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PSYCH 3060 Final Test Study Guide

by: Abby Joannes

PSYCH 3060 Final Test Study Guide 13503- PSYCH 3060

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > 13503- PSYCH 3060 > PSYCH 3060 Final Test Study Guide
Abby Joannes
GPA 3.8
Human Sexual Behavior
Dr. Bruce King

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About this Document

Reviews all class materials from the semester
Human Sexual Behavior
Dr. Bruce King
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Abby Joannes on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 13503- PSYCH 3060 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Bruce King in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 162 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 12/08/15
Psychology 360 Final Review Charm Different historical beliefs 0 O Hebrews positive attitude about bodies and sexual pleasure amp idea that the primary purpose of sex was procreation Christians procreation only denied pleasurable aspects I St Augustine preached this Elizabeth period medical profession gave many false beliefs Sexual revolution 1960 availability of Penicillin birth control amp IUD Sigmund Freud Victorian era physician who emphasized the sexuality of children and adults Saint Augustine viewed sex for procreation as an unpleasant necessity and equated guilt with sexual desire Masters and Johnson conducted the first large scale physiological study of human sexual behavior Biblical Hebrews believed that the purpose of sex was for procreation but also had a very positive view of the human body Ancient Greeks believed in ascetic philosophy denying physical pleasures allows gain of wisdom and virtue Alfred Kinsey conducted first large scale survey of American sexual attitudes and behaviors Henry Havelock Ellis a Victorian era researcher with a tolerant attitude about sexuality Victorians held antisexual attitudes that were reinforced by the mistaken medical beliefs of that time Edward Laumann headed first survey of a nationally representative sample of adults living in households Important in uences of the sexual revolution 0 Time mobility Penicillin birth control Chapter 2 Women s genitalia collectively known as the vulva O O O O O O Mons veneris amp outer surface covered in hair at puberty Clitoris no known function other than pleasure Vestibular area area between labia minora Hymen thin membrane that can break Internal reproductive system I Vagina uterus fallopian tubes ovaries Order of ovum movement I Ovary fallopian tubes uterus Implants in endometrium if fertilized Men s anatomy 0 External anatomy consists of penis and scrotum I Scrotum contains testicles O I Erection of penis occurs when the corpus covonosa and spongiosum are engorged in blood Internal reproductive system I Testicles produce sperm and male horomone I Four duct system starting at testicles epididimus vas deferens ejaculatory ducts urethra I Ejaculatory uids are from prostate and seminiferous tubules Term Matching page 57 0 00000 0000000 0 Areola darkened area around the nipple Mons veneris soft layer of fatty tissue overlaying the pubic bone Perineum hairless area of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus Introitus term used to refer to the vaginal opening Corpora cavernosa two spongy cylinders in the penis Bulbocavernosus muscle ring of sphincter muscles that surround the vaginal opening and root of penis Corona raised ridge where the glans and shaft of the penis meet Fimbria tiny finger like endings of the fallopian tubes Glans smooth rounded end of the penis and clitoris Bartholin s glands two glands located at the base of labia minora Smegma cheesy substance secreted by glands in the foreskin and clitoral hood Pubococcygeus muscle large muscle that surrounds the vagina and the bladder Vestibular bulbs structures located on both sides of the vaginal opening that become engorged with blood during sexual arousal Spermatic cord tube like structure that suspends the testicles in the scrotum Chapter 3 Menstrual cycle 0 O O O O O FSH starts the cycle FSH stimulates development of a follicle Follicular phase preovulatory phase estrogen from the follicle promotes growth of the endometrium Inhibits the release of FSH Stimulates the release of LH LH surge signals the onset of ovulation FSH amp LH in men 0 O FSH stimulates sperm production LH stimulates the production of male hormone Matching page 78 O O O Endocrine system network of ductless glands Testosterone male hormone produced in testicles ovaries and adrenal glands Luteinizing hormone pituitary hormone that triggers ovulation in women and the production of testosterone in men Estrogen female hormone produced in ovaries testicles and adrenal glands FSH pituitary hormone that stimulates the production of sperm and maturation of ova o Follicular phase preovulatory phase when the pituitary secretes FSH and the follicle secretes estrogen 0 Corpus luteum cells surrounding the ovum that are left behind after ovulation o Amenorrhea absence of menstruation o Luteal phase postovulatory phase when the corpus luteum begins to secrete large amounts of progesterone o Dysmenorrhea painful cramps during menstruation Mittelschmerz cramps experienced for about a day during menstruation Inhibin substance produced in the ovaries and testicles that inhibits production of FSH Ovulation rupture of the mature ovum into the abdominal cavity Prostaglandins substances that cause contractions of the uterus Premenstrual syndrome emotional or physical changes that precede menstruation Endometriosis endometrial tissue growing outside the uterus 00 0000 Charm Sexual response