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Study Guide for Final Exam POLS 2312

by: Kristin O'Flaherty

Study Guide for Final Exam POLS 2312 POLS 2312

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > Political Science > POLS 2312 > Study Guide for Final Exam POLS 2312
Kristin O'Flaherty
GPA 3.3
State and Local Government
Richard E Millsap

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About this Document

Final exam review with chapters 6 and 7 with the answers
State and Local Government
Richard E Millsap
Study Guide
uta; university of texas at arlington; pols2312; political science; millsap; final exam review;
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kristin O'Flaherty on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POLS 2312 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Richard E Millsap in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 508 views. For similar materials see State and Local Government in Political Science at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 12/08/15
POLS FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1 In the Introduction to Chapter 7 the authors raise important questions regarding the judiciary in Texas Which of the following is not one of the important questions raised by the author a the issue of how judicial officers can be subject to disciplinary action b the issue of whether the complexity of the judicial system can con ict with creating justice c the issue of the US Supreme Court becoming involved in too many Texas judicial rulings d the tendency towards secrecy of the Commission on Judicial Conduct e the ad hoc nature of the court system that makes it lack cohesion In Chapter 7 the authors cite reasons the Texas court system is more confusing than it needs to be Which of the following is a contributor to this confusion a the jurisdiction of Texas courts b the involvement of the US Supreme Court in most Texas judicial rulings c the fact that no changes or updates to the system have been made since the original writing of the Texas Constitution d the difficult requirements to serve as any judge or justice e the wide variation in costs of filing claims in Texas courts Which of the following is a characteristic of local trial courts in Texas a There are more than 5000 municipal courts and justice of the peace courts b Both municipal courts and justice of the peace courts only handle appellate cases c Both municipal courts and justice of the peace courts only handle felony cases d Local trial courts in Texas handle cases involving not more than 10000 e Municipal courts have jurisdiction over mo st civil matters Which of the following is a characteristic of countylevel trial courts in Texas There are more than 10000 countylevel courts Countylevel courts have jurisdiction over felony cases Some countylevel courts have original jurisdiction but none have appellate jurisdiction Most countylevel court judges are appointed by county commissioners Some countylevel courts were created by the Texas Constitution and some have been created by the state legislature Which of the following is a characteristic of district courts in Texas a There are fewer than 200 district courts in Texas b District court judges are elected in nonpartisan contests c District courts in Texas handle cases involving not more than 5000 d District courts have original criminal jurisdiction in all felony cases e No county in Texas has more than one district court within its borders Texas s highest appellate court level a is the Supreme Court of Texas b is the Court of Criminal Appeals c has jurisdiction only in municipal cases d is made up of judges directly appointed by the president of the United States e is the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals In Chapter 7 the authors describe problems in the Texas judiciary Which of the following is not cited as a problem by the authors the perception that justice can be for sale in Texas the number of justices with no legal training the problem of overlapping jurisdictions in the Texas court system the problem of the Texas Legislature appointing judges based on partisanship the court system is cumbersome due to ad hoc creation of powers 9999 s 9999 s 10 ll 12 13 14 15 16 Which of the following is an alternative method of judicial selection compared to what Texas uses today a all judges being elected b all judges being appointed with no election process c judicial seats being filled by the governor until the next election d the legislature being able to impeach unethical judges e the judicial branch being able to recommend the removal of judges for questionable behavior How many of the twelve grand jurors must vote to issue an indictment a Six b Seven c Nine d Eleven e Twelve Judicial federalism describes a system in which judicial authority is a divided between levels of government b shared between levels of government c defined according to county and district lines d defined at the national level e defined at the local level A court s jurisdiction de nes that court s a size of jury used in criminal cases b sphere of authority c proximity to the Legislative Budget Board d voting population e length of term A court with original jurisdiction hears a only civil b only criminal c only federal d only appeals e only initial Criminal cases involve individuals a charged with violating laws of the state b sued for damages by another individual c who ask a court of law to resolve an issue d who may appeal to the federal courts e under contractual agreement Which of the following accurately explains the meaning of en banc a the call for special legislation sessions b an appeal that is heard by a select panel of judges c an appeal that is heard by the entire court of appeals d a judge