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ASL 2010 Unit 14 Study Guide

by: Abby Joannes

ASL 2010 Unit 14 Study Guide ASL 2020 - 02

Marketplace > Clemson University > Language > ASL 2020 - 02 > ASL 2010 Unit 14 Study Guide
Abby Joannes
GPA 3.8
Intermediate American Sign Language II
Kimm Dunn

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About this Document

Unit 14 material
Intermediate American Sign Language II
Kimm Dunn
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Abby Joannes on Monday December 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASL 2020 - 02 at Clemson University taught by Kimm Dunn in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 146 views. For similar materials see Intermediate American Sign Language II in Language at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
ASL 201 Unit 14 Study Guide Telling Locations of Things in a Room ASL classi ers speci c handshapes used to represent nouns according to their shape location number type andor orientation lf unsure of which classi er to use to represent an object point to the corresponding location of your signing space instead Pointing is always an acceptable way of referencing Ways to tell location 1 Point 2 Relate to another location 3 Using classi ers Ways to indicate plurality 1 Use cardinal numbers to specify how many 2 Using quanti er signs to indicate a few some or many 3 Using classi ers Classi er to show plurality represent an unspeci ed number of objects or repeat to show a plural number of things at a location ln ections for Temporal Aspect ln ection verbs can be used to various purposes like to show who did what to whom to show how something is moved from one location to another or to show manner of movement Shows the frequency or duration of action represented by the verb Not all verbs can be in ected Unin ected form when a problem activity or situation only occurred once Basic movement indicated to show basic form of the verb Recurring in ection to use when a problem activity or situation occurs frequently or repeatedly Sign the verb with several repetitions Continuous in ection to use when a problem activity or situation has occurred continuously with little interruption Sign the verb with a repeated circular movement Spatial Agreement Using agreement verbs verbs in ected to show who did what to whom by incorporating the subject and the object in movement of the sign Using pronouns with plain verbs to use when talking about a third person but the verbs you use are not the type that can change movement or orientation to re ect the subject and the object You must use pronouns with these verbs to specify the subject and objects Wherever you point must be consistent within a conversation and follow guidelines discussed on p 39 Cheers and Songs Rhythmic images are created by the skillful selection and arrangement of signs presented with varied movements to render music visually Cheers signs selected t the distinctive beat commonly used in signed cheers one two onetwothree Songs few songs have been translated into ASL and then passed on until their form has become traditional Themes range from group spirit and solidarity to romance or patriotism Deaf people prefer songs presented only in Sing using the visual rhythms that t the constraints of ASL rather than the rhythms of sound Vocabulary to Know headache sore cramp cough runny nose sore throat itch sprain tired can t sleep upset stomach puking dizzy rash terrible medicine cough syrup pill medicine cream ear drops go to see doctor bed rest every morning every afternoon every night every day every week every month every hour all morning all afternoon all night all day all week all month all hour all along since bite dog licks shedding meow lump bark spill steal broken ght forget take tattle cry yeHshout lie argue drop scare afraid whine complain mischievous go out all the time late again amp again borrow a lot always clean sleep in tempt buy worry nervous take me out chain smoke leave things around body odor bathroom hog broke behind in work noisy nosey bother come gossip tell you ask you inform you answer you 39lTY you give you show you warn you lost


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