearsee Psychological someone is too angry sad etc Physical someone s drunk or impaired Semantic senders message has words receiver does not understand 0 Cultural we say quotRoll Tidequot they don t get it The New York Sun shifted the mass medias revenue base from 000 subscribers to advertisers In the 18405 a group of newspapers saved money by creating Associated Press Federal Communications Commission is in charge of allocating radio frequencies Marconi broadcasted the rst message on radio and created the quotmusic boxquot that was a radio receiver modern day radio Phonograph means to write sound created by Edison RCA radio corporation of America founded a lot of equipment we use for radio Titanic led to the rst federal regulation of radio The Seven News Values 0 Impact more people affected the bigger the story 0 Timeliness recent events have higher news value 0 Currency news about the news and main news topics 0 Prominence the more known a person is the more news worthy they become 0 Proximity things that are close to us matter 0 Con ict its newsworthy when there is con icts o Bizarreness the more bizarre the more news worthy Marketing Window 0 0 0 o Start in North America o Nontheatre venues DVD salesrentals Digital sales TV sales o International box of ce Movies are a hot medium The Jazz Singer rst movie with sound Film started as a chemical medium 3 Channel Types o Paper o Electronic o Chemical lm The Hays Code the set of rules that lm makers has to follow so they couldn t have dirty words or images o Gave way to the optional ratings system quotFrankly my dear I don t give a damnquot is the most famous phrase from movies The transmission model the transfer of meaning a cognitive process o A source sends a message over a channel to a receiver and there is feedback We are gatekeepers we decide what goes in and what does not go in our messages You call it quottaxesquot I call it quotrevenue enhancementquot That s an example of Framing Tim Berners Lee is known for helping create the world wide web Redundancv Theorv says we learn stuff in media by hearing it over and over Consistency Theory we chose media that are consistent with our beliefs Internet is an abbreviation of quotinterconnected networksquot Prove that you published the truth is the best defense in a libel lawsuit 4 Types of Communication O O Intrapersonal idea inside your head Interpersonal with someone else 0 Group one person communicates with multiple 0 Mass using mass medium to deliver communication to a large audience 4 Theories of the Press 0 O O O Authoritarian truth is what the man says it is Privately owned Communist work together to create a perfect state Owned by government Libertarian everyone speaks seeks to nd the truth Owned by everyone private Social responsibility same as Libertarian but reminds us to do the right thing Public Relations has 2 audiences O 0 Internal in your organization External outside your organization Ex s customers competitors media and gov tlawmakers 3 Purposes of Mass Comm 0 O 0 Forms of Speech 0 o Artistic 0 0 Inform Entertain Persuade Most Political protected Commercial Indecent Gutenburg gave us moveable type NW Aver created the rst ad agency The quotimage dissectorquot led to television Communication the creation of shared meaning Product placement ads hidden inside shows or lm Sweeps the four times a year we don t have to watch reruns on tv Persistence of vision our eyes brie y hold on to an image Brow Continuum how much sophistication needed to understand a message 0 Ideas are HIGH BROW oThings are MIDDLE BROW 0 People are LOW BROW People magazine is low brow Ethicists say we shouldn t treat people as means to an end o Don t use people Edward Bernays his Uncle Freud gave him an insight to people that made him a PR pioneer Cognitive dissonance competing ideas in your head Cultivation theory this theory grows on you if you think the worlds more violent than it really is Cultural imperialism happens when one nations media quottakes overquot in other nations oEdward Burke said the medias watchdog role made it the Fourth Estate 0 Long Tail few artists sell a lot of music and many sell a little 0 Time Place and Manner Restrictions are a rule that says you cant come into class and interrupt me with a bullhorn o The content of the speech doesn t matter but it has to be quotcontent neutralquot Puffery stuff that cant be measured that you might say about your product o If you say something factual you better be right or you re in trouble Every place on the wed is found through a uniform resource Locator Phonograph means to write sounds o Created by Edison Messade receivers are the people that ultimately decide a messages meaning Bullet theory says media shoot messages and people believe them o Outdated theory Parasocial interaction when you think you know someone celebrity when they don t even know you exist Third person theory it doesn t affect me but it might affect you Mixed effects theory different messages affect different people at different times 0 Media are gatekeepers because they decide what goes in and what doesn t 0 Media set agendas they don t tell us what to think just what to think about 0 Media confer status they help provide societies quotdominant culturequot 0 Hot medium requires a great deal of audience involvement TV watching while folding clothes is a cold medium 0 Internet browsing the web is a hot medium Priming lets media affect the standards in how people evaluate stuff 0 NY Times vs Sullivan made it harder for public gures to win a libel suit o A private gure would have to prove they identi ed her it was wrong and it hurt her character o Public gures would have to prove all that PLUS that it was reckless disregard for the truth 0 quotThe medium is the messagequot is the idea that a messages meaning is determined by the channel used to send that message o McLunan said this oThe Crimson White chooses not to publish your letter to the editorthis is NOT censorship 0 Censorship is when the gov t tells you that you can t Obscenity is lth and it is worse than pornography o Parchment animal skins you could write on Papyrus paper from vegetables 0 Political speech has the most rst amendment protection


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