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Final Exam Review, Fall 2015

by: Taylor Weir

Final Exam Review, Fall 2015 135-02

Marketplace > Missouri State University > Business > 135-02 > Final Exam Review Fall 2015
Taylor Weir
GPA 3.9
Introduction to Business
Deborah A. Goodale

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About this Document

All subjects covered in this review are fair game for the final!
Introduction to Business
Deborah A. Goodale
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Weir on Saturday December 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 135-02 at Missouri State University taught by Deborah A. Goodale in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Business in Business at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 12/05/15
REVIEW FOR FINAL BUS 135 FALL 2015 100 points TrueFalse25pts 1 PT EACH There are two questions from a Dr Adamson39s presentation Know what a T account is What is a Chart of Accounts ls private ownership critical to capitalism Does empowering employees go beyond frontline employees According to the quotinvisible hand theoryquot does the market serves as a selfcorrecting mechanism Are Culturegrams provided by Brigham Young for countries and individual states in the US What statement did we learn that helps you remember that looking for improvements in your business PROCESS and system is a constant continuing process What is meant by a rm39s value chain Know what is meant by the quotmarketing conceptquot What is a B2B customer and a B2C customer Are they the same thing What do you always look at PRIOR to segmenting a market What did we discuss regarding retailers and packaging How are prestige products priced versus products that are viewed as less expensive Who is the author of quotThe Image of Successquot How is quotsmallquot de ned by the Small Business Administration A promotional campaign should have a message Know what is meant by public relations Know what is meant by personal selling Why is followup after a sale important What do you consider when you are performing ratio analysis What are the nancial manager s tasks What are the functions of the federal reserve What are bear and bull markets What is the Dow and Standard and Poor39s 500 Multiple Choice 25 POINTS What is the number one source usually for gathering industry information Freedom being vital to capitalism freedom for individuals versus governmentt to own land or property is vital the right for business to keep pro ts and the belief that people will work hard if the believe they will be rewarded are beliefs of who In a Free Market make the decisions about what and how much to produce Monetary Policy is not the same as scal policy There are TWO major components What are they Who said quotthe ConstitutionUS is the guide which I never will abandonf A question from the presentation regarding using Linkedln What is Babel Fish What is a visual device that shows relationships among people and divides the organization39s work it shows who reports to whom What statement answers why the rm is in business In addition to statistical analyses a managers uses what to help quotcontrolquot business operations TimeMotions Studies Fredrick Taylor and nding the quotone bestwayquot to do a task are related to what thosophy PAGE ONE OF THREE MULTIPLE CHOICE CONTINUED What is the Hawthorne effect What four eras of Marketing did we discuss What does packaging do for a product What are the pricing objectives that we discussed Know the differences between advertising personal selling publicity and an infomercial What is the lifeblood of business Where are places that you might obtain industry data for ratio analysis What is a balance sheet What are the three key nancial statements that we discussed What is a Utll Review the 12 questions for examining the Ethics of a business decision Know the descriptive statements we discussed as related to leadership How are corporations chartered How can an insurance agent help you MATCHING 25 PTS Effectiveness Productivity Ef ciency Macroeconomics Microeconomics Monopolistic competition Oligopoly Perfect Competition Communism Capitalism Product Brand CRM Customer Relationship Management Promotion Mix Integrated marketing Communication IMC Penetration Price Strategy BreakEven Analysis Total Fixed Costs Variable Costs Skimming Price Strategy PE Ratio Depreciation Net IncomeNet Loss Liquidity Rations Pro t Margin PAGE TWO OF THREE SHORT ANSWER 25 PTS TWO PTS Be able to draw and identify the parts of the supplydemand curve ONE PT Be able to list the factors of production ONE PT List one of the 10 amendments Bill of Rights of the US Constitution Even if you are not a US citizen ONE PT Be able to list the four functions of Management ONE PT Be able to list the four parts of SWOT analysis THREE PT Be able to list the three cases of What If analyses THREE PT Be able to list what three factors determine your management style TWO PT Be able to list what AIDA stands for ONE PT Marketing is de ned as quotThe activity set of institutions and processes for creating communicating delivering and exchanging offerings with for customers clients partners and society at large FOUR PTS List McCarty s Four P39s of Marketing the marketing mix ONE PT Intermediaries should create THREE PTS Write the fundamental accounting equation TWO PTS Be able to list the four sources of funding BONUS ONE PT There is a question from Dr Adamson39s presentation BONUS ONE PT There will be a question from the presentation about using Linkedln PAGE THREE OF THREE


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