cycle 0 Excitement phase I Vasocongestive response I Men penis starts to become erect scrotum thickens I Women vaginal lubrication nipples become erect clitoris is most prominent walls of inner vagina begin to balloon out o Plateau phase I Men cowper s glands secrete uid I Women labia minora engorged with blood clitoris pulls back I Both sex tension flush o Orgasm I Contraction of tissue every 8 seconds I Men occurs in two phases emission and expulsion o Refractory period I Men blood drains from penis and testicles I Women blood drains from breasts outer third of vagina labia minora and clitoris I Both return to unaroused state Charm Symptoms Matching page 135 Chancroid painful crater like sore Chlamydia thin clear discharge and irritation of the urethra Gonorrhea pus like discharge and burning during urination Hepatitis jaundiced or yellow tinge of skin and eyes Herpes uid filled blisters HIV infection AIDS loss of appetite fatigue slow recovery purple blotches on skin Molluscum contagiosum wart like growths that look like small pimples filled with kernels of corn 000000 0 000000000 0 Moniliasis yeast infection thick white curdy vaginal discharge and intense itch PID severe abdominal pain and fever Primary stage syphilis large ulcer like painless sore Cystitis in ammation of the bladder Secondary stage syphilis itchless painless rash all over body Scabies scaling skin caused by pearly mites Trichomoniasis copious foamy whitish green vaginal discharge with foul odor Venereal warts HPV cauli ower like growths Late stage syphilis large ulcers on the skin and bones damage to the heart and nervous system Pubic lice intense itching caused by grayish six legged parasites Three most common STIs O O O Gonorrhea syphilis chlamydia Caused by bacteria Can be cured with antibiotics TrueFalse Questions 0 O 0 Cold sores amp fever blisters are symptoms of herpes true Chlamydia is more common than gonorrhea true Large majority of women do not show any symptoms in the early stages of gonorrhea or chlamydia true Only women can contract trich and monilial infections false Herpes is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the US true Chapter 6 Types of contraceptive methods 0 O Breast feeding prevents release of FSH Calendar method uses a simple mathematical formula to determine when to abstain from intercourse fertility awareness Symptothermal method uses changes in resting temperature to determine when to abstain from intercourse involves noting changes in cervical mucus in order to determine when to abstain from intercourse Billings method involves noting changes in cervical mucus in order to determine when to abstain from intercourse fertility awareness Spermicides prevents sperm deposited in the vagina from getting into the uterus active ingredient kills sperm usually used in combination with others Male condom blocks sperm from getting into the vagina Female condom blocks sperm from getting into the vagina Diaphragm prevents sperm deposited in the vagina from getting into the uterus more effective than the contraceptive sponge Cervical cap prevents sperm deposited in the vagina from getting into the uterus Contraceptive sponge active ingredient kills sperm prevents sperm deposited in the vagina from getting into the uterus contains enough spermicide to be effective for 24 hours Emergency contraception works primarily by preventing fertilization progestins prevent ovulation prevents implantation The patch prevents release of FSH progestins prevent ovulation progestins prevent ovulation synthetic estrogen helps to prevent ovulation IUD works primarily by preventing fertilization prevents implantation considered safe and effective Combination pill prevents release of FSH progestins prevent ovulation synthetic estrogen helps to prevent ovulation does not usually cause weight gain antibiotics make it less effective Depo Provera pregestins prevent ovulation Vasectomy involves typing or cutting off vas deferens takes 20 ejaculations to be effective Tubal sterilization involves tying cutting or cauterizing Fallopian tubes or blocking them by clips Vaginal ring prevents release of FSH progestins prevent ovulation synthetic estrogen helps to prevent ovulation Nexplanon progestins prevent ovulation Chapter 7 Sex during pregnancy is generally not harmful HCG is secreted during pregnancy Fear tension pain cycle typical pregnancy cycle Chapter 8 Gender terms 0 O O 0 Gender identity subjective sense of being a man or a woman Gender dysphoria when an individual feels that they are trapped inside a body of the wrong sex Transgender people whose gender identities do not match their biological sex Gender role the way you express your gender identity Undifferentiated someone who scores low on both dimensions of Bem s Sex Role inventory Androgyny person can be both masculine and feminine and it is the healthiest of all gender roles Gender disorders 0 O O O Klinefelter s Syndrome men with one or more extra X Chromosomes Turner s Syndrom women with only one X chromosome DHT deficient men who are born with small penises and incomplete scrotum Voice usually depends with puberty CAH most common condition in girls Hormones as a role in development 0 0 Absence of testosterone during embryonic development leads to a girl Hormone levels during 211d half of pregnancy alters brain anatomy to be male or female In girls male sex play behavior is related to fetal testosterone levels Chapter 9 Homosexuality 0 Some studies show that homosexuality results from problems in resolving the Oedipus complex but not all studies support Sambian society all boys engage in same sex behaviors for many years yet most grow up with