following a governor s executive order e judicial proceedings dealing with last wills and testaments The party alleged to have committed the wrong at issue in a suit is called a the plaintiff b the prosecutor c the petit jury d the adjunct e the defendant The party claiming to have been wronged and bringing a suit is called C SCS 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 a the plaintiff b the prosecutor c the petit jury d the adjunct b the defendant Compensatory damages relate to a monetary awards to the injured party b larger monetary awards designed to punish the defendant c monetary awards designed to send a message to the larger society d awards to be distributed among the public e fines to be paid to the state Punitive damages relate to each of the following except a monetary awards to the injured party b larger monetary awards designed to punish the defendant c monetary awards designed to send a message to the larger society d awards to be distributed among the public e amounts determined by the court in a civil case 3 l A merit system for selecting judges has been proven to encourage the selection of and justices a wealthy male b white male c female minority d female wealthy 37 A capital felony is a crime that involves a theft over 200000 b arson c theft over 500000 d murder 38 District courts have original jurisdiction over all of the following except a capital felonies b thirddegree felonies c class B misdemeanors d state jail felonies 41 A preponderance of evidence is a key measure of evidence during a a criminal trial b grand jury c petit jury d civil trial 42 Damages designed to punish the defendant in a civil case are called a compensatory damages b doublepass damages c restitution d punitive damages 43 Texans resist change in the judicial system because a they like the current system b they trust elected judges c they want judges to be close to corporate interests d they distrust government 44 The author s argue that Texans have inadvertently placed control of the judicial system into the hands of a the governor 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 b the attorney general c big campaign donors d liberals The justice system is dominated by a women b African Americans c religious leaders d men One mechanism to remove judges from office in the state of Texas is through a letter campaigns b elections c initiatives d petitions In 2012 the Commission on Judicial Conduct refused to comply with a the governor b the Supreme Court c the Sunset Advisory Commission d the president of the United States The benefit that many incumbents have during an election is a newcomer status b youth c name recognition d no record to criticize A per curium opinion is an opinion that represents a only some of the justices b the whole court without individual signatures c the whole court with individual signatures d the opinion and signatures of the justices who disagreed Judicial federalism involves a multiple levels of courts b a single level of court c federal court oversight d original jurisdiction but no appellate jurisdiction The is often considered the most powerful position in Texas a lieutenant governor b attorney general c comptroller d secretary of state The major source of the lieutenant governor s power is a the possibility that he or she will replace the governor b his or her public popularity c his or her position as chair of the governor s cabinet d his or her role as chief advisor to the governor e his or her role as president of the Senate 3 The comptroller s most signi cant job is a collecting taxes b serving as the state auditor c estimating the amount of revenue the state will generate each year d managing and investing state funds e proposing the state budget The greatest importance of the Texas General Land Office is that it 909quot CD regulates mortgages in the state generates a great deal of money for the state through its management of public lands controls rights of way for railroads and highways is in charge of ood and hurricane preparation for the state manages the Permanent School Fund 37 Recently the governor has added to the job of a b d C the attorney general the comptroller the railroad commissioner the secretary of state the land commissioner 38 Which of the following is appointed by the Texas governor a the secretary of state b the commissioner of agriculture c the attorney general d the lieutenant governor e the comptroller of public accounts 39 Who is solicited for advisory opinions on the constitutionality of proposed actions a the attorney general b the comptroller c the railroad commissioner d the secretary of state e the land commissioner 40 All of the following are true statements concerning public education in Texas except a local school boards choose textbooks for their schools b the state government determines the local school curriculum c the state government creates statewide tests for students d the state government has created standards for school curriculum that question the basis for the separation of church and state e the state government rates local schools 41 All of the following statements concerning the sunset review process are true except a it requires that most state agencies be reviewed every twelve years b ten of the twelve members of the Sunset Advisory Commission are members of the Texas Legislature c the Sunset Advisory Commission develops a report on each agency and holds a public meeting concerning the agency d if the Sunset Advisory Commission takes no action the agency is automatically renewed e the Sunset Advisory Commission can recommend that an agency be continued 42 The Texas executive branch has b c d e 43 The elected of cials of Texas s executive branch serve terms of 99062 reorganized or merged with another agency