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What is the new star?

What is the new star?


School: Baylor University
Department: Political Science
Course: American Constitutional Development
Professor: James curry
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Baylor, astronomy, Russell, and Test 3
Cost: 50
Name: Astronomy Test 3 Study Guide
Description: Astronomy Test 3 study guide from Dr. Russells class over the sun, measuring stars, HR Diagrams, the life cycle of stars
Uploaded: 04/02/2016
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Mrs. Gloria Thompson (Rating: )

I'm really struggling in class and this study guide was freaking crucial. Really needed help, and Sydney delivered. Shoutout Sydney, I won't forget!


What is the new star?

Study Sour

Studs SOUT

* Deaths of stars:

- planerary nebula planetary core of

white dwart emits gas donds of diff. shapes (death explosion of low mass star,

reminant is white dwarf) - nova "new"star -super nova really bright her "star

What is hydrostatic equilibrium?

la : special arcumstances, whiłe dnarf (not normal

11: death of high mass star - Chandrasekhar limit: maximum mass of Don't forget about the age old question of phil 1321 uh

study sou

stable white duart

If mass exeeds limit, it becomes a Don't forget about the age old question of - Why is public health controversial?

neutron star (1.29 solar masses) 28-10 solar masses: White duart L 78-10 solar masses: neutron star black hole]

Measurements of stars.

* hydrostatic equillibrium

-how bigd star is in -gas pressure pushes out, gravity pulls If you want to learn more check out sar clade

contain size where these balance out

equalize * apparent magnithde.

- smaller number = brighter star - difference of 5 is 100x brighter



Study Sou

undy Soup


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Study SON



a star

Judy Soup

2. Measurements of stars

* luminosita amount of light a star emits

from its surface (absolute brightness) X apparent brighiness: how bright a star appears

to detectors on earth * Stellar luminosity: determined by

distance and apparent brightness * brightness = luminosity I (417d2)] Don't forget about the age old question of chm 2210 uf

d=distance Lo knowing distance, brightness, or

luminosity can explain the other * Magnitude scales?

- apparent magnitude bightness

- absolute magnitude luminosity * Determining stellar Distanas: Don't forget about the age old question of keelon hinton

Direct Method

- parallax standard candle Technique

Cusing luminosity