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test 1 review

by: Jackie F.

test 1 review ENG 211

Jackie F.
GPA 3.7
English Literature I
Elizabeth Oldman

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About this Document

Beowulf, Othello, Utopia
English Literature I
Elizabeth Oldman
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jackie F. on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENG 211 at University of Miami taught by Elizabeth Oldman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see English Literature I in Foreign Language at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 12/09/15
Othello issue with race gender and class Shakespeare often presents a stereotype and problematize the shortcomings of it at the same time desdemona has chosen 0 marry Othello at the beginning of the play which is way audacious because daughters were typically asking permission from their dads or in arranged marriage and she married Othello out of love and didn t ask her dad issue of race 0 offensive racializing and sexualizing language coming out of mouth of Iago most evil character Othello is most heroic general Venice Cyprus Cyprus weird shit happens TALK ABOUT DIFF BETWEEN VENICE AND CYPRUS Cyprus is colony that venice has acquired and the turks are threatening to overtake Characters Othello a general mercenary soldier Moor hes a lot older than Desdemona Brabantio desdemona s dad very insulated Cassio snobby nerd mathematician Iago l uses puppet Roderigo Emilia helps Iago get his revenge but is very devoted to Desdemona who she s a handmade to who s side is she on General hierarchy Othello 1 general Cassio 2 lieutenant Iago 3 ensignor ancient Iago is complaining that Othello has already made a decision to promote cassio to 2 position page 4 Iago is quoting directly from Othello who said quotI already chosen my office and iago is like yeah but what was he a great mathmetician secretly Iago is waiting for day to get revenge on Othello for not promoting him Othello knows nothing aobut this calls Iago honest Iago LINE 51 quotthrowing but shows of service on their lords lined their coats do themselves omigequot meaning there are many people in service position who feign shows of service line 60ish quotin following him Othello I follow but myselfquot LINE 64 IAGO SAYS quotI am not what I amquot the audience in the original staging of this typically yell Othello to watch his back staging of this is a little bit unclear in initial scene roderigo and iago are under Brabantio s window Iago strategically is yelling really racial and sexual language in refrence to Desdemona line 73 roderigo here s her fathers house I ll call allowed page 7 line 87 iago says quotup to even now now very now an old black ram is tucking your white hughquot l super racial and sexual humanist l brabantio wakes up line 85 quotthe worst are welcomequot barbantio is saying I told u u cant date my daughter go away page 7 last line quotthis is venice my house is not lago continues to say offensive stuff line 77 quottaking away this old mans daughterquot line 90 quotI will around unof my what drugs give me a breakkkkquot line 134 quotdistastrous chances blood and field bravery how they fell in love line 145 Tquot quotthese htings war stories quot line 158 quotshe loved me for the dangerous and I love her because she didn t pitty themquot Othello the performance is xing to send Othello over to Cyprus to defend territory Desdemona insists she accompany aOthello


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