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Final Exam Study Guide for FILM 2700

by: ayesha

Final Exam Study Guide for FILM 2700 FILM 2700

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Film > FILM 2700 > Final Exam Study Guide for FILM 2700

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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by ayesha on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to FILM 2700 at Georgia State University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF MOTION PICTURES in Film at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
00000 0000 O 00 00000000 0 O 0 Review Sheet Exam 3 Asian and Radical Cinema Japanese Anime Fantasy elements familiar but odd at the same time Blurring of lines androgary cant differ men and women Social and culture concerns Historical impetus intrusion into the natural world mans destruction Fusion of man and machine Man nature and their relationships allegory and killing mother nature Which director is most associated with this issue Emotional Connection imaginary digital and real world effect each other Which of the themes is always present ie most important long take and realism similar to Italianism Major films and TV shows Grave of the Fire ies Summer Wars Akira Wong Karwai Traits of lovelorn outsider Dominate genre Characters are lost Romance films No homeconsistency Lower class areas Traits of missed moments honest depiction of romance Emphasis on moments Emptiness Arbitrary Traits of nostalgia Positive or negative positive Remembering the good stuff Looking back and forgetting something And sometimes negative Melancholic sadness over change Major films As the tears go by In the mood for love Nostalgia Fallen Angels Days of Being Wild Major in uence tone and atmosphere is more important Invasion of space New South Korean Cinema What is Han psychological wound Relationship to reunification Narrative relationship to reunification and Han What genre is most prevalent Stylistic depictions of that genre color and graphic style Stylistic Traits visual quality Major films The Host Tale of Two Sisters Queer Cinema What are the multiple meanings for Queer more than gay vs straight Potentially inclusive term Opposed to LGBT Political radical and oppositional More towards heteronormality prevalacing straight white middle class subaraban two parent and children filled home and life What theme is most important for our class understanding of Queer 0000 O 0000 0 0000000000 Heteronormative What is performance for Queer Theory How is gender related to that performance gender is a social construction Difference between LGBT and Queer LGBT acceptance and normalizing realistic Queer defiance being wrong Experimental style Elements of Queer Cinema anarchiasm allowing gay people and forcing you to see them Postcolonialism Plot and thematic elements of Battle of Algiers What is colonialism economic military power Basic assumptions of postcolonial theory colonialism is powerful and destructive Others the colonized Distorts and exaggerates the art What is the Other orientalism What were Edward Said s elements of othering orientalism Eroticizing sexualize exoticize strange infantilize savage fanaticize radical What is hegemony what is normal and what is not Its normal universally its good for us Goals of Postcolonial theory Third Cinema What is Third Cinema NonindividualnonwestemMarxist Disparate political and economic cinema National and cultural selfdefinition Towards a Third Cinema What are the three cinemas Nationalized Film Industry 0 Cuba Metamorphic amp Satiric 0 Senegal Egypt Ethipoian Totalitarian Govemement O Bolira Chile Argentina Peru 0 Underground cinema nothing gets past the government and if it does you go missing Types of Third Cinema Themes of Third Cinema Attak dominating structure Depiction of crushing poverty Old vs new Common cultural problems and goals Films of Cuban Third Cinema What is colonialism What is neocolonialism Major films of Senegalese Third Cinema Traits of Senegalese Third Cinema 0 Third Cinema 0 Africa in particular Senegal 0 French decide what Senegal does up until 1960 0 Defined by colonizers not by who lives there 0 Forced interactions among different ethnicities within area not beneficial to country 0 Neocolonialism powerful destructive force 0 Privileging developed world over developing world 0 Continued presence of colonial power 0 Military 0 Government 0 Singular ow of economy unable to break wo losing resources 0 Westernizing erasing history and culture 0 Videos 0 West Wing why are we changing maps 0 Establishment of western conspiracy and continuation of it 0 Xala 1975 O Ousmane Sembane 0 Satire film making techniques and system 0 Symbolic and literal removal of French 0 Symbolism O Desirables have become undesirable spit scene 0 Third Cinema 0 Latin American Film Movement 0 1960 s O Spreads to former colorized nations Africa amp Asia 0 Towards a 3rd Cinema 0 Fernado Solamos O Octario Getino 0 1st Cinema 0 Hollywood Capitalistic 0 2nd Cinema 0 European Art Cinema 0000000 00000 Auteurism 3rd Cinema NonindividualnonwesternMarxist Disparate political and economic cinema National and cultural selfdefinition Tvnes of 3rd Cinema Nationalized Film Industry 0 Cuba Metamorphic amp Satiric 0 Senegal Egypt Ethipoian Totalitarian Govemement O Bolira Chile Argentina Peru 0 Underground cinema nothing gets past the government and if it does you go missing Themes of 3rd Cinema Attak dominating structure Depiction of crushing poverty Old vs new Common cultural problems and goals


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