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Final Exam Guide

by: Aleece Betts

Final Exam Guide PCB 3233

Aleece Betts
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.3
Dr. Gregory Weigel

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About this Document

A summary of all the new material for the final exam, hope it helps! :)
Dr. Gregory Weigel
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aleece Betts on Monday December 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PCB 3233 at University of Central Florida taught by Dr. Gregory Weigel in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 252 views. For similar materials see Immunology in Biomedical Sciences at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 12/07/15
Immunology Final Study Guide Secondary immune responses are possible for a couple months after the initial sickness They are faster have no symptoms and are termed protective immunity Antibodies die off eventually leaving only memory cells These recognize the original pathogen better than nai39ve cells Vaccination creates memory cells as well as antibody production these antibodies have the potential to last a lifetime Memory cell production increases as an infection is taken care of There is a receptor on nai39ve B cells called FcyRIIBl Which keeps them from acting in the secondary immune response Memory T cells are activated on site and memory B cells are activated in secondary lymphoid tissues With the help of CD4 T cells Central memory T cells are the only ones capable of entering secondary lymphoid tissues An Rh negative mother s body Will attack the second Rh positive fetus Original Antigenic Sin a secondary immune response only recognizes antigens from the initial pathogen If the pathogen changes its antigens the cycle starts over anew In an effort to not get kicked out by the immune system pathogens can change the type of surface antigens or have a set number of different strains that don t change Hemagglutinin and neuraminidase on the in uenza viral cells serve as the markers for antibodies When the virus mutates these markers change also Epidemic also known as antigenic drift this happens when a minor change in the virus occurs and spreads A pandemic is when the epidemic becomes worldwide The in uenza virus has avian and human RNA A pandemic is also called antigenic shift Antigenic shifts usually originate at farms Once infected with a trypanosome it can mutate to such an extent that the host goes into a coma Herpes stays in sensory neurons allowing it to stay unnoticed HIV causes AIDS HIV l is the most common type It originates with chimpanzees and was most likely introduced through contact with contaminated food HIV is a lentivirus retrovirus HIV consists of a membrane envelope nucleocapsid and RNA genome Reverse transcriptase provirus virus factory established Binds to CCRS on CD4 T Helper cells Different strains of HIV infect different cells Some prefer macrophages While others prefer lymphocytes Tat keeps mRNA production from stopping Rev brings RNA to cytoplasm Not highly contagious outside the body blood transfusion shared needles and needlesticks can carry the disease AZT helps keep babies from inheriting HIV from mothers Sex is the main way of transmission A lack of CCR5 receptors makes some people immune to the disease One person can have varied forms of HIV in their own body The infection is mostly present in lymph A T cell value under ZOOul is indicative of AIDS Highly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy taking 3 drugs at the same time to slow the infection Hypersensitivity categories 0 Type 1 I Instant I IgE antibodies are attached to cell membranes I Pollen 0 Type 2 I IgMIgG antibodies I Apoptosis is the end result I Penicillin 0 Type 3 I IgMIgG immune complexes soluble antibodyantigen I Proteins Without a human origin 0 Type 4 I T cells I Poison ivy Type 1 ends in asphyxiation IgE connects With a mast cell Which lets out tryptase chymase histamine heparin and TNF a Leukotrienes cause the late phase reaction Epinephrine counteracts the symptoms of anaphylaxis Urticariahives also know angioedema and eczema Antihistamines and corticosteroids have similar functions Lansteiner s law your blood has antibodies to the blood types that you don t have 0 Patient s serum is mixed With the potential blood transfusion to check for clotting o All blood type antigens have a lipid ceramide and oligosaccharide o In type III immune complexes build up Within tissue 0 Examples of type IV include poison ivy and skin replacement rejections


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