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Final Exam Review

by: molly wagenbrenner

Final Exam Review Communications 3333

molly wagenbrenner
GPA 3.5
Crisis Communications
Lanier Holt

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About this Document

This covers notes on the lecture on 12/9 regarding the lecture. "Everything in these notes will be covered on the exam, dont study anything other than this" said by the TA leading the lecture and m...
Crisis Communications
Lanier Holt
Study Guide
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This 18 page Study Guide was uploaded by molly wagenbrenner on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Communications 3333 at Ohio State University taught by Lanier Holt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Crisis Communications in Journalism and Mass Communications at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 12/09/15
WEEK 13 111615 112015 111615 Principles to Managing Crises in an Online World Notes online on Carmen Current Event Paris ISIS Propaganda Videos Praise Paris Attacks Threaten Washington Ronda gets beat 0 Social Media 0 Addicted obsessed 0 Anything you saydo is online for good 0 Hackers 0 Wednesday Friday Nov 1113 0 Atlanta CNN HLN 0 Public Relations Crisis Comm 0 Perception is reality 0 Major Differences Social Media Makes 0 Social media vs Traditional Media 0 Speed 0 Info spreads around the world about a topic almost instantaneously o Borderless 0 Info not restricted to just the area where it has an influence BP oil spill now vs Exxon Valdez 0 Everyone notjust the media influence 0 Bloggers Twitters Facebook 0 Info need not be true to require a response 0 Largely spread on Social Media 0 Arab springs o Applebee39s 0 Receipt 0 Communications Crisis Social Media 0 Social Media and Communications 0 Even the most seasoned often in fact professionals can feel overwhelmed about handling online media crisis 0 Too interactive 0 Too much information 0 Problems social media brings o Spoof sites 0 Rumor mills o Cyber terrorism 0 Online Social media Plan 0 Basic elements 0 Situation analysisobjectives 0 Obviously minimize the damage no one leaves unscathed especially If the problem is true 0 Monitor what39s being said about your organization on the most trafficked sites 0 You CANNOT respond to every situation 0 Cooridinate 0 Establish a basisheadquarters which all info comes from o headquarters should be a single point of info 0 Establish one person ideally who will be the spokesperson 0 ALL info comes from HQ and this person ALL info should hae to be approved by this one person Keep this one person at HQ 0 Too many voices FAILURE 0 Social Media plans Key Terms 0 Gatekeeper o The personpeople who determine what does and does NOT go out 0 Legal should ALWAYS be on this team 0 Senior management should always be on this team 0 EVERYONE should know what39s being said BEFORE it is said O Spokesperson o Ideally be one person 0 Should be in management position and knows what management 0 Multiple people Multiple massages greater chances of conflicting messages 0 Media can possibly play one person against the other 0 Knows social media 0 Active on twitter and facebook 0 Vetted background checks Social media background check 0 Headquarters 0 Where all the key player are located ESPECIALLY the spokesperson 0 Single contact point for media information 0 SEO Search Engine Optimization 0 Get to the front page of Google Yahoo other search engines 0 Whole purpose is to get ahead of the story so you can dictate the tenor for the news 0 Social Media Crisis Plan 0 Target audience differences now vs then 0 Audiences to have instant access to info 0 Again info right or wrong crosses the globe and gets to clients immediately 0 Stakeholders are fragmented 0 Not just investors but potential clients too 0 Info is interactive o PubHc O Tactics 0 Plan to be active on social media almost immediately 0 Expect to be on micro Blogs such as twitter at least TWICE a day not just for major announcements 0 Budget is fluid but social media need to be expensive 111815 Car Trouble Toyota Brakes Controversies Notes online on Carmen 0 Current events 0 2 dead 7 arrested in raid targeting in Paris attacks 0 Johnny Manziel stating for Browns 0 Toyota 20092014 0 Breaks 0 Your Brand 0 What happens when your company is killing people 0 Hubris extreme pride 0 People never learn from the past 0 Nothing new under the sun 0 What did we learn from Tylenol O Transparency timeliness opportunity 0 Volkswagen did not do this 0 Terms and Reality 0 Friedman 2006 0 Triple Convergence of the Elimination of Walls 0 The world is flat borders are nonexistent o Businesses are interconnected and problems are