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Final study guide

by: Annmarie Jaghab

Final study guide KIN 365

Annmarie Jaghab
GPA 3.91
KIN 365
Dr. Wesley Smith

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About this Document

KIN 365
Dr. Wesley Smith
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Annmarie Jaghab on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 365 at University of Miami taught by Dr. Wesley Smith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see KIN 365 in Physiology at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
KIN 365 Final Exam Study Guide 1 Understand the dose response curve to exercise as a therapeutical intervention the more room someone has to improve the more benefits they will receive So those who are inactive benefit the most from exercise 2 Be able to develop a 3 week endurance program as presented in the endurance lecture for a beginner using two methods less technical by simply using mets and RPE and more technical using TRIMP scores HR and met minutes find their max heart rate by making them do a 5K or seeing the highest they have ever seen on a HR monitor and adding 5 or just do the 220 age formula less technical method would be to have them do 15min of exercise at a light 11RPEintensity 4times a week and then work up to 30 min 4 times a week at this intensity in 10 12 weeks first the person needs to build a base do zone 1 training work up to 90 mins and do not increase TRIMP more than 20 every 3 weeks Accomodation phase zone 2 training starting with 15mins of short intervals fartlek or tempo and do not go past 30min have one day of recovery at z1 with 1 LSD day of less than 60 mins peak phase would be zone 3 intervals starting with 10 mins Then zone 3 training with 20 30 mins and one zone 1 LSD day for 45 60 min 3 Know the CDC guidelines for not not being sedentary and improving health for someone to not be sedentary need 150min of moderate 46 mets a week or 75 min vigorous over 6mets a week If you want optimal benefit you double this 4 Know the Karvonen Formula and how to calculate heart rate reserve max HR220 age resting HR is taken by pulse Heart rate reserve Max HRresting HR you can then take heart rate reserve X the percentage of interest in zone and add resting heart rate back in and then you get the training zone percentages to multiply by zone 1 5065 zone 2 85 zone 3 100 5 Be able to predict V02 max from a steady state heart rate and predicted HrMax if a person performs steady state exercise for 3 5 minutes use metabolic equations to predict the V02 consumed Obtain the steady state HR to get percent of maximal effort and this is the same as V02 max estimate V02 max via running walking or stepping equations 6 Know the Swain Conversion and the Tanaka Equation pertaining to Heart Rates swain equation allows us to connect HR max and V02 max HR max 64 x V02 max 37 so HR max values per zone are zone 1 70 80 zone 2 92 zone 3 up to 110 tanaka equation is used over the age of 45 208 70 of age HR max 7 Know how certain medications affect heart rate responses to exercise beta blockers prevent HR from rising so to judge intensity use METs or RPE statins make the membranes less uid 8 What is the most important body composition measurement regarding metabolic health waist circumference increased disease risk 9 What is the criteria defining moderate versus vigorous exercise using METs moderate is 4 6METS vigorous is over 6METS 10 How is treating obesity different in children than adults in children obesity is treated with more physical activity No study has shown that a caloric deficit is beneficial in children because they are still growing 11 Know the best field assessments of body composition for different populations waist circumference best for people who are obese and inactive with not a lot of muscle mass Worst person to use it on would be body builder because a lot of muscle would mess up the measurements skinfolds are not reliable in obese people they are best in lean people skinfold measurements are less erroneous with 3 sites Jackson Pollack method less room for error the 7 site skin fold measurement in females should not be lower than 30mm of skin fold total thickness Men should not be below 20 12 What is a realistic and achievable weight loss per week 1lb a week 13 Know how LSD and HIT Training play a role differently in body composition goals LSD is more fat burning because it is at a lower intensity and blood ow has time to go through adipocytes Lower R value Can be sustained for a longer period of time Leads to slow fiber hypertrophy 80 HR max 60 V02 max HIIT is more glycolytic and burns carbohydrates Greater EPOC Burns calories faster more calories per minute Metabolic improvements 14 Be able to compute caloric expenditure using metabolic equations MET X 35 X kgbw X 5 X min 1000 15 Know an expected heart rate response to exercise including steady state cardiac drift V02 slow component oxygen deficit oxygen debt and EPOC oxygen deficit 02 demand is greater than 02 consumption oxygen debt 02 consumption is greater than 02 demand steady state 02 consumption is equal to 02 demand Cardiac drift about 15 minutes into exercise HR may bump up due to cardiac drift end