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Final exam review

by: ayesha

Final exam review HIST 2110

Alexander Sayf Cummings (P)

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About this Document

here is the study guide for the final exam
Alexander Sayf Cummings (P)
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by ayesha on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 2110 at Georgia State University taught by Alexander Sayf Cummings (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see SURVEY OF U.S. HISTORY in History at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 12/08/15
1 9 10 HIST 2110 Final Exam Review IDs 40 points Below is a list of IDs that might appear on the final exam I will pick five from the list below and they will be worth 8 points each Your answer should explain what the ID refers to and why it is important The Caning of Sumner Charles Sumner senator of Massachusets republican Gave a speech about Kansas Said it was because of Preston Brooks Andrew Piokens He said these people are sending slaves John Brown s Raid raid in 1859 Man was called by God to get the nation free of slavery Beat white families and killed with axes 1859 establishes a plot Harper Ferry VA Son and 5 slaves will go to Virginia arm slaves and build fortsTake over weapons depot Robert Lee hooks down Browns raid Slaves and brown were hanged The Battle of Antietam named after the Antietam creek It was a new definition of war the end of slavery It was the single bloodiest day in American history The north and south fought for hours Each side killed one another There was no victory This is when photography first started Americans were not used to seeing such a site Sherman s March to the Sea The north had a military plan to surround the south Sherman burned down Atlanta a major transportation source for the confederate south Sherman thought it was necessary to involve regular people in order to end the war Burned crops did a lot of civilian damage It was more of a psychological war Lewis Hine The man who started capturing the events in forms of photographs His work was especially famous for the times when child laborers existed He captured their innocent and their work and showed it to the public that is how the public was able to realize how bad it was to make little children work and hence many protests helped fight against child labor Alice Paul This is the woman who fought for the womans suffrage rights Womans right to vote Flappers women of the jazz age Represented independency and free spirit There was a sexual revolution more showing of the skin Influenced a lot by advertisement A little freedom from the traditional values A visual image of a flapper would be a woman who has short hair short skirts and shows masculinity Social Security Act of 1935 it was the cause of the New Deal It created a welfare system social secutruty check individual self reliance redefined the federal government relations with US At first you earn money by working but later receive money after retiring national pension This was also an aid to women since they were able to take care of their family more Rosie the Riveter Japanese Internment American government created concentration camps Japan dropped bomb on pearl harbor America was worried about Japanese on west coast thinking they were not loyal to the Americans Anyone who was 116 Japanese blood was considered a threat In 1942 Japanese people lost farms and homes 11 Poor People s Campaign 12 Containment contains diseases and communism The us needs to contain communism and step in this relates to the Korean war There was a fear that North Korea turns into communism and takes control of South Korea It never ended and still continues today Even Vietnam was controlled by European countries II Short Answers 15 points each There will two short answers on the exam Here are some potential topics 1 Immigration during the late 19th and early 20th centuries what made it unique and the resistance and difficulties immigrants faced the economy benefitted a lot from increased immigration however that did not necessarily mean a good thing for the immigrants themselves Republican party wanted cheap labor Immigrants wanted to escape prosectution Conditions were sometimes worse Large families had to live in small rooms The wages were very low They wanted to live the American dream however that was not exactly going on It was unique because there had never been so many immigrants coming at the same time About 24 millions There was so much diversity They came from south and east Europe There were also fears for these immigrants Their culture was strange There was job competition and they did not understand democracy 2 Examples of Progressive reform during the early 20th century 1 social justice child labor Reformers followed Christian beliefs and wanted to end child labor and help out the poor 18 million kids were laborers because they provided cheap labor Reformers forced gov to look into this problem Resolved by the great depression since working laws started being regulated 2 Democracy womens right to vote Alice paul a quaker believed in equality Called out the president She organized a protest with 8000 women demanding a right to vote She created the national womens party 3 moral reform prohibition Women were suffered They were beat up by their husbands because they were too drunk Anti saloon league 1919 senate passed 18th amendment that banned the sale of alcohol 3 Major turning points of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s Brown vs Board of Education segregated schools are unconstitutional Court argued that there was a scientific reason They believed that segregation was controversial for small children Murder of Emit Til murder of a young black boy done by white men whose wife Emit asked out They white men killed the killed because they wanted to show off their masculinity The white men were found not guilty because Emits body was not recognizable The media played a huge role is showing what was done to Emit He had a open casket funeral Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa parks an activits refused to give up her seat to a white person on the bus Wanted to end bus segregation It was the first wide spread segregation Blacks resisted from riding the buses for several months Later the supreme court declared it unconstitutional to segregate buses Student Sit in Move Reasons for US involvement in Vietnam and difficulties of getting out of the war after Vietnam split into north and south the north got support frokm Russia and china for communism US wanted the south to stay noncommunist US became advisor for south Vietnam However after a while S Vietnam wanted to overthrow the US advisors In 1969 US soldiers were brought into Vietnam US did not want to back out of the war think it would be a shame for the US and it would strengthen the soviet union Many protests were raised about the war The public started being opposed to it They felt like poor people were being used to fight the war when it should be fought with money and wealth US eventually backed out of the war and South Vietnam was taken over by North Vietnam and turned into a communists as well Long Essay 30 points There will be one long essay on the final It will be based on our last book Why Marriage As the title of the book suggests the essay will revolve around the forms of discrimination gay and lesbian Americans have faced in the 20th century and why marriage has become the major civil rights issue for the gay rights movement In 2004 presidential campaigns many citizens wouldn t support People stayed away from the topic New focus on identity World protector of democracy not practice fully at home Personal recognition before couldn t be out in open public discrimination Not anymore more human Empathy people begin to recognize other recognition shifts peoples concepts Back in the days homosexuality as treated as mental disease People were given treatments for it Why marriage is the main issue People wanted individual rights at first but overtime marriage became important Because of benefits over health insurance 1 rights of normal couples 2ADS crisis turned gay marriage into an issue 3 children if one parent splits or dies then the other parent would lose custody as well There was less legal protection 4 end of life care visitation in hospitals rights health insurance Also when the issue of Loving vs Virginia came along for marriages between interracial cultures gay people argued for the same thing It violated individual rights and hence violated the amendment And for the distinction between church and state marriage is a civil issue not a religious one so this should not be an argument at all


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