no longer that just local 0 Black Swan Situation characteristics Taleb 2007 0 Crisis are unpredictable 0 They will cause massive financial and brand impact 0 After they have an explanation will be concocted invented or generated to make it seem line the crisis was more random and unpredictable than it was in reality 0 Not necessarily trueesp with Toyota 0 Stages of a Crisis 0 Preliminary Crisis Stage 0 Acute Crisis Stage 0 Usually has veg obvious warning signs 0 Can be ignored by senior management 0 Largely determines how deepmagnitude of the crisis and its longevity 0 Toyota 0 Fall of 2007 55000 automobiles recalled floor mats blamed for gas pedals sticking on Lexus 0 Jan of 2010 recall 23 million cars for gas pedals problems 0 Claimed unrelated to previous recall 0 As ofJan 2010 65 million vehicles recalled worldwide for either quotfloor matsquot or quotpedal entrapmentsquot o 34 deaths over a 10 year period 0 Company leadership DID NOT ADMIT to there being problem 0 Mistakes 0 Analysis Paralysis too much debate and decision making and not enough action from management 0 Delayed decisions on blame and corrective action for the actions 0 What to do and not to do 0 MOST IMPORTANT to recognize the scope and magnitude of the problem at this stage AND get management to know it too 0 IF scope of the problem is not handled at this stage companies often CANNOT recover groundreputation later 0 Toyota Management failed to be transparent esp given the medias awareness of the problem Heller and Darling 0 Management hates surprises Acute stage is a big surprise they cant believe this is happening to them 0 Chronic Crisis Stage 0 Important points 0 Crisis needs to come under control as quickly as possible 0 PERIOD THAT requires greatest resources 0 Government can get involved here YIKES 0 Analysis and Opportunity 0 What did we do rightwrong o How can we use this to better our brand Tylenol 0 Crisis Resolution Stage 0 Usually 0 When you pay the price 0 Money to victims 0 Answers questions from government regulators if necessary 0 MOST IMPORTANTLY reputation hit 0 Reputation hit Questions 0 BIG TEN 14 teams 0 Penn State 0 Target 0 Walmart 112015 Terror in the Skies ValuJet Crisis Current Events Jared Fogel got over 15 years American Airlines lost the prosthetic leg of a Boston Marathon runner Theme 0 Almost nobody survives plane crashes 0 People survive accidents that occur in planes on the ground 0 Going from thousands of feet to zero feet in seconds or minutes makes survival highly unlikely o ValuJet Flight 592 was largely a unsurvivable plane crash 0 The crash was not the only catastrophe o The plane crashed into the Everglades at over 500 mph 0 Plane crashes are always a media event 0 Made for media 0 Inherently dramatic o Involves ordinary people 0 Unforgettable Visual images 0 Story lines in plane crashes o Fate intervenes in every day life 0 Mystery of What caused the crash 0 Legitimate authority usually airliner and the airline industry as a Whole trying to restore order 0 Textbook examples of a crisis 0 Surprise 0 Threat to the values of an organization 0 University of Minnesota basketball scandal 0 Tylenol killing people 0 Requires immediate definitive action in a short Window of time 0 Although crises are a surprise they are rarely unexpected 0 Lots of things go wrong turning problems into crises 0 Purpose 0 The Ohio State University 0 Education Boy Scouts of America 0 Help young boys become respectable men 0 Tylenol Pills o Relieve pain provide relief 0 Doctors 0 Help the sick 0 When you violate the purpose of your organization not only does your organization take a hit so does your BRAND 0 When you BRAND takes a hit so does your ENTIRE PROFESSION 0 Case and Point o The Ohio State University 0 Athletes earn A s without attending class 0 Boy Scouts of America 0 Scout leader smokes pot With his scouts 0 Tylenol pills 0 Kill people 0 Doctors 0 Injects unsuspecting patients With Syphilis 0 Brand identity and Crisis 0 In some industries a hit on one has an effect on all 0 Tends to be the smaller the industry the more in uence one incident has an effect on all the other manufacturers as a Whole 0 Examples 0 Daraprim drug goes from 1350 to 750 Greedy drug companies not just greedy hedge fund manager 0 Valujet What did they do 0 First and foremost tried to defend their reputation as a reputable airline O Curveball The FAA tried to protect ValuJet from criticisms because it made them look bad as a regulatory agency 0 Elements involved in this crisis 0 Interferes With normal business operations 0 0 Financial harm 0 Media scrutiny o Eventually government scrutiny 0 Stages of ValuJet Crisis 0 Prodromal Stage precrisis stage focus is on the warning stage groundwork