diastolic volume may go up a little bit and there is then a drop of plasma volume and less stretch of heart frank starling method heart stretches the greater the contraction V02 slow component at three minutes heart rate plateaus and then when you stop exercising it goes back down EPOC calories burned after exercise in the most elite athletes the most EPOC ever measured was 15L of V02 after an hour of intense training basically 75 calories to have a significant amount of EPOC it would be better for you to be highly trained temperature is the biggest contributor to EPOC because the core temperature is elevated and more ions leak out so the sodium potassium ATPase pumps have to work harder to maintain the ion concentration across the membrane 16 Be able to calculate a Target Body Weight cacuate fat massthen fat free massl desired bf goal is always 2 less than actual bf ex 204 pounds and 102 so 208 fat mass and 1832 fat free mass1082 so 200 pounds goal weight 17 Be able to calculate and understand the benefits of various training ZonesLevels conventiona training model is to have most of your work in the middle of the graph but most endurance athletes follow a polarized model training at 70 of v02 max is too slow to be good enough for myocardial adaptations and not slow enough to fat burn 92 of heart rate max has been shown to be more accurate than a lactate test to nd performance threshold if you train at lactate threshold you wont get much cardio bene t and if you train here regularly you can deplete glycogen stores 18 What factors play a role in V02 maX mode of exercise heredity state of training gender body size and composition age V02 max can attenuate cellular aging 20 Be able to calculate a TRIMP score minutes of effort x the zone TRMP training impulse score don t want to exceed a 20 increase in volume over 3 weeks 21 What are the determinants of Endurance Performance lactate threshold fatigue easily v02 max how much oxygen can you consume How much ATP can you use running economy how much of ATP do you waste 22 Be able to de ne MaX Heart Rate and the physiological components max HR is a genetic biomarker It is not determined by fitness level and it varies daily it does not Change with training 23 What are the expected lactate responses to graded exercise testing 4 minutes per stage minimum aerobic benefit lactate at about 1mmol end of zonelevel l lactate hits about 22 zone 2 4mmol zone 3 lactate greater than 8 10 24 What is the Talk Test and Where does it occur at anaerobic threshold an individual cannot speak because they are breathless a person can t talk without being breathless can t carry on a conversation 25 Be able to de ne V02 MaX Aerobic Threshold Anaerobic Threshold or 0BLA and Economy V02 Max the max volume of oxygen that a person can use measured in mlkgmin can maintain about 10 minutes at V02 max aerobic threshold zone 1 Preferred recruitment of more aerobically efficient slow muscle fibers and there is a greater volume of training with less glycogen depletion to burn fat more anaerobic threshold zone 2Lactate thresholdanaerobic threshold performance threshold is the percentage of that v02 max that you are able to sustain 10k is performed at exactly at what is considered the lactate threshold anaerobic threshold is a term thought of as the wrong term because it is about 85 of v02 max and when you cross it you are still consuming oxygen aerobically anaerobic threshold is the time where you start relying on anaerobic muscle bers OBLA onset of blood lactate accumulation Economy highest sustainable rate of ATP resynthesis V02 max x r valuerunning economy How much oxygen do you consume and how much of that ATP do you actually use Someone can have a high V02 but isn t economic at ATP use 26 What are general nutritional guidelines for clients with metabolic obesity limit processed carbohydrates increase physical activity control total calorie intake reduce triglycerides follow Harvard healthy eating plate limit SOFA s aim for 5 tennis ball sized servings of fruits and veggies no added Na 27 Now general nutrition regarding CHO FAT PRO Vitamins and Minerals CHO 45 65 PRO 10 35 AMDR says upper limit of 2g per kgbw a day and normal 8g per kgbw FAT 20 35 fat soluble vitamins are not made by the body and considered essential and need to ome from diet vitamins are coenzymes that help enzymes in the body function water soluble vitamins are B and C B l B5 for energy production B6 B 12 for protein synthesis 28 What are 3 methods for estimating TDEE in an athlete like an Olympic Weightlifter use v02 max to find energy expenditure and add to TDEE of sedentary use RMR x activity factor 29 What are some cautions concerning patients on statins lack of uidity in membranes more susceptible to eccentric muscle damage so must take CleO and vitamin D 30 If you had a client that had cardiometabolic disease What variables would be important to monitor throughout his or her program people With metabolic disease have a nonfunctioning set point set point is the amount of fat the body thinks it needs to stay healthy and is goverened by the amount of leptin Would want to get rid of processed carbs to reduce triglycerides


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