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Exam 2 study guide for film 2700

by: ayesha

Exam 2 study guide for film 2700 FILM 2700

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Film > FILM 2700 > Exam 2 study guide for film 2700

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About this Document

Exam 2 study guide
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by ayesha on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to FILM 2700 at Georgia State University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF MOTION PICTURES in Film at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
Exam Review Sheet American Cinema Silent Comedy Themes of Charlie Chaplin attempts to make everything seem normal Tries to project the upper class Films of Charlie Chaplin The Gold Rush Modern Times Style of Charlie Chaplin comedy is one of contrasts Visual style Ironic and Pointed Social Commentary Juxtaposition to show the struggle against an oppressive society The Tramp The Gold Rush and the Modern Times Themes of Buster Keatonworking class World of absurd The Great Stone Face Films of Buster KeatonSteamboat Bill Style of Buster Keaton Blank stares Working class Straw hat Tries to survive Almost dies in every movie J uxtaposition between sensible him and the absurd universe that he has no control over Buster manipulates the style of filmmaking American Studio System Maior themeissue of the Studio System and the actions it causedmonopoly censorship too much power in one hand Vertical Integrationproduction distribution exhibition Mai or vs Minor Supreme Court declared illegal too much power in terms of profit amp content Maior Studios Paramount MGM 20th Century Fox Warner Brothers RKO Minor Studios Columbia United Artists Universal Paramount Decision Point of the Production Codealso called haze code meant to dictate morality What is good and bad and What should be seen on television brutal killings and revenge in modern times can t be shown old stories and historical pieces are allowed If theif you must ask for forgiveness punishment put upon you If none then means you re endorsing evil can t have a mixing of the races like married any race that s not White mixing with a White person Genre French word for type tragedy Tragodia and comedy ended with a marriage Components of Genre 1 Iconography Objects of the film use of knife in a horror film western story cowboy hat horse 2 Character amp setting 3 Narrative amp Social Intentionally or unintentionally suggests something sex is bad etc Horror Genre Elements Not a random murder instead monster on the loose go on journey to find monster keeps killing off team one person survives and kills monster Status quo normalcy is returned sense of hope optimism Horror movie good date movie so people cuddle teens are obsessed with absurd narratives this is the market with the most disposable cash and time to go to movies make it appealing to group even though not really appealing Musical and Film Noir What is the similarity between the Musical and Film Noir Point of musical numbers spectacle and plot movement Maior plot elements of Musicals just to spectate No narrative Just entertainment Backstage vs Integrated Musicals integratedgt songs move the plot forward Movies about making other movies or musicals Maior character types of Musicalsall odds come together to get two lovers together Musicals social function entertainment Just to spectate Musical Film examples Exaggeration 42nd Street and A Star is Born Stvlistics of Noirheavy shadows clutter high contrast lighting Plot Elements of Noir detective stories dark stories Use of ashbacks Confusing style subjective one person perspective Character types of Noir paranoid detective war veteran WWII Femme Fatale deadly womanuses men for own good then kills them Are independent Social Function of Noir always have guns to show masculinity but never uses Historical context of Noir Film Noir examples The Big Sleep Out of the Past Touch of Evil Western and Gangster What is the similarity between the Western and Gangster Instrument of Power in Western and Gangster Western Character types Western Plot structure Characteristics of the West Points of Community Western Narrative Function Director of the West Western view of America Gangster Character Types Characteristics of the Gangster Issues of Censorship Gangster Plot Structure Gangster Setting Social Themes of Gangster Gangster view of America Hollywood Renaissance Hollywood Renaissance reacted to what French New Wave HistoryCulture of American 60s Vietnam Assassinations JFK MLK Radical 60s Maj or filmic in uence Differences between Code and MPAA G PG R X NCl7 PGl3 1980 Films that ended the code Content shifts with the Renaissance realistic films no happy endings Film School Generation go to school to learn about new styles and ideas Renaissance traits personal cinema neo genres experimentation playing around with styles gt obviously artistic Examples of Renaissance films Bonnie and Clyde The Graduate Annie Hall 19805 and Reaganism 1980s filmspolitics reacted to what radicalisms anxious gov Relationship between film and politics collision of government and hollywood Thematic points of filmic Reaganism 0 What is the hardbody hypermasculine strength power individualism American Identity 0 What is the homosocial when men show that they are more powerful based on their bodies 0 How did they uplift masculinity war film Uplift masculinity on cost of feminism 0 How did they subvert femininity show females and lower Major films of Reaganism top gun rambo


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