for a crisis about to occur 0 In an effort to keep prices down used older and refurbished aircraft 0 Initial problems are often IGNORED 0 Greater than industry standard number of accidents 171 emergency landings in a little more than two years 0 FAA federal government failed to monitor ValuJet s performance 0 Perhaps why regulators come down so heavily on violators like VW now they do not want to look bad 0 Acute Stage the immediate aftermath of an incident ValuJet the crash 0 ValuJet mistakes 0 Refused to deal with the media not even answering calls 0 Not being transparent opposite of Tylenol 0 About the Acute Stage 0 Increased government scrutiny happens at this stage 0 Media attention increases 0 Credibility is gained or destroyed 0 Financial wellbeing the very existence of a company is threatened 0 Chronic Stage 0 ValuJet s biggest problem at this stage 0 They let they problem linger o The goal of this stage REMEMBER is to end the crisis AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 0 Also at this stage VERY wrong thing to do 0 Blame storming passing the buck pointing the finger and spreading the blame on as many peopleorganizations as possible without taking personal accountability o Holt says He s rarely if ever seen this work because the public simply doesn t buy that it s not the fault of the most visible company s fault o What should ve happened 0 Steps ValuJet should ve done earlier or rst 0 True for most if not all companies 0 Take responsibility for whatever aspects are fall under you purview and could ve been handles by your company 0 Get to the media first and ideally before they get to you Do not hide 0 Take corrective action or at least have a plan and communicate it as soon as possible 0 Fight for yourself let others take their own blame 0 Avoid blame storming 0 Handle PR for what your company did and let the other company ies ascribe their level of blame What actually did happen 0 Synopsis of what happens when you do this wrong 0 FAA grounded ValuJet 0 Top management the people who made the decision to hide the fact were fired 0 All the company s aircraft had to be reevaluated likely at ValuJet s own expense 0 Company s brand and reputation were so bad it had to be completely reborn ValuJet now is 0 Air Tran How important is your brand 0 ValuJet used to be associated with discounts 0 Now they are associated with being cheap and untrustworthy ValuJet o Could ve made more money 0 But once you lose your brand you re done WEEK 14 112315 Current events Brussels Lockdown Americans Trump wants all Muslims to be on a list Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Video Video Notes Take off seemed routine Tripe 7 type of electronic plane that they were controllingflying Trip takes about 6 hours Could not find on radar Went completely missing Massive search for plane Disappeared over Gulf of Thailand 0 No sign of debris of plane 0 Tried to use ACROS Satellite that gets information from aircraft 0 This can calculate how far the aircraft went Not the first time a plane disappeared Air France 447 2009 recovered 4 months later 0 The pilots made serious mistakes which caused crash Two passengers boarded Malaysian plane illegally Stolen passports They then think this is a hijacking that went wrong March 11 three days after missing plane 0 Plane made a sharp left turn 0 Turned happened right after last air call by the cockpit o This supports the hijacking theory Pilots have many code squawking to let everyone know there is a hijacking taking places 0 No squawking was done by pilot Two minutes after last air call transmitter went out Losing that signal makes it hard to track plane Then ACROS went out 0 Fire on plane This could cause damage to plane and electrical parts causing transmitter and ACROS to go out The cargo they were carrying weight and amount of lithium batteries Very flammable 0 Fire theory has major fault Fire alerts should have alerted team way before it spread Found another lead that discovered a series of quotinvisible handshakesquot Aircraft was alerting signal 7 hours after plane went missing Plane made three turns after last air call They have to enter in every turn in the system Who made those turns and why The tripe 7 has multiple backup systems Everything points to the fact that someone caused the plane to go down A humanly action The pilots or someone else they do not know Turning off the ACROS and transmitter still doesn t mean the plane doesn t send signals quotInvisible Handshakesquot The last couple turns seemed to be done by a human Whoever did this intended for plane and passenger to vanish Assistant Pilot and Pilot seemed to check out no intention to take down plane 0 Its possible no one will