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HIST 1010, Exam 3 (FINAL) Study Guide

by: Peyton Robison

HIST 1010, Exam 3 (FINAL) Study Guide Hist 1010

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > Hist 1010 > HIST 1010 Exam 3 FINAL Study Guide
Peyton Robison
GPA 3.64
World History 1
Dr. Melissa Blair

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About this Document

Hey y'all. This is it. The study guide for the final includes all of the terms and map locations, etc. Good luck studying!
World History 1
Dr. Melissa Blair
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Peyton Robison on Friday December 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Hist 1010 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Melissa Blair in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 413 views. For similar materials see World History 1 in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 12/04/15
Peyton Robison HIST 1010 Fall 2015 Dr Melissa Blair Exam 3 Study Guide Exam 3 Tuesday December 8 1200230 Haley 2370 Lecture Weeks 12 15 Worlds Together Worlds Apart Chapters 1214 The following terms are in the notes in the following places starred terms show up in more than one day of notes Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 November 3 November 10 November 1 7 December 1 Atlantic World Sugar Akbar the Great Jamestown Martin Luther Atlantic Slave Trade Mughal Empire Indentured servants 95 Theses Economics of the Silver New France Atlantic slave trade Council of Trent Senegambian Religious tolerance Furs Spanish Armada Igbo Aurangzeb Caribbean colonies Silver Loango Bengal Sugar Slave ships Ottoman schools Tobacco Silver Taj Mahal Atlantic World Black market Silver Ottoman Mercantilism November 5 November 12 November 19 December 3 Valley of Mexico NO CLASS Foot binding Enlightenment Aztecs Qing dynasty Isaac Newton Tribute states Tokugawa shogunate Economics of the Atlantic slave trade Incan Road Catholic missionaries John Locke Smallpox Silver Tsars Encomienda Religious tolerance Absolute monarchy Portuguese port city Thirty Years War Conquistadors SHver SHver Mercantilism The following terms were not discussed in lecture they were in the book 0 Columbian exchange Chapter 12 0 Definition the hemispheric transfer across AfroEurasia of previously unknown plants pathogens people and products in the wake of Columbus s voyages 0 Effects of the Columbian exchange Destructive one o The decimation of the Amerindian population by European diseases 0 Isolated populations of the Americas had previously been cut off from AfroEurasian microbe migrations o Sickness spread from almost the moment the Spaniards arrived 0 Pathogens wiped out up to 90 percent of the Indian population O Peyton Robison HIST 1010 Fall 2015 Dr Melissa Blair Exam 3 Study Guide Significance because the population was weakened so horribly the Amerindians could not resist European settlement and colonization of the Americas 0 Dutch East India Company VOC Chapter 13 O A chartered company that was a visible example of the collaboration between the state and the merchant classes European monarchs awarded them monopoly trading rights over vast areas this alliance was necessary for an interdependent mercantilist system The Dutch in Southeast Asia I Objective was to replace the native population with Dutch planters in order to secure trade monopolies o Safavid Empire this is seriously all over the book so check your index for more info 0 Stability was shaken when trying to resist European intrusions o Coffeehouses Chapter 13 O Coffeehouses served as locations for social exchange political discussions and business activities Varied from cultural area to cultural area reflecting the values of the societies in which they arose First appeared in Islamic lands late in the fifteenth century As coffee consumption caught on among the wealthy and leisured classes in the Arabian Peninsula and the Ottoman Empire local growers protected their advantage by monopolizing its cultivation and sale and refusing to allow and seeds or cuttings from the coffee tree to be taken abroad Referred to as schools of knowledge because of the deep connections with literary and artistic pursuits Here are the following places on a map New France Jamestown West Central Africa Bengal ncan empire Portugal 0 The ncan Empire 0 O 0 Map from Canvas slideshow Week 12 quotWestern Hemisphere in the 16th Century West coast of South America Big colored area on map Peyton Robison HIST 1010 Fall 2015 Dr Melissa Blair Exam 3 Study Guide Esmerald Mun e Inca Empire 2314381525 c 0 West Central Africa 0 Map from Canvas slideshow Week 13 quotOrigins of the Atlantic Slave Trade 0 West coast of like the middle of Africa 0 Big yellow chunk on map SAHARA DESERT SR Wl NNA o Bengal 0 Map from Canvas Week 14 quotThe Islamic World 15001700 0 Eastern India 0 Orange India on map lsliihi il allquot quot I 39 l quotlquot H rquot 7 i quot 5 VS i fi quot I Muslim lands by 1700 an Muslim lands lost by 1700 Ottoman Empire Safawid Empire Mughal Empire 0 Jamestown 0 Map from Canvas Week 15 quotMaturing Colonies in the 17th Century 0 East coast of the United States in North America 0 In Virginia r 39 i on m 3 1 on gt 2 m an gt 4 0 New France 0 Map from Canvas Week 15 quotMaturing Colonies in the 17th Century 0 Big eastern chunk of North America 0 Big blue chunk on map Peyton Robison HIST 1010 Fall 2015 Dr Melissa Blair Exam 3 Study Guide Peyton Robison HIST 1010 Fall 2015 Dr Melissa Blair Exam 3 Study Guide 0 Portugal 0 She didn t post a good one on Canvas that I found this map is from Googlecom 0 West of Spain north of Africa 0 Red and circled on map


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