a heterosexual orientation Many researchers believe that partially is a result of differences in hormones shortly before and after we are born that predispose Thomas Aquinas thought homosexuality should be viewed as unnatural Coming Out Process 0 4 steps I Admitting I Meeting others like themselves I Telling others I Become completely open about it Chapter 10 Hormone changes 0 0 Increase in estrogen I Breast development in girls I Gynecomastia I Reversal of effects of menopause Decrease in estrogen I Vaginal dryness at menopause Increase in testosterone I Development of sweat glands body odor amp acne I Pubic hair and body hair I Children s first sexual attractions Decrease in testosterone I Less firm erection and longer refractory period I Decreased sexual desire in men amp women Increase in FSH and LH I Menarche Increase in DHEA from adrenal glands I Children s first sexual attractions Sexual development 0 O Infancy self exploration Ages 3 5 peak curiosity early childhood games allow exploration of same sex and opposite sex individuals Initial school aged children develop sense of modesty curiosity does not decrease Puberty first capable of reproduction sexual attraction to others increase in sex interest self identity Mid 20s monogamy peak in sexuality until mid 30s 40s 50s menopause for women men show gradual decline in testosterone Chapter 11 Masturbation O 92 of men and 62 of women masturbate Sexual fantasies O O 0 Replacement fantasies are most common Women s fantasies typically contain more romance Dominance fantasies are more common in men What makes someone a sexually healthy human being 0 0 Consider sex as good and positive Feel free to choose when where and with whom to have sex Chapter 13 Sexual problems 0 Premature ejaculation most common sexual problem for men under 60 persistent absence of reasonably voluntary control Erectile disorder can have organic or psychological cause Orgasmic disorder difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating in a woman s vagina Benign coital cephalalgia headaches after sex Vaginismus involuntary contractions of the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening when attempting sex Dyspareunia usually caused by a physical problem Phimosis men painful intercourse can be caused by the foreskin of the penis being too tight Hypoactive sexual desire the most difficult sexual problem to treat Postcoital dysphoria feelings of sadness or anxiety after otherwise physically satisfactory intercourse Cha ter 14 Paraphilias 0 00000000000000 0 Asphyxiophilia arousal by suffocation Autogynephilia arousal by pretending to be a member of the opposite sex Bestiality sex with an animal Coprophilia arousal by fecesdefecation Exhibitionism arousal by showing body parts in public Fetishism arousal by fixating on an inanimate object Frotteurism arousal by rubbing genitals on public people Klismaphilia arousal by enema Masochism arousal by humiliation or pain Mysophilia arousal by filth Necrophilia arousal by a dead body Pedophilia arousal by children that haven t been through puberty Sadism arousal by in icting humiliation Telephone scatophilia arousal by calling people and talking dirty Transvestism arousal by dressing as the opposite sex Voyeurism arousal by watching people without their knowledge Phases of courtship amp corresponding disorders 0 Finding phase voyeurism 0 Affiliate phase exhibitionism telephone scatophilia Tactile phase frotteurism Copulatory phase transvestism urophilia coprophila mysophilia klismaphilia zoophilia Cha ter 15 Sexual victimization terms 0 O O O Aggressive pedophile sex with prepubescent children beating before amp after Anger rapist rapes due to despising women typically blaming for lack of success Opportunistic rapist impulsively forcing dates to have sex with them when they are alone Personally immature pedophile seeks out children because they typically have never had successful relationships with adults and are able to control children Power rapist feels insecure and inadequate so commits rape to reassure self Preference molester no interest in adults as sexual partners only interested in children Regressive pedophile has sexual relations with adults but personal problems lead them to rape children Sadistic rapist rapes victims and loves when they resist hurts them for a prolonged time Sexual harasser makes crude sexual jokes and comments to employees Situational molester sexual urges are primarily toward adults but had fondled children Considers behavior abnormal Bisexual pedophile considers self as heterosexual but is attracted to both genders of children Sexual assault 0 O O Considered sexual assault if I Threatened use of force I Result of coercion I When person is unable to consent or resist Statistics I Most victims are women ages 12 34 I Sibling incest is 5x more common than parent child incest I 80 of child molesters are known by their victims PRPTSD I Any victims do not show emotional reactions afterward I Tend to blame themselves Chapter 16 Prostitution Terms 0 00000 B girl solicits sex in bars amp hotels Brothel prostitute has sex for money in legalized brothels Call girl works out of apartments clients make appointments with her Gigolo men paid for sex by women Hustler men paid for sex by men John the person who pays for the se o Pimp the person Who organizes the prostitutes o Streetwalker solicits their services in public typically out on streets Porn vs Erotica 0 Material is obscene if I It is patently offensive I Lacks serious value I Appeals to prurient interests 0 Porn is distinguished from erotica if it is considered obscene


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