ever know what happened Class Notes 0 What do we know now 0 Flaperon on plane was found on Reunion Island Brought to the island by strongest currents in the Indian Ocean WEEK 15 113015 12415 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Current Events 0 Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting 0 Black Lives Matter protesters shut down quotMagnificent Milequot on Black Friday 0 Man kicked out of UW game for trying to switch seats and sent in coconut donuts to the university police as joke Final Exam 0 5 classes left 0 50 questions 0 25 questions from midterm 2 onward o 1213 from midterm 1 o 1213 from midterm 2 Exxon Valdez 0 Ship is 984 feet long 0 Carried 531 million gallons of crude oil TransAlaska Pipeline O Opened in 1977 in response to the oil crisis and embargo of 1973 O Moved oil from Prudhoe Bay Alaska in the north to Valdez and Prince William Sound 0 800 miles long and 4839 in diameter Bligh Reef hit this 0 Just 24ft deep 0 March 24 1989 at 1204am hit the reef O 8 of 11 cargo holds punctured O 11 million gallons of crude oil spilled 0 Though by some estimates as much as 32 million gallons The effect 0 11000 square miles of ocean surface 0 1300 miles of coastline covered 0 Loss of wildlife 0 1000002500000 sea birds News Coverage Water Clean Up 0 Chemical dispersants 0 Designed to break down oil into biodegradable parts 0 The whoe state had just 4000 gallons and no airplanes to disperse it o Ended up not being useful not enough waves 0 Boom and Skimmers o Floating chains pulled behind boats to try to round up oil and vacuum it up 0 Arrived about 30 hours after the spill o Became clogged or sank 0 Fire called in situ burning 0 Effective reduced oil to 1 of volume 0 Trail fire or 30000 and reduced oil to 300 0 Storm on the 3rd day of clean up prevented any fired from being used 0 Coastal clean up 0 Hot high pressure water 0 Meant to clean off rocks and try yo move oils into one area 0 Ended up killing natural bacteria that would actually break down oil 0 Paper towels 0 Effective but only in small doses 0 End result 0 Only 7 of all of oil spill was picked up 0 The Human Effect 0 Valdez had large amount of fishing and tourism industries 0 Local aleut and alutiiq tribes depended on natural resources of the coast 0 Valdez Tatitlek Chenega Bay Cordova Whittier all directly effected O Gill 2012 0 Measuring stress of PTSD of residents in Cordova 0 Total impact of event scale IES mirrored those of rape victims after 2 years after rape o Intrusive stress similar to those who are grieving 6 months after parents death 0 Vulnerability O Multidimensional dynamic process bases on levels of exposure to stressors O 3 factors that impact vulnerability 0 Physical location 0 Social class 0 Demographic characteristics 0 A group can be vulnerable to one risk but not others 0 Higher levels of exposure to toxins contributes to increase leaves of stress 0 Technological disaster creates chronic uncertainty 0 26 years later Exxon spent 2 billion on clean up Paid 5075 million in punitive damage to victims on 2009 Exxon still made 19 billion in profits that year Oil on beaches declining at just 4 per year Public trust What did oil companies learn from this 00000 12215 BP Deepwater Horizon 0 Current Events 0 Garry McCarthy police chief in Chicago was fired 0 Beijing smog levels are at 25 times the recommended maximum Brick of smog 0 Facebook creator and wife had baby and decided to donate 99 of stock shares 0 What happened 0 Drilling an exploratory well 41 miles off the coast of Louisianna 0 18000 deep well from sea level Methane was sucked up the drilling riser onto the deck and exploded Of the 126 crew 11 died After 3 days of fighting fire the drill rig sank Two methods to cap well both failed OOOO o Similarities with Exxon Valdez O Technological failure 0 Safety measures that should have been in place where either non existent or didn t work as intended O Cleanup techniques 0 Despite 21 years no new methods 0 Except beaches scrape and filter and replaced spray O MASSIVE environment and wildlife devastation 0 Differences Exxon Valdez vs BP 0 Location Prince William Sound vs Gulf of Mexico Surface oil vs Deep oil No human life loss vs human life lost 11 million spilled vs 210 million gallons spilled 11000 sq miles vs 68000 sq miles of ocean 1300 miles of coast effected vs 1074 coastal effected 6000 gallons of dispersants used vs 2 million gallons 0 Conservation of Resources COR Stress Model 0 Stress is related to loss of resources threat of resource loss or when resources are invested OOOOOO without gain 0 Four types of resources 0 Objects 0 Conditions 0 Personal characteristics 0 Energies 0 Spread of loss and value resources increase stress 0 