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Music 262: Study Guide

by: Khatren Reed

Music 262: Study Guide Music 262

Marketplace > Washington State University > Music 262 > Music 262 Study Guide
Khatren Reed

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About this Document

This is the study guide for the exam that is on April 5, 2016
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter
Study Guide
Music 262, history, Music, Rock and Roll
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Khatren Reed on Friday April 1, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Music 262 at Washington State University taught by Brian Carter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views.


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Date Created: 04/01/16
The British Invasion did what? resurrected the music we ignored England’s James Dean counterpart was? “Teddy Boys” The King of Skiffle was? Lonnie Donegan and he wrote Wabash Cannonball The Beatles…? Able to change music history through all facets: music style, fashion, social behavior Can be broken into three distinctive periods What kind of music did The Early Period consist of? Pop style Love songs Drifting beat/ Up tempo The Early Period Recordings How many albums fall into this period? Four albums Lennon and McCartney were? not equal in writing their songs American releases are the same or different than British releases? different The Middle Period Recordings What kind of music did the Middle Period consist of? acoustic/folk elements What kind of influence did the Middle Period have? (Dylan influence) What kind of style emerged? Introspective style emerges What was more evident? Individuality more evident What sort of statements were made in songs? Social statements What two albums were realeased during the Middle Period? Help! (Aug. 65) & Rubber Soul (Dec. 65) The Late Period What kind of techniques emerged? Use of studio techniques Music was more _____ and ______ individualized and artistic composition What was added? Instrumentation and drug influence The ‘White Album” titled is? the least collaborative of the groups output What 7 releases happened during this period? Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, The Beatles (White Album), Let it Be, Abbey Road What three popular songs came out of this period? Tomorrow Never Knows (Lennon 1.0), Strawberry Fields Forever (Lennon 1.0), Helter Skelter (McCartney 1.0) th Who was referred to as the 5 “Beatle”? George Martin Who is respected by many drummers and musicians for his excellent timekeeping? Ringo Starr How many members of the Beatles are in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? Every single member John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers What were they known as? The Elder Statesman of British Blues The Yardbirds The Yardbirds was the starting point for who? Clapton/ Beck/ Page What type of music emerged from the Yardbirds? psychedelic music What are they known for? ad hoc jams (called raves) The Animals (Eric Burdon) The Animals were ____ to _____ in influence amoing R&B based bands? Second to Rolling Stones The Kinks What were they known as? precursors of heavy metal and punk rock What were they later known as? “power chord” playing Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder is the most successful artist in what type of music? Motown st What was Stevie Wonder’s 1 big hit and at what age? Fingertips- Part 2 (age 12) Stevie Wonder made business history when what? • He signed a 120 page contract with Motown By the 70’s what was Stevie Wonder able to do? play most of the instruments on his albums Bob Dylan Bob Dylan is known as what? Most important American contributor to rock music He was the first ____ of the mass media? poet What two time periods occurred? acoustic and electric Bob Dylan showed us what? folk IS rock What kind of music does Bob Dylan consist of? Fusion of country, folk, blue, rock & roll and poetry both ancient and new What class has his lyrics been discussed in? English classes The Early Period This period gave the feeling of what type of era? “dust bowl” era Electric Period This period illustrates what? wit Music was a catalyst for what? the drug culture and the Vietnam war Dylan’s electric band went on to form? The Band (Robbie Robertson) It set the scene for what type of music? “folk-rock” Motown Who was Motown attributed to? Berry Gordy Early Motown Hits Who was featured during this time? Barrett Strong Strong eventually teamed with who? Norman Whitfield Berry Gordy started his own record labe called? Tamla Berry Gordy teams with Smokey Robinson to write and record what song? Shop Around The Motown Formula What did this formula consist of? Simple music structures and catchy hook phrases The Motown formula was able to do what? go beyond R&B cliche with hip melodies and arrangements Motown rose to be the biggest __________ in America? black-owned corporations Like A Rolling Stone Critics considered Like A Rolling Stone to be? Dylan’s magnum opus The Byrds The Byrds was a group that? synthesized Dylan and the Beatles Dylan’s composition was named? Mr. Tambourine Man (65) Mr. Tambourine Man was declared to be what? the first folk-rock hit in rock history Beatle’s Ticket to Ride inspired? the sound and feel Eight Miles High (66) Eight Miles High was? the first drug tune and led 60’s music to the psychedelic period- aka “Acid Rock” Buffalo Springfield- For What It’s Worth For What It’s Worth was? one of the most representative sounds of the 1960’s The song was written by who? Stephen Stills during the aftermath of the infamous Sunset Strip riots of 1966-67 What kind of song is this commonly labeled as? a protest song The San Francisco Scene- Haight-Ashbury The SF Scene was also known as what? Existentialists Haight-Ashbury consisted of? A large community of folk musicians The Acid Tests led by writer Ken Kesey became known as? a “Happening” Around how many bands were in the SF area? 500 to 1500 Existentialism Became entrenched in what curriculum by the early 1960’s? University What did existentialism give students? a language to question the complacent assumptions of American society Psychedelic Music/ San Francisco Scene What kind of quality did this music have? Floating quality to the music (expands the mind) What kind of influence did Psychedelic music have? Eastern Indian influence (sitar) The Charlatans They were considered to be what? the start of Haight/Ashbury scene What did the Charlatans do? planted the seeds of rock counterculture Moby Grape Moby Grape was known as one of the best SF bands of the 1950’s WRONG- best of the 1960’s They were more ____ than other SF Bands? versatile Their music was a combination of what? folk, blues, country and classic R&R Jefferson Airplane They were the ____ in relation to other SF bands? most popular They were leaders and supporters of what? protest movement and supporters of free love Grace Slick She had what type of voice? great female rock voice She represented the _____ of the 60’s? love-hate image The Grateful Dead Considered to be the ultimate ____ band cult The Grateful dead was? never part of the mainstream music scene They were the house-band for? Kesey Acid Test “happenings” Their music consisted of what? eclectic blend of folk, country and blues Grateful Dead fans were referred to as? “deadheads” Janis Joplin She was a representation of? culture and generation (much like Dylan) Joplin broke what? barriers for women in the music industry Her performance was? fresh and sincere Janis Joplin sang what? blues to transcend pain She gained national fame at what festival? Monterey Pop Festival Jimi Hendrix- The Early Years Who discovered Jimi Hendrix? Chas Chandler (ex Animal bandmember) Jimi Hendrix- The Innovations He redefined the performance of what instrument? guitar He was able to master and explore what? ALL the sonic force of the instrument Hendrix had what sort of ability? harness the distortions The Doors/ Jim Morrison Morrison is looked at as one of the what? Fathers of Contemporary Rock He attempted to marry rock with ____? poetry The Doors influenced who? Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson Morrison became known for? off-the-wall improvisations on stage


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