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Study Guide for Final

by: Madison Skibiel

Study Guide for Final Fine Arts 101

Madison Skibiel
Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee

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About this Document

This is everything from the second exam to now. I have been told I am a good notetaker so please take a look!
Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madison Skibiel on Monday December 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Fine Arts 101 at Washington State University taught by Pamela Lee in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 158 views. For similar materials see Fine Arts 101 in Fine arts at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
Fine art prints multiple originals Prints differ from most other works of art in two important aspects 0 They are made by an indirect process The art does not draw directly on the paper but instead the artist works on a surface called the matrix 0 The printing process typically results in multiple nearly identical images in an art of multiples Each print is called an impression A number such as 550 indicates that we would be viewing the fth print from an edition of 50 total prints Relief painting the raised areas of the matrix are linked with a rubber roller 0 The negative areas of the prints have been removed cut away 0 These types of paintings include wood blocks linocuts and wood engravings Relief print makind the category that woodcuts belong to because a wood cut s prints marks are made from inking what is left in the relief on the block Color printingregistration when there is more than one color used A separate block is used for each color lntaglio originates from an Italian words that means quotto cut intoquot 0 When a copper or zinc plate is scratched and cut into Ink is then pushed into the indented areas of the plate and the surface is carefully wiped The plate is run through a high pressure where the ink is transferred to the paper LithoorabvPlanoorabhv Litho crayons are used to draw or paint with tusche greasy substances on a ne limestone surface The image is chemically treated with a dilute acid solution after it has been completed After the acid treatment has been applied the ink will stick to the image areas and will not stick to the other areas M is referred to reproductions or multiples made directly from a block plate stone or screen that the artist has created Woodcut the rst form of printmaking adapted from an Asian technique for cloth printing and is among the simplest forms of print medias 0 These prints are made from directly carving into a smooth piece of wood and removing any areas that are not meant to be in the image Japanese woodcut printing a color print is the work of several artists that each had a different role With this type of printing the workers each leave their marks on the side of the print much like credits at the end of a movie Wood engravinga relief process is similar to woodcut art but uses the engrain on blocks of extremely hard wood Tools that are designed to cut through metal are needed lntaglio printmaking is the opposite of relief printing The removed space is painted the lines are raised because each line on the paper was formed by being pushed into the cuts of the metal plate These cuts retain the ink it has been rolled with Metal engraving Cutting into metal 0 Engraving is the oldest form of intaglio printmaking o The most common engraving tools are called burins Etching an intaglio process that cuts metal using acids instead of tools Aguatint Tonal areas made by applying powdered resin to the plate and heating it The heat melts the resin and each particle becomes a dot that will resist acid to form the image Lithooraphv Images are drawn or painted directly in grease on a at stone or plate 0 First used to reproduce sheets of music cheaply o Invented as a commercial process in 1798 Silkscreenserigraphy was originally developed for industrial printing of patterns onto fabrics o Is a newer form of printmaking media 0 Based on the ancient technique of stenciling What is the difference between a print and a poster 0 Artist s prints are limited editions where each individual print is considered an original work of art These types of prints are usually printed or supervised by the artist carefully numbered and sold to galleries museums or collectors 0 Posters are reproduced mechanically in huge print runs and can be sold by the millions in bookstores on the street online etc Monotype made by applying ink or paint directly to a metal plate and them running it with paper through a press Contemporary approaches use symbolism use many materials simultaneously and connects humans and animals June Wayne artist printmaker catalyst style was cosmic and organic o Requested form the Ford Foundation to create a group of master printmakers in the United States 0 She felt that lithography was on the verge of extinction 0 Her plan was to rst familiarize local artists with lithography train printmakers and then create a market for the prints of contemporary artists In the place she has set up in Hollywood for these practices each artist had to create lithographs in an edition of 30 The workshop printed on plastic metal and leather They also used unusual media like caviar and PeptoBismol Today the workplace continues to live on as the Tamarind Institute at the University of New Mexico Images discussed in class 0 Marilyn by Andy Warhol 0 Andy Warhol was a modern era pop artist 0 Charity by Mark Balma O O O O From the Seven Virtues Fresco painting fresco means fresh in Italian Bozzetti small studies that de ne the color harmonies and the overall design Intonaco the nal coat of ne plaster applied for each day s fresco work Giornata one day s work of fresco painting The seven virtues are fortitude temperance prudence faith hope charity and justice A fresco painting is done in 20 steps 3 layers altogether the plaster is mixed each and every day before the day s painting begins and the surface for the painting is dampened rst to ensure that the paint will adhere In the creation of this fresco Mark Balma s assistants created the plaster but did not work on the painting itself Balma and his assistants labored m days to complete the St Thomas fresco It required 5 tons of lime M tons of sand and Q pounds of pigment The University of St Thomas raised 550000 from 276 donors to create this fresco which is now part of the community 0 The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo Buonarroti who rst came to Rome to work for Pope Julius II 0 O O This work of art is from the Italian Renaissance period It is located in the Vatican Complex in Rome It is a place of worship It is a large fresco painting on a barrel vaulted ceiling and is about 44 x128 It took Michelangelo four years to plan and paint it 1508 1512 O O O O The theme of the ceiling is the relationship between God and humankind from the Old Testament stories of the creation of the ood The subject is the human body in its entirety The cleaning and restoration began in 1980 with the 12 lunettes The entire ceiling project was completed in 12 years with two more years added for the end wall the Last judgement The 12 lunettes took 4 years to clean and restore It took Michelangelo three giornata to paint each of 14 lunettes He painted the lunettes in 42 days A mural painting is created on a wall or ceiling lt conforms to the architectural space 0 The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo a Mexican modern era artist 0 O O O 0 It is a large oil painting from 1939 Momento mori a skull is included in an artwork to symbolize the passing of life and thus the futility of greed and vanity Latin for remember death Frida Kahlo obsessively painted herself Her oeuvre has been called an autobiography in paint There was a movie made about her she believed in the quotthird eyequot there is a momento mori in her quotthird eyequot in the painting Thinking About Death She got polio at age 6 She could not bare a child she would only have miscarriages because of being impaled by the metal rod in the accident she was in The European Surrealist claimed her Surrealist Andre Breton called her art quota ribbon tied around a bombquot Kahlo said she did not paint dreams she painted her own reality On July 27 1953 she had her leg amputated On July 13 1954 she was found dead in her bed in the morning 0 Falling Bough by Walton Ford a contemporary American artist 0 O Watercolor is a transparent medium The paint stains the watercolor paper Gouache is watercolor with the addition of chalk or opaque white pigment It is not as transparent as straight watercolor Walton Ford s art was in uenced by the animals in the National History Museum because he can see things about the animals that you wouldn t be able to see at the zoo or on television 0 He wants to make disturbing art because he has a longing to make his art melodramatic and because he is a maximalist Roden Crater by James Turrell a contemporary American artist 0 O O 0 Was on the western edge of the painted desert He discovered it while he was in an airplane He was looking for the sense of power that this crater had It was a good height looking for the bowl shape was above the leveled plane The project began in 1972 He was trying to accomplish a stronger experience for the viewer and wanted the viewer to feel like they are one of the universe


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