Recreancy 0 Deals with issues of institutional trust 0 Institutions are entrusted to 0 Protect the public 0 Control technology 0 Respond to crisis 0 Technological disasters have an identifiable quotprimary responsibility partyquot 0 Provides the public a focus on blame compensation anger fear 0 CEO of BP Trust 0 quotI just wish I had my life backquot 12415 Target vs WalMart Are they really different companies 0 Current Events 0 Hover boards chargers batteries cables and cutoff switches could explode start a fire or electrocute users 0 Flooding in Chennai India Heavies rain in nearly a century 269 dead 0 Russia announced they will build a permanent base on the moon Construction will start in 2030 o WalMart 0 Number 1 retail store in America 0 Their biggest competitor is Target WalMart vs Target 0 Number of Stores 0 Target 1700 o WalMart 10700 4500 in US alone 0 Percentage of retail market 0 Target 24 o WalMart 114 0 Total Assets 0 Target 414 billion 0 WalMart 2037 billion Target vs WalMart O WalMart has advantage in cost stock price dividend return on investment etc 0 But public perception advantage goes to Target Why the hate on WalMart Target has a better reputation WalMart O Lawsuits o Violating ADA o Discriminating against Women 0 BriberyPension Plan fraud 0 Previously Hispanics forcing employees to work off the clock AfricanAmericans etc 0 Are they any better or worse than Target Target 0 Lawsuits 0 National Federation of the Blind sues Target claiming bi box retailer violated ADA by not making services for the blind 0 Target illegally dumped hazardous waste at hundreds of stores across California Ordered to pay 225 million 0 Sued for violating Americans with Disabilities Act for not providing reasonable accommodations for worker with Cerebral Palsy 0 Target ordered by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to pay employee with multiple sclerosis 95000 for not providing reasonable accommodations Where is Target s headquarters 0 Minneapolis Minnesota Why is MN relevant to Target 0 Minnesota is the most consistently Democratic state Target and Tom Emmer 0 Company donated 150000 to political group that supports Emmer for Governor 0 MN Forward super PAC 0 Oppose gay rights 0 Oppose gay marriage 0 Outspoken conservative group 0 After threats of boycotts consumer outrage Target s thenCEO offers apology etc Target misdeeds 0 They let people steal your money 0 Told you that it likely didn t affect most of their customers including you O Claimed they didn t know what was happening to your money 0 Greg Steinhafel was firedresigned after this scandal for not apologizing fast enough for Emmer and doing the same thing with the financial breach 0 WalMart vs Target difference 0 O O 0 Many but mainly people in this room Crisis and PR spokespeople WalMart largely does NOT handle crises well if at all Target prides itself on being a good corporate citizen 0 Helps Benefit of the doubt when in trouble 0 Hurts So wed to their own beliefs they can t readily admit to wrongdoing o How NOT to be Target or WalMart O O 0 Do NOT let the CEO speak to the media early if you can help it o CEO S o Trained business people not spokespeople 0 Have a hard time being told no and believing the media will not do what they want as everyone else does 0 CEO is face of the company Greater harm when the leader messes up 0 HAS TO BE FIRED afterward BP Target VW Get management on board with ONE consistent message 0 Message should be in layman s terms 0 No more than 10 bullet points single sentenced items 0 Admit to whatever you can that s wrong 0 Discuss what is being done to fix the problem right now o If possible provide a timetable or course for the future of what will be done Most importantly 0 Show that you care 0 Hiding facts shows that you care only about profits 0 That will get you killed WEEK 16 12715 and 12915 Firestone 0 Current Events 0 WalMart is suing Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is raising tax on imported goods from 2 to 65 Targets businesses with revenues greater the nSZ75 billion Walmart39s revenue is 4x the GDP of Puerto Rico 0 Winter storm Desmond happened Winds as high as 112 mph Rain dumping as much has 11 in some areas Worst areas for flooding are in North England and Scotland So far only one is dead 0 At Concord High in Elkhart IN a social studies teacher asked students to place quotwhites only and quotblacks only stickers on drinking fountains and bathroom doors Teacher is on PAID administrative leave 0 The Problem 0 Radial tires 15 inch models ATX ATX Wilderness AT 0 Specifically ones manufactured at the Decatur IL plant now closed 0 Lower tire pressure recommended by Ford 26 psi for stability 0 Goodyear tires with the same specifications