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Textbook review for Final

by: Fernanda Flores

Textbook review for Final Govt 2305

Marketplace > Lone Star College-Kingwood > Govt 2305 > Textbook review for Final
Fernanda Flores
Lone Star College-Kingwood
GPA 3.8
Federal Government
David Putz

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About this Document

This is only the textbook review final with the answers. Good luck on the test :))
Federal Government
David Putz
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Fernanda Flores on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Govt 2305 at Lone Star College-Kingwood taught by David Putz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views.

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Date Created: 12/08/15
Exam 4 REVIEW T EXBOOK Civil Liberties chap 4 l 2 Prior Restraint Gov agency to block publication of harmful material although court forbid prior restraint except in some circumstances 3 Prior Restraint Examples NY Times vs US Pentagon Paper Supreme Court said gov not to prohibit from publishing 4 2008 Supreme Court decisions Application of 2rld Amend ended when Supreme Court favor expansive gun ownership by indv 5 Exclusionary Rule ability of courts to exclude evidence obtained in violation of the 4th amend 6 Grand Juries Jury determines whether sufficient evidence is available to justify a trial They don t rule on the accused guilt or innocence Double J eopardy 5th amend providing that a person cannot be trial twice for some crime SelfIncrimination guarantee that no citizen shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself 7 Miranda Rule Requirement articulated by SC in Miranda v Arizona person under arrest must be informed prior to police interrogation amp to hv benefit of legal counsel 5th amend 8 Deterrent effect of death penalty 8th amend death penalty failed due to lengthy delays yrs amp decays 9 Chart Prison US prisons more people than any other country 38 African Amer amp 45 per 10000 residents state 10 Rights to Privacy Const basis for rights to privacy Not granted in Bill of Rights BUT clause in 4th amend Civil Rights chap 5 1 Separate but Equal doctrine that public accommodations could be segregated by race Bong Hits 4 Jesus and First Amendment Joseph Frederick unfurled a banner reading He got suspended by the principle he alleged that his speech rights were being violated but still be considered equal Plessy vs Ferguson Upholding a Louisiana statue that required segregation of the races on trolleys amp other public carriers train for whites so he suited bc he violated Jim Crow Laws laws enacted by southern states following reconstruction that discriminated against Afri Amer End of reconstruction and political equality Nat Gov turned troops towards Afric Amer After reconstruction ended Shelley V Kraemer Court against widespread practice where require buyer never to sale home to nonCaucasian nonChristian Outlawing discrimination in Employment Who is covered Voting rights service minorities Redlining A practice in which banks refuse to make loans to people in certain geo Locat Marriage Loving v Virginia that such state laws were unconstitutional black woman amp white man married in DC but move to Virgin But were violating virg Law so they move to DC THEN court banned those laws Government and the Economy chap 6 1 Economy regulation Demo want gov regulation Rep no gov regulation amp public no gov regulation More less JOBS Rep Organized Interest and the Politics of Economy Policy Organized labor amp businesses weight spectrum of policies amp today labor unions less labor force amp less in uence economic policy Mandatory Spending Fed spending that is made up of uncontrollable budget items or cannot control through the regular budget process Uncontrollable budget items not control by budgetary committees amp congress sometimes bc is in debt contracts hv to be paid 5 Discretionary spending fed Spending on programs that are controlled through regular budget process 6 Monopolies single firm in market that controls all the goods amp serVices of the market absence of competition Social Policy chap 17 1 How do we pay for the Welfare State Spending on Social Security hV come social insurance programs that provide benefits for the elderly Hard to control promise to convey all people that fit Indexed to in ation More people amp increment in health


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