statewide elected offices three four five six seven years in of ce two four five six eight 44 Which of the following commissions is elected a b c d e the Texas Department of Transportation the Department of State Health Services the Texas Department of Criminal Justice the Public Utility Commission the Railroad Commission 45 Which of the following is not a responsibility of the State Board of Education b c d e approving state curriculum and textbooks determining passing scores for state educational testing managing the Permanent School Fund appointment of the commissioner of education representation of voters 46 How many members are elected to the Texas State Board of Education a b c d three four eight fifteen 47 Which of the following is not true about the attorney general a b c d e The attorney general is the chief prosecutor for the state on major felonies The attorney general serves as legal representation for the state in court The attorney general ensures that corporations in Texas comply with state and federal laws The attorney general collects unpaid child support and delinquent state taxes The attorney general issues advisory opinions to the governor s of ce the legislature or other state agencies 48 Which of the following is not true about the agriculture commissioner a b c d e 49 Which a b d C The agriculture commissioner is elected by voters statewide every four years with no term limits The agriculture commissioner occupies a constitutionally required position The agriculture commissioner heads the Texas Department of Agriculture and implements all agriculture law The agriculture commissioner inspects the accuracy of market scales and gas pumps regulates the use of pesticides and regulates the quality of agriculture products The agriculture commissioner promotes agriculture throughout the state of the following is not true about the secretary of state The secretary of state serves as state record keeper The secretary of state maintains a list of lobbyist and campaign contributions issues corporate charters certifies notaries public and keeps the official state seal The secretary of state has the duty of extraditing wanted fugitives to the states where they are wanted The secretary of state administers elections including conducting voter registration drives and certifying election results The secretary of state is designated as the chief international protocol officer who receives international delegations 50 Which of the following is consistent with a meritbased system a b c d e the governor appointing campaign supporters to boards agencies hiring technical employees based on their education campaign workers filling staff positions after the election contracts being awarded to fundraisers highlevel appointments being reserved for party activists 51 Who is on the Sunset Advisory Commission 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 a the governor and legislative leaders b the governor and members of the judiciary c the attorney general and comptroller d the lieutenant governor and attorney general e legislators and appointed public members Texas has a executive a federal b unitary c amateur d plural A plural executive is made up of a a single strong governor b an executive committee c several elected executive leaders d executive leaders but no governor The lieutenant governor appoints a Texas House members b state judges c business leaders d senators Who is the presiding officer of the Texas Senate a governor b lieutenant governor c comptroller d secretary of state David Dewhurst championed which piece of legislation designed to level tougher penalties against sexual predators a Jessica s Law b HB 5 c sunset laws d DewhurstJ ones Act The comptroller does all of the following except a collect taxes b manage state investments c veto unbalanced legislative budgets d estimate revenue All of the following are members of the plural executive except a agricultural commissioner b alcohol commissioner c land commissioner d secretary of state Bureaucracy has all of the following characteristic except a division of labor b standard operating procedure c hierarchical structure d at organizational structure The Texas Department of Transportation is headed by a a commission b an executive director c a panel of midlevel agency employees d the governor to the Legislative Budget Board 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 The main goal of sunshine laws is to a save energy b change work hours c provide government transparency d promote solar power The Texas Public Information Act a requires agencies to post a website b requires agencies to keep records c requires agencies to share information d requires agencies to hide information The Texas Public Information Act is an example of the a Texas Bill of Rights b US Bill of Rights c TurnerEdwards laws d sunset laws Patronage systems typically involve a promoting campaign supporters b advancement based on merit c civil service exams d interviews based on formal qualifications The public utility commission is an example of a an appointed regulatory commission b an elected regulatory commission c an independent agency d a modified citizens board The Texas School Board of Education is an example of a an appointed regulatory commission b an elected board c an independent agency d a modified citizens board The Land Commissioner is elected for years a three b six c eight d four The attorney general is elected for a period of years a five b three c four d eight Answers WNQ P PWP I39 D O o r tr tr t ri t p k P r tr t 9 91 p k gt1 r tr t 339 to 0 nuwgtgtcoogtcwogtwuocmwow WNN 901 0303030 ri t mo 99 u gt1 hbbmw 595905 4gt4gt4gt4gt 9915 gtUUmWUUgtgtgtgtm0mgtgtUUOOUUwUgtgtmOgtWWWmegtUmUgtO 4 gt1


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