had no incidences of failure 0 Tire treads rip apart at highway speeds o Plies cords imbedded in the rubber to hold the shape of the tire failed 0 Vibration the only sign of immediate failure 0 Once one goes almost no way to control the car 0 Failure rate of 241 per million compared with an industry average of 23million 0 These tires came standard on 0 Ford Bronco 0 Ford Explorer 0 Ford F150 0 Ford Ranger 0 Mazda Bseries 0 Mazda Navajo 0 Mercury Mountaineer Crashes resulted in about 3000 injuries and about 250 deaths All the earmarks of a Crisis 0 Denied there was ever a problem 0 quotNo specific problem was found with the design or production method of our tires Tried to pass the buck to Ford 0 Requested NHTSA investigate the Ford Explorer 0 quotFirestone claimed that Explorers are defectively designed because they have an inadequate margin of control for an average driver following a tread separation incident Blamed customers for underinflating their tires 0 Knew about the problem as early as 1997 with these specific tires Steel plies in radial tires have been a problem since the late 0s 0 Could rust or cut free from the rubber o Michelin used nylon caps starting in 1968 0 Recall in August 2000 o 65 million tires included in the recall 0 Ford separately recalled another 13 million 0 Total cost 3 billion 0 Government investigation in June 2001 0 Small industry public feared rollovers in other SUVs too O CEO ultimately resigned o Firestone 500 Tire O Firestone 500 o Steelply radial tire manufactured starting in 1971 0 Internal memo from 1973 showed they knew there was a problem 0 quotWe are making an inferior quality radial tire which will subject us to beltedge separation at high mileage o 250 people killed in accidents resulting from tires shredding on the highway 0 Decatur IL plant tires specifically 0 Recall in October 1978 of 7 million tires 0 Congressional hearings O Fined 500000 in 1980 by the NHTSA o The largest fine imposed on any US corporation up until then 0 If crises are systemic problems 0 When will they ever learn And How will they learn Final Exam Review 0 Thursday Dec 17th at 2pm 0 No scantron o No all of above no two of above Whats in the test 0 Current events 5 questions relating to current events 0 From midterm two and so on o Donuts to Wisconsin 0 Airline lost luggage and prosthetic leg 0 Christmas toy was exploring 0 Planned parenthood shooting 0 City that flooded twitter with pictures of cats 0 Readings 9 questions relating O Doorley and Garcia 0 Characteristics of rumors over time 0 Sweeney 0 Crisis decision theory When theory get used 0 Fishman o Phases in stages model crisis 0 Characteristics of each stage government involvement media etc 0 Cause of ValuJet 592 Crash o Recreancy CRS vulnerability risk perceptions differences key aspects 0 Perceived exposure to toxins O Racist o What is true or not true about racism in America 0 Dilenschneider o quotFlooding the zonequot meaning 0 Lectures 16 questions relating O ExxonBp o Cleanup methods used 0 Differences in both 0 of oil cleaned up after the Alaska spill 7 0 Why hose were a bad idea 0 Malaysian Airlines 370 0 Part found on an island a year later 0 Most likely explanation for the disappearances from the end of the video 0 Pilot hijacking 0 Tylenol 0 Poison used 0 Found responsible 0 Who initialed the recall 0 Firestone 0 Cause of tire failure 0 Similarities between the two crisis 0 Miscellaneous 0 Differences between Walmart and Target 0 Black criminal stereotype all except 0 Toyota recall 65 million 0 GREATEST cause for resurgence of confederate flag 0 Volkswagen emissions cheating fallout 0 Theories 5 questions relating to these points these are all answers to questions 0 Priming O Spreading activation 0 Agenda setting 0 Need for orientation 0 Framing episodic vs thematic 0 quotBig picturequot crisis stuff 9 questions relating to 0 Social media 0 During crises post on twitter at least twiceday 0 Influence of social media on perception 0 Characteristics of rumors 0 Response 0 Denial mortification minimization evasion of responsibility differences 0 What kinds of responses lead to worst outcome 0 Bullet points for a consistence message Walmart lecture what it includes 0 Dealing with angry people worst strategy 0 When to respond to rumors o How many questions in the standby statement 0 Miscellaneous 6 questions related to 0 Can you ever leave a crisis unscathed Relationship with media Conditions for spillover within a profession ValuJet lecture Characteristics of the gatekeeper team and the crisis headquarters Walmart lectures Top job of communication professionals 0 Not mentioned in this lecture don t study it


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