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Exam 4 Study Guide

by: Irene Huda

Exam 4 Study Guide ARCH - 10001 - 001

Irene Huda
GPA 3.6
David Hughes (P)

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About this Document

This is a study guide for Chapters 15 and 20. It contains my lecture notes, a list of vocabulary from those 2 chapters, and some basic textbook notes from the 2 chapters. More important names and t...
David Hughes (P)
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Irene Huda on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARCH - 10001 - 001 at Kent State University taught by David Hughes (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 206 views. For similar materials see UNDERSTANDING ARCHITECTURE in Architecture at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
Understanding Architecture Exam 4 Study Guide Chapters 15 and 20 Lecture Material 0 Rebirth 1400 to 1600s Italy and other nations importance of man man God s creation beauty ideally proportioned circleamp square Plato originally then Vitruvius then da Vinci I Early Renaissance 13001450 Dantepoet Donatellosculptor Medicirulerpatron Machiavelliwriter etc offices in Uffizi long curved volutes to transition gracefully from upper to lower Piazza Annunciata Di Cambio Florence Cathedral Giotto bell tower part of Florence Cathedral contest Gheberti won Brunelleschi lost gates to Heaven Masaccio Brancacci Chapel paintings perspective 0 14001430 0 h 1 thick inner dome 1 thin outer dome more medievalGothic than Classical I Pazzi Chapel in Church of Santa Croce court square plan surmounted by dome I IFoundling s Hospital children s orphanage commissioned by Giovanni de Medici proportional system for arcadeamp columns Florence commissioned by Giovanni de Medici 4 large cube naves more successful mathematically proportioned design more open space 0 Donatello sculptor bronze stone statues David Goliath St Andrew I High Renaissance 14501550 OOOOOOO 0 architect painter Mona Lisa Last Supper O 0 sculptor statue of David architect painter I Pieta Virgin Mary Christ Vatican I Educated at Medici Humanist Academy I Commissioned by Pope Julius II for tomb sculpture in St Peter s switched to Rome after pope s death statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius lTomb at San Lorenzo I Fourth Pieta Jesus Christ Mary Nicodemus I Roman baths I Porta Pia Rome I Worked for 7 popes 0 Raphael painter 2 sides 2 belief systems theoretical vs practical 0 Botticelli painter 0 Late Renaissance 15501700 0 Bemini Baldacchino St Peter s St Peter s Square 0 I Villa Almerico Capra detta la Rotonda dome I Villa di Maser residentialamp business I Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Venice 0 Early Modern Late Renaissance to mid1900s 0 Late Renaissance baroqueamp rococo 0 Revivalist Greekamp Romanesque 0 Industrial artsamp crafts 0 France s Ecole des BeauXArts Regionalists Gaudi Bauhaus Gropius Rohe Prairie School Wright International Style Le Corbusier OO O I last great Renaissance architect first great modern in uence abstract art used company s product in HQ architecture ex tiles for tile maker religious background experimental I Sagrada Familia 150 years not done yet nativityamp passion facades Sullivan Guaranty building NY terra cotta Wright s mentor father of highrise defined American architecture I Spring Green restaurant WI I Prairie houses named for rich owners I Unity Temple hometown IL I Johnson Wax HQ WI parking lot great room copied Gaudi by using company s product in HQ I Greek Orthodox Church WI I Guggenheim Museum NY across from Central Park helical ramp to continuously move updown I Beth Shalom Temple PA partwhole wholepart I Fallingwater Kaufmann dept stores PA nature waterfall quarry in harmony w environment pilotis columns I Pavillon Suisse I Notre Dame du Haut Ronchamp I Walter Gropius House MA spiral staircase I National Art Gallery Germany I IIT Crown Hall IL I Twin Towers Canada I Meditation Chapel TX I Pennzoil Place TX Postmodern building nearby I Lipstick Building NY telescopic setback Gov Center MA concrete I Church of Christ Scientist Campus MA Office Tower school arcade I Dallas City Hall TX slanted inwards I Rock and Roll Hall of Fame OH glass geometric forms cantilevers tower I Louvre Pyramid France glassamp metal entrance to museum I Kimbell Art Museum TX tunnellike arcades I First Unitarian Church of Rochester NY I St Louis Arch MO steel gateway to the West I MIT Kresge Auditorium MA shell I MIT Chapel MA cylindrical Habitat Canada Late Modern Contemporary Futuristic simple stark O O 0 China donut horseshoe France deconstructionism I Parc de la Villette looks unfinished I Pompidou Center structural I Cite Commerciale double exteriorglazing I Office Tower Germany green cube on top Humana Building KY postmodern OSU s Wexner Center deconstructivist I Canal Headquarters France lateamp early modern I High Art Museum GA I Millennium Chapel Rome 0 I Tower Records Building MA added penthouse roof structural pieces I Guggenheim Museum Spain ships I Case Western Reserve University s Peter B Lewis School of Business OH I MIT s Student Centeramp housing MA I Grant Park IL structural boundaries I Apartment building Germany I High Rise NY big glass sails I Cleveland Clinic center Las Vegas NV deformed Office Complex Germany futuristic hightech concept Reichstag Germany gov building dome continuous helical ramp Akron Art Museum OH cantilevered wings expansion Beijing Olympic Stadium China tensile Museum WI birdlike passageway galleries Sydney Opera House Australia sails Dresden Holocaust Museum Germany Hirschom National Sculpture Museum DC US round Round House Italy cylindrical Paris National Library France glass 00000000000 I Hyatt Regency Hotel CA cantilever I Renaissance Center MI giant columns round I Marriott Marquis GA curvy 0 Apple Store NY structural glass Textbook Vocabulary Chapter 15 1 Lantem small stone structure built atop larger structure to admit light 2 Belvedere elevated pavilion designed to offer pleasing views over surrounding countryside 3 High Renaissance architecture purity absolute balance rational order 4 Aedicule framing motif around blind windowdooropening consisting of columnspilasters supporting entablatureamp pediment 5 Renaissance landscape architecturegarden design appreciation of natureamp idyllic life in countryside inspired by Classical literature 6 Casinos summer pavilions used for entertainment 7 Mansard distinctive rising pavilion roof shape of associated w architect of Chateau de Maisons outside Paris Chapter 20 1 Theming phenomenon of using populist imagery widespread in US for highprofile restaurantsamp resorts 2 Gerberettes large almost biomorphic cast steel cantilevers that appear to clamp onto exterior columns 3 Bilbao Effect increase in tourism to Bilbao bc of museum desire of other aspiring clients for similar buildings by Gehry 4 Malkaf wind catch angled funnel used to direct cooling breezes into building Textbook Notes Chapter 15 0 Medici family Renaissance Man Giovanni Cosimo Lorenzo the Magnificent Giovanni II Giulio 0 Lorenzo de Medici businessman banker artliterature connoisseur 0 Friendscolleagues Alberti Donatello Botticelli Michelangelo etc Cosimo de Medici s Florentine Academy Platonic Greek philosophy type of education based on an intensive reading of Classical ancient Greekamp Latin literature 0 Emphasized importance of the power of human values achievementamp endeavors 0 Stressed objective inquiry guided by human reason 0 Viewed history as record of human aspirationamp imperfect judgments 0 Reconciled Classical view of human potential w Christian belief I Church of Santa Maria della Carceri square plan projected vertically into cube circular plan above cube I Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione in uenced by Bramante even more mathematically perfect design than previous buildings 0 New exterior shell around Church of San Francesco adapted centralized Classical forms to Late Gothic plans 0 Church of Sant Andrea inspired by Brunelleschi adapted to both be centralized around crossingamp provide focus toward altar used vaults barrel cross barrel I Tempietto Little Temple small martyrium for Saint Peter design inspiration proportionamp ornamental detail inspired by Roman temples ie Tivoli I Pope Julius II chose best humanist artistsamp architects to rebuild papal possessions according to humanism 0 painted Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes also modified Bramante s designamp had dome built 0 painted papal apartment frescoes 0 designed new bigger Saint Peter s Basilica 0 Merchant prince residential palaces 0 Cosimo Palazzo de Medici then traditional medieval Florentine Classical Roman 0 Palazzo Rucellai traditional Roman Classical orders 0 Palazzo Farnese Sangallo also later Michelangelo enlarged to show Cardinal FamesePope Paul III s power 0 Villas of Palladio I Public buildings urban palazziamp Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza I 2 important churches in Venice I Farm villas around Veniceamp Vicenza 0 Villa Badoer practical use of curved Classical colonnades proportional systems I suburban retreat cylindrical rotunda at center capped by dome reserved for churches up till then belvedere for pastoral views confident spirit of Renaissanceamp ideals I subtleamp intellectually complicated than Renaissance architecture whimsical playfulness 0 ignored certain rules in building designs ambiguousamp complex later forms I Medici Chapel blind aedicule frames carried by brackets large columns seemingly carried by light scrolls staircase w 3 parallel ights depth illusion I Capitoline HillCampidoglio order introduced to irregularity manipulation of Classical elements trapezoid instead of square oval instead of circle I Piazza del Campidoglio ambiguous oval instead of perfect circle centered but 2 foci round but maj oramp minor axes 0 Palazzo del Te 1 story square suburban retreat for Duke Gonzaga heavyrusticatedunevenly spread pilasters court w bays arches columns brackets illusionistic frescoes I Romano unorthodox architectural gamesmanship ironyamp whimsy in facade of own house Chapter 20 Venturi Moore etc collectedamp continuing reaction worldwide to reductivism of Canonical Modernism variant of Academic Eclecticism Stem s categories of Postmodernism 0 R Venturi C Moore Stern sarcastic deliberately whimsical message I Graves Gaskinamp Bezanski w Yatesamp Silverman J ohnson uses widely recognizable images 0 M Botta K Roche generictimeless classical balanceamp order Modernism Classicism 0 A Rossi R Moneo Duanyamp Plater Zyberk abstract purest geometrical constructs natural essential truths reduced timeless Classicism I Ando Herzogamp de Meuron Steele s definition 0 Q Terry c Langlois Langdon Wilson Greenberg Wilkins inspired by 18th century Neoclassicism stayed close to standardscanons of formsamp details w only minimal modern changes truth in humanist architectural formsamp ideals I Venturi Stern Porphyrios conceived of as a collective public entity built up over time continuing a dialogue w past in present Stirling celebration of rough building materials in deliberately crude construction Hammond Beeby Babka references location s historyheritage 0 R Stern M Graves T Smith synthesis representation not necessarily ironic typesamp ordering systems do not preclude picturesque styles seen as evolving dialects win a common language Meier Eisenman reaction to Canonical Modernism modeled after Le Corbusier s early work pure form sleek surface exploitation of expressive power of irregular form in strict structural grid 0 SculptedShaped Modernism Johnson Pei variant of Late Modernism sculpted singularamp unique forms that communicates w user Pianoamp Rogers Calatrava reaction to Canonical Modernism highly emphasized structuralamp mechanical systems 0 Foster inspired by British Archigramistsamp Japanese Metabolists huge buildings encompassing many connected functionally related activities repetitive largescale structural system Scharoun Utzon Saarinen Gehry reaction to Late Modemismamp Canonical Revivalism return to visualemotive power of pure form 0 Structural Expressionism Domenig form that uses structure to make a statement can become pure art 0 Biomorphic Expressionism Makovecz form that takes on quality of being alive organic Prix Swiczinsky Holzer Koolhaas reaction to Modernism radical departure from previous thinking building exists as isolated abstract phenomenon ultimate function of architecture disruption dislocation de ection deviation disorientation deliberatestudied reexamination of local traditions merging indigenous w introduced


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