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CALPOLY / Biology / BIOL 161 / nuecleic acids

nuecleic acids

nuecleic acids


School: California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Department: Biology
Course: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor: Amy howes
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Bio, Biology, bio 161, cal poly, california ploytechnic state university, molecular and cellular biology, polypeptides, Proteins, amino acids, nuecleic acids, nuecleotides, Water, Protein function, protein structure, week 1, and notes
Cost: Free
Name: Week 1-BIO 161 Notes
Description: These notes encompass the four major ways cells store energy, the properties of water regarding to cellular and molecular bio, and the intro to types of polymers including proteins and nuecleic acids. *Covers material from the first week of instruction in BIO 161-01 but are applicable to more than just this particular class
Uploaded: 04/01/2016
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