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Notes Set 5 Hubbell Gen Psych

by: Charmaine-Grace Barlao

Notes Set 5 Hubbell Gen Psych General psychology hubbell

Charmaine-Grace Barlao
Introductory Psychology
Christopher L. Hubbell

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About this Document

Hey guys! Last Quiz before finals! Good luck to you all!
Introductory Psychology
Christopher L. Hubbell
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Charmaine-Grace Barlao on Monday December 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to General psychology hubbell at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Christopher L. Hubbell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Introductory Psychology in Psychlogy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
November 30 2015 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV Text Revision DSMIV TR widely used manual for classifying psychological disorders based on ve axes History Cautions Criticisms Dr Park suspects that his client Nate was an abused child Nate has not yet con rmed this during therapy sessions However Nate s behavior and thinking resemble many patients who Dr Park has treated for child abuse 0 AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder 0 Inattention hyperactivity impulisivity 0 Must be present before age 7 at two different settings school and home Autistic 0 Severe limitations of social interaction and communication 0 Symptoms must appear before age 3 0 Substance Related Disorders 0 characterized by addiction to drugs or alcohol or by abuse of such substances 0 i h8 math 0 Genetic and physiological causes 0 susceptibility to alcoholism is genetic 0 provides a physiologically produced reinforcing effect 0 Cognitive Causes 0 a person may think there are positive effects like being sociable or more relaxed Schizophrenia thought disturbances hallucinations anxiety emotional withdrawal and delusions 0 most common 0 Types of Schizo Paranoid delusions of persecutions or grandeur Disorganized disturbed thoughts either at emotional tone or silly Catatonic Motion disturbance develop quotposturesquot waxy exibility Undifferentiated bits and pieces of each category Residual Looks like they re getting better may have an episode once in a while 0 Potential causes of schizo 0 Genetic Causes inherits a predisposition bleuler 1950 divided schizo into reactive and processed schizo general good mental health history has reactive schizo reacting to stressful life situations typically recover according to Bleuler reactive schizo is a form of schizo that is preceded by a stressor and has a brief duration patients with indications of mental illness early in life has a processed schizo Neurophysiological Causes the Dopamine Hypothesis 0 Physiological Causes Neurological Disorders 0 Cognitive and Environmental Causes Child rearing practices Mood Disorders 0 signi cant shifts in mood that affect their normal perception thought and behavior 0 Major Depressive Disorder persistent severe feelings of sadness Bipolar alternating between manic states and depressed states 0 possible Causes 0 cognitive faulty thought process 0 Genetic LOWER LEVELS OF 5HIAA ARE TO DECREASED ACTIVITY OF SERATONIN SECRETING NEURONS AS LOW LEVELS OF MHPG DECREASED ACTIVITY OF MOREPINEPHRIN SECRETING NEURONS Dec 7 Sean is 14 caught stealing 7 times in the past year impulsive child and nds himself in st ghts a lot he no respect of the rights of others from others and shows no remorse when caught Antisocial Disorder freud was tutored on the use of hypnosis to treat mental illness by french neurologist Sharcov Key task in therapy is to change a current behavior to teach patient strategies to cope with their issues when therapist is not present 0 therapies based on classical conditioning 0 exposure therapy anxiety systematic desensitization increase fearful stimuli at intervals in vivo ooding high intensity of fear stimuli over and over Imaginal for phobias feared object is described graphically SYSTEMATIC DESENSITIZATION BEGINS WITH THE CLIENT MAKING A LIST OF STIMULANTS THAT ARE RANKED IN THE ORDER OF THEIR ABILITY TO PRODUCE ANXIETY AVERSION THERAPY 0 Teach client how to negatively respond to a neutral stimulus that is paired with an averse stimulus therapies based on operant conditioning behavior modi cation reinforcement of adaptive behaviors token economics modeling extinction of maladaptive behavior punishment Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy 0 Ellis therapy based on the belief that physiological problems are caused not by upsetting events but by how people think about them 0 CognitiveBehavior 0 Beck 0 a treatment that focuses on altering the client s thoughts beliefs and perceptions to change behavior 0 in contrast to ellis s View beck s View focus more on faulty logic 0 community psychology 0 goal is to address the psychological problems through an assessment of the sociocultural context un Which they develop 0 the indigenous healing therapies of any given culture are always centered on What Biomedical Therapy 0 Drug or pharmacotherapy antipsychotic drugs to treat schizophrenic disorders 0 What do you call the procedure used to treat the symptoms of ocd cingulectomy


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