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INFO 102A - Final Exam Review

by: Alex Capi

INFO 102A - Final Exam Review INFO 102

Marketplace > University of Washington > Math > INFO 102 > INFO 102A Final Exam Review
Alex Capi
Negin Dahya

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About this Document

This study guide contains topics that are from the post-Midterm Exam to the Final Exam.
Negin Dahya
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alex Capi on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to INFO 102 at University of Washington taught by Negin Dahya in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 246 views. For similar materials see GENDER & INFO TECH (DIV) in Math at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 12/09/15
INFO 102A Final Exam Study Guide Implicit Bias Not explicitly manifested but still present and has the power to negatively affect a person s lifestyle We have the implicit bias that kids aren t interested in computer science so we push them less and give them less opportunity to succeed in this way Margolis Normalizing Racial Divide Can be selfenforcing such as girls in humanities even though they might be interested in other subjects like STEM Hill Why So Few Stereotype Threat If you know a certain stereotype applies to you it will actually negatively or positively affect your performance in the workplace Women with high testosterone are more likely to achieve highstatus positions but are more susceptible to the stereotype threat of it being a man s world Fine Why So Few Women s performance on ACT and SAT scores if they know how to put their gender down beforehand Fine Why So Few Disidentification not doing something for the fear of falling into a stereotype Video Games Mirrors a patriarchal society The treatment of female characters as damsels who need saving in vide games re ects the treatment of women in real life Example Princess Peach gets captured 1314 times in the Super Mario games Princess Zelda needs help saving and only Link can save her Damsel in Distress Wikipedia Women who are not in a certain fields are often shafted into sub categories male authors vs female authors Although Wikipedia is open for all to use and edit there are certain restrictions on Wikipedia that does not allow everyone to participate Assumes women will edit underrepresented topics on Wikipedia Wadewitz Wikipedia s Gender Gap Assumes women will make Wikipedia a nicer place using the stereotpye of women as kinder and more friendly Wadewitz Wikipedia s Gender Gap Participation Gap Some people are unable to participate because they do not have resources to be active participate while other that do have resources and experience can thrive and excel because they have the skills to successfully carry out opportunities presented to them More white men participate in making pages because they have fewer outside things they have to do While women are usually participating in devalued occupations such as child care and don t have the time and resources to volunteer for Wikipedia Wadewitz Wikipedia s Gender Gap Intersectionality Overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression domination or discrimination White women makes less of a salary than white males but more than an African American womanWe all have multiple positions in the world we all have different identities and realities Divalvo amp Bruckman Race amp Gender in Play Practices Young African American Males Refers to the term to describe the way of different groups interconnect together that cannot be examined separately one another Example quotVideo games lack an important factor to consider the variance of subjects in femininity vs masculinity and women in position always make less salary than males Vivalvo amp Bruckman Race amp Gender in Play Practices Young A ican American Males Bias in Computer Systems Types preexisting technical and emergent The term bias refers to computer systems that systemically and unfairly discriminate against certain individuals in favor of others In 2011 a survey reviewed that 90 of English editors selfidentity as male Monica SengulJones s Guest Lecture on Wikipedia STEM Pipeline Term used to describe educational programs annoys the following elds science technology engineering and math The pipeline refers to the education program turns the students at the beginning of their studies into graduates you must male it through the pipeline to graduate It is a key component for workplace diversity If the pipeline isn t diverse enough such as computer science the workplace will not be diverse enough Hill Why So Few Masculine Culture of Technology Male dominant malecentered maleidentified all about power and authority Technology such as gaming is heard mainly towers a masculine culture Gaming is important because for many people it is the window into technology Females are not usually encouraged nor given the same amount of exposure to technology as their male counterparts Technology embodies patriarchal values This is to say that the culture of technology values the masculine work or work typically done by men such as hardware developments or shipping code as fast as possible The other side of the same coin where work typically performed by women and therefore feminine is devalued such as collaborations These are both indicative of the masculine focus technological culture Judy Wajcman Feminism Confronts Technology Another example White amp Nerdy video Gender amp Biology Everyone is born with a mosaic brain they have both male and female attributes to the brain There is not one female and one male brain all brains are different and unique to their own experiences and exposure It s time to celebrate the fact there are many way to be male and female Fine Why So Few Brains are shown to be intersex taking on typically male or female forms under context changes in particular areas of the brain Dr Daphne Joel s TEDX Talk


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