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Study guide exam 3

by: Elena Behrman

Study guide exam 3 2055

Elena Behrman
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

study guide for the final exam
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elena Behrman on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 2055 at Michigan State University taught by Bukovac-Phelps in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Advertising in Journalism and Mass Communications at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 12/08/15
OUT OF HOME Effective billboards o Aka bulletins 0 Use whre traffic is heavy and visibility is good 0 should be simple brief easy to discern TAB TAB Out of Home Ratings are standardized quantitative and reliable providing exhaustive demographic information across the country httpwwwtabonlinecom 0 Types of outdoor advertising 0 poster panels 0 30 sheet panel most widely used for outdoor adv o 8 sheet poster quotjunior panelquot use for advertising close to point of purchase Why use outdoor advertising directional medium for motorists high frequent at a reasonable cost 0 MEDIA Objectives 0 Who to advertise toHARDEST TO DECIDE 0 Audience objectives 0 When you should advertise 0 Where to adv How many target consumers do you want to reachhow often 0 Message distribution objectives BDI CDI o BDI brand development index 0 of product s sales sold in area of pop that lives there X 100 0 indicates sales strength of particular brand in particular area CDI category development index 0 of category sales in area of pop that lives there X 100 0 indicates the strength of the whole product category CPM determines cost efficiency of each medium 0 Cost per thousand 0 Cost of add X 1000target audience Effective reach and effective frequency 0 Frequency more important 0 Effective reach of people exposed enough times for it to be effective 0 Quality of message 0 0 Effective frequency how many exposures do we think we need to effective 0 Low frequency means low response 0 Gross rating point 0 Gross of all ad exposures o Expressed ass percent 0 of times shown X rating 0 message weight Media 5 M s Marketstarget audiences Moneybudget Mediaall communication vehicles available Mechanicsdetails Methodologyoverall target of selecting and scheduling media Media scheduling Continuous schedule set level of exposure thru the whole campagn BEST WAY T O BUILD CONTINUITY o Flighiting alternates periods of advertising with periods of no advertising Pulsing low adv then heavy during periods of high use holidays ower industry Media synergy Total effect greater than its parts 0 Using as mixed media plan 0 Do it efficiently and at low cost Reach and frequency 0 Reach total of different people exposed to ad at least once over time o of audience exposed o GRPsFreq Frequency of times same person is exposed to ad in given pedod o More important than reach 0 GRPsReach DIRECT MARKETING Growth of DM Types of DM responses 0 Direct mail Catalog Direct response broadcast adv DR digital interactive media 0 Direct marketing objectives 0 Communicating and building relationships 0 Inform potential customers 0 Create brand awareness DM databases and lists Build relationships can target segment and grade customers Maintain customer contact Internal list customers donors inquirers valuable Externeal list can list or buy list compiled by commonalities 0 Broker response list for rent Direct response advertising Generates a direct response Telemarketing and direct mail Personal selling Facetoface sales 0 Ultimate in relationship building 0 Can be expensive SALES PROMOTIONS Sales promotions de nitions 0 Direct inducements that offer extra incentives to move the product from manufacturer to consumer Tries to change behavior stimulate demand Tries tot change price vaue relationship of product perceived by target Consumer sales promotions PULL strategypull good into system and make retailer carry it 0 Coupons 0 Cents offbonus pack 0 Premium 0 Free sample 0 Contest Sweepstake Trade promotion 0 PUSH strategygive retailer reward for pushing product onto consumers sales promotions abuses disadvantages and problems 0 Doesn t build brand loyalty Too much can be negative 0 Expenisve and short term 0 Competitive Types of consumers for sales promotions switchers etc Loyals Swithcers purchase more than one brand 0 Price buyers buy whatever is chaper Nonusers people who don t use the product Specialty advertising SPONSORSHIPS Ambush marketing 0 Non sponsor capitalizing on someone s event Special types of sponsorships Traditional straightforward association 0 Endorsements Venue naming rights 0 Licensing Sponsorship leveraging Sponsorship components how 0 Advertise during original broadcast Give contribution to player pool 0 Purchase adv During rebroadcast Advertise around time of event 0 Purchase tickets tot event Confusion technique 0 Create own event PR PubHc y lnfo placed in the mass media at no cost by an outside source because the info has news value Uncontrolled method Different areas of public relations 0 Crisis management management of lowprobability highimpact events that can affect the viability of the organization 0 Maintain rep 0 Rebuild relationships 0 Reputation management maintain rep with public everyone affected by your organization 0 Event planning Lobbying relationships with gov Public affairs relationships between gov and local communities 0 Investor relations attracts new investors 0 Development private organization relationships with donors Trends 0 Hybrid disciplinemany jobs 0 Pay me then play meget paid for good work measurable results 0 Becoming hopeful and positive 0 Gaming 0 Stories that echolasting relevant stories 0 Online videos 0 Brand heritagemake yourself relevant TODAY 0 Play with meinteractive ads 0 Going local 0 Gender sensitivity


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