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Current Events topics on Final (fall 2015) - Intro to International Relations

by: Allison Woolverton

Current Events topics on Final (fall 2015) - Intro to International Relations POLI 2500-02

Marketplace > Tulane University > Political Science > POLI 2500-02 > Current Events topics on Final fall 2015 Intro to International Relations
Allison Woolverton
International Relations
Christina Kiel

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About this Document

Here is a compilation of my friend and I's notes on current events for the last section of the semester that will be on the final.
International Relations
Christina Kiel
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Allison Woolverton on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POLI 2500-02 at Tulane University taught by Christina Kiel in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see International Relations in Political Science at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 12/09/15
POLI 2500 05 Prof Kiel Tulane University CURRENT EVENTS for Final Fall 2015 Middle East ISRAEL increased amount of violence israeli prime minister Netanyahu met with Obama to talk about the Iran Nuclear Deal very opposed because it makes Israel extremely vulnerable Boston teen murdered by Palestinian in terror attack Ezra Stein IRAQ First US soldier in Iraq died in 20 years Terrorism ISIS bomb on British plane causes all British flights to be cancelled after ISIS shot down a Russian plane ISIS is not successful as a state low retention high taxes etc Al Qaeda attacks in Mali competition over coordination Boko Haram some suicide attacks in Cameroon gt some competition and scarily coordination between the groups Shooting in CA shooters pledged allegiance to ISIS BENGHAZI AND HILLARY CLINTON Hillary Clinton testified in congress about emails about Benghazi they39re still meeting and trying to get to the bottom of what happened there they don t know if the US knew that the embassy was going to get blown up and they let it happen or if they honestly didn t know SYRIA John Kerry secretary of State went to Vienna to talk to Russia Turkey the US and SA about Syria Syria and Iran weren t invited 0 Iran joins first time 0 Russia says they may allow rebel groups to join peace talks TURKEYRUSSIA Turkey while trying to bomb ISIS in Syria shot down a Russian aircraft 0 gt now Russia is putting sanctions on Turkey 0 implications first time in over 50 years a NATO member Turkey is involved violently with Russia 0 Europe NATO invited Macedonia to join them REFUGEES European leaders disagreeing over what to do after Paris attack Eastern European countries decided to stop taking economic refugees but this attacks a different problem will mostly affect Africa US process extremely long and complicated almost 2 years to restart refugee screening from the beginning for everybody CINFBI approval of each Paris Conference of Parties COP 21 CLIMATE CHANGE COP2t big climate change meeting in Paris seen as the endallbeall of CC talks 0 states finally have reached a consensus that CC is important 0 after heads of states gave talks India was disagreeing gt doesn t want to hinder growth of developing countries 0 Obama Administration said they might agree to binding talks but whatever he agrees to in Paris has to pass in the legislature back home calling for monitoring methods to make sure everyone follows through o no breakthroughs look into what Kerry and other higherups saiddid Conference of Mayors includes NOLA in favor of liberal climate change even though it s a conservative place other apparently Exxon knew 40 years ago what a big deal GW is Marshall Islands are sinking directly affects the US because it used to be a nuclear test site and as compensation we made an open door policy that they can always come here flooding in India from extreme rainfall PARIS TERRORIST ATTACKS Isis claimed responsibility French and Belgian nationals with passports raids mastermind killed a few days later 8 cohorts were on the run most were quickly arrested 1 stayed on the run longer to Italy 130 killed effects 0 spreading fear throughout Europe 0 police raids and hostility towards Syrian refugees yet Europeans don t want to appear scared and continue to go out even with fear Russia leaning towards fighting ISIS Paris amping up military campaign Brussels stayed on lockdown for a long time due to a possible impending attack Paris Patriot s Act in the works backlash on media concurrent terrorist attacks in Beirut Baghdad Lebanon and Africa Boko Haram worse than ISIS France killed 33 ISIS EU Catalonia Scotland Catalonia now has an 18 month independence timeline without them Spain would lose 15 of their GDP Scotland was offered autonomy to sway vote away from independence UK negotiations for concessions may undermine it especially integration theory postParis attacks to possibly restore borders very difficult to turn back integration theory could unravel the EU OOOO CentralSouth America Asia Columbia moving towards peace CHINA US sends warships into South China Sea desire territorial ownership for natural resources fish oil got rid of 1 child policy now 2 want to increase population demographics to increase workforce China and Taiwan leaders met for first time in 66 years IMF China s currency Yuan is now part of the lMF s basket of currencies gt shows China as a rising economic power Reunions between North and South Korea talkinggt never happened Crimea low quality of life causing them to rethink secession Elections in Myanmar first election since 1988 opposition party got more of a vote than militaristic party 0 seems to be legitimate support of democracy and democratic election 0 woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize can t be the president but is very influential over the elections 0 Australia case on whaling in Japan an example of the difficulties of enforcing intl law 0 japan said it was for science but the ICJ lntl court of justice said no


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