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Final Exam

by: Alicia Funk

Final Exam Sociology 170

Alicia Funk
Intro to Sociology
Christine Janis

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About this Document

what to know the for final exam
Intro to Sociology
Christine Janis
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alicia Funk on Friday December 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Sociology 170 at Northern Illinois University taught by Christine Janis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Northern Illinois University.

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Date Created: 12/04/15
SOCIOLOGY 170 Introduction to Sociology Course Outline Final Exam Fall 2015 Department of Sociology Northern Illinois University Christine Janis Instructor NOTE This outline is a GUIDE not a substitute for class attendance readings andor participation Failure to attend class or to read required textbook pages handouts and other materials will adversely affect your grade in this course Part IV Crime Deviance and Social Control 0 What is Deviance 0 Organizational deviance o What is a Crime 0 The quotdark figure of crime 0 Controlling Crime and Deviance 0 Social Controls I Internal social controls external social controls Part V Social Stratification 0 Definition of Stratification and Social Mobility 0 Types of Social Mobility I Intergenerational horizontal vertical 0 Types of Stratification Systems 0 Slavery System 0 Caste System 0 Estate System 0 Class System 0 Determinates of Social Class 0 Classical Determinates of Social Class I Karl Marx s social classes amp determinate of social class 0 Bourgeoisie proletariat lumpen proletariat I Max Weber s determinates of social class 0 Class status group power 0 Contemporary Determinates of Social Class US I Measuring social class in the U5 0 Objective measures multiple measures selfidentification I Occupational prestige I Esteem I Wealth in the US I Power in the US 0 C Wright Mills Power Elite Model 0 Poverty in the US 0 Measuring Poverty I Absolute v relative poverty I Poverty thresholds poverty guidelines 0 Associated Problems 0 The US Social Class LadderSocioeconomic Pyramid 0 quotUpper Class I Elite class lowerupper class 0 quotMiddle Class I Uppermiddle class lower middle class 0 quotLower Class I Working class working poor the truly disadvantaged Part VI Race and Ethnicity 0 Race Ethnicity and Minority 0 Definition of Race I Social construction of race I Racism 0 Institutional racism 0 Definition of Ethnicity I Ethnic identity 0 Definition of Minority I Five basic properties 0 Prejudice Discrimination and Stereotypes 0 Definition of Prejudice 0 Definition of Discrimination I Institutionaldiscrimination o Merton s Typology of Prejudice and Discrimination 0 Definition of Stereotypes I Examples I Why stereotypes persist SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology Northern Illinois University Fall 2015 2015 Christine Janis Course Outline page 2 0 Patterns of Intergroup Relations 0 Genodde o PopulationTransfer I Direct indirect Internal Colonialism Segregation Assimilation I Forced permissive o Pluralism Part VII Sex and Gender 0 Definitions of Sex and Gender 0 Gender Socialization 0 Agents of Gender Socialization 0 Gender Markers 0 Gender Roles 0 Gender Stereotypes 0 Traditional Gender Roles in the US 0 Patriarchy 0 Gender Bias in Education I Education and gender roles I Gender and educational representation I Gender and educational achievement 0 Gender Bias in the Workplace I Double inequality quotpink collar jobs I Income inequality I Glass Ceiling 0 Second shift lack of qualifications SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology Northern Illinois University Fall 2015 2015 Christine Janis Course Outline page 3 Part VIII Government amp State 0 Functions of Social Institutions 0 Traditional v Emergent Institutions 0 Government and the State 0 Definition of State and Government I Types of governmental change 0 Three Types of States I Authoritarian state 0 Monarchy junta I Totalitarian state 0 Dictatorship oligarchy I Democratic state 0 Direct democracy representative democracy 0 Max Weber and Power I Categories of power 0 Authority v coercion 0 Political Processes in the US I Formal v informal political processes I Special interest groups 0 Political action committees lobbyists Part IX Family amp Marriage o The American Family 0 Kinship Units I Affinal relationships fictive kinship I Traditional v industrial families 0 General Family Types I Family of orientation family of procreation 0 American Family Structures I Nuclear family blended family binuclear family I Extended family modified extended family I Singleparent family samesex parent family I Cohabitation samesex marriagecivil unions 0 Courtship and Marriage I Definition and characteristics of courtship I US marriage patterns 0 Monogamy serial monogamy o Polygamy o Polyandry polygyny polyamory SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology Northern Illinois University Fall 2015 2015 Christine Janis Course Outline page 4 Course Outline page 5 I Marital dissolution o Desertion 0 Separation 0 Formal informal o Annulment o Symbolic legal 0 Divorce 0 Macrosociological explanations Part X Education in the US 0 Education in the US 0 Traditional v Industrial Societies o Decentralized Control 0 Historical Overview of US Education I Thomas Jefferson s influence 0 Mass and mandatory education Segregation in the Schools 0 I Plessy v Ferguson I Brown v Board of Education I Consequences of desegregation o Mandatory bussing paradox of support quotwhite flight 0 Issues in US Education I Standardized testing I Tracking I Functional illiteracy I Credentialism 0 Educational inflation overeducation See the associated handout available for download in the Course Documents folder on Blackboard SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology Northern Illinois University Fall 2015 2015 Christine Janis


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