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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Brittany Hall

Final Exam Study Guide Math 132

Marketplace > Mathematics (M) > Math 132 > Final Exam Study Guide
Brittany Hall

Yayuan Xiao

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About this Document

This was a practice exam that we had to do before the exam! When we took the exam, it was the same format but they just changed the numbers in the question.
Yayuan Xiao
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Hall on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Math 132 at a university taught by Yayuan Xiao in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
M a i A 327 k Jr 3 933 9 CW m amm mm quot Y4 X WM39 39 57 mam wewa conmww HR M1 de hi hom M HM d zvswm 1 Hm mg amwmua M NiT 7 m g 0 m L o a GH yICXO 0 39T in V301 39 P171 Thf Catmmh 5F Hm was fax1am 1 KL mm ig 61ny 1 334 1 Ari1 33 7 2 1M r ma 1 r 51 1 LE ig 7U Aweigh l I m X W xi wmm 31 7am what ya f M q2g3 yUUTBr ywo 39 SEEPg5 10 fquot L 39 39 4 wL rm A QYxrhnL F 3 hd xl f 39 A 1 Lb Ui ax L mm a Ln quot 7 7 f VHf nwl 77 0 1 39 W N 4 5 11 d 6quot w 7 J1 g b PM 27 x bsji 39 391 7 7 t MU 1 I 1 V V f51 3 Km 3 1 j 32 V34 63 04739 fwh Wm r 7 LNquot 9 Lwt JF 0 a gail f10 tiff 3 F EGLX Ei 3L 1 M 00 H TL in r an 9amp1 2 PU i I Xe3901 1 39 L HUI x1 cm hd 5quot70Q ail 7 a 1 A 1 d 391 Ex 7 31quot 5 u quot 1 Extquot 1 f 1X16 4 a I 3 Cl 39 1 N W I l39d 39f 23913 1x 4 v EC x we V1146 i4 f f 1amp4 w F W xy1 50 c1qu WL 5X Maw r EL J 7 V7 0 L MM M 239 W 1 w Qyo 17 A 39 ii z is Pquot g 7 m 5 5 9p g TIE quotkn 39 1 3V 3927 H J 2H 6 8 3H 539 x a Hike OF Tw mm of a mom mmgma ox EDT ihigz f f mamf Hm MAM Of Wig Lam10 19 a LMMgiM A 3v W16 VH6 4 11 m pat i l mh YMIL39II E L m 6 nc MRI MS w WC WW U Un tth M Han WNW z M new A l Agfn y I 2 AJTTVm A 1T1 AfrW 79V Imarmy f f 12TYZ 5 ITQJ f 2 11 a f mmm i f 39fmquotgtlt WI Xt e V await1H WMI39WWWM gram 1 Mowmmmwm i 80 PM Null f J i 0 f 3XX7 Hw 7 e 39 E lt4 M gTgt WW 03 wmd 45 27 2gz 7 H i 07 I H M 6731 F54 4 K 39I 1 pquot HW WCWHW 1K T3Fri H ego 1W 94 i39quot Flt W w i K 37 w if g H 31 r 3 a A IGX ZIJ f oxq w l g 1 i 39F39imt aim WWW uWrMvmr x l9 i h r lf39flfvquot339 T j 5mm 0m ywm a W v I 3 i 7 PM Was a mama 1mm i w hi i a YH H T39KC Whamquot i X I uquot Wmme mm M WWUWOV 5 Xs t x 9 33 gig If i DJ 4 mm w 2 if W5WJ W U333 lg y v 70 0 bi t3 z24ks L i 1 lt1 0 mm M11 39 quot My 70 109 7CY EL Xq A if 1 Find MHYWW 4 WWW F M mmcmvf a Show om Mai ch m pev 391 HM WM Wm mflemom m x o and Xi 2 K e vx 3w 00 39339 11 35 7quot i O 7 gt 39Z2gtlt 42 1 gf o x H 5 a X quot a 53quot 017 XJgt h I COWavc up 2 x We w 10mm cm W w m q A 2 4 VfVHf l Q Yyfykg kgij wwi iTJli H M am ywmuw w x W WW 1 Wm 0f WWW i x FyJZLOJ jTi39 2 0 k M4 I 01 m L e J 719 2 1 v in 39 f 6 quot wai l 1Fl f i EV x 71 39 FL 139 1 X11X 39 M w ZY 3 3quotf i f gxae 19 I W M hwhe e uihmmu a x a 1 PJ khan 4 r vl 5 r 391 nkmt 39Ha J 9m w 3 1 r w k v M 1 F L 1 r x i1 4 39 hm V J i Ml I II A E 1 L P I n I T HM amt m emf wwm H H E Ohrmmw m Xga TN graph of y fm nixMcvogf iii urezvhwn S miigvm ofquot yew W ma m NHZOthMyMpTvlquot e e or mm W59 If wo am 001 Janth hfW W a horizontal L of mmmw M YEW W Palm 13 f39 0 amok 39w39mm Wuhme M 0m imcvvm l Chmmm x15 MW J naf Vac30 51 I hovwnhg ml and comm mm ah I i or False quotltOL BOAw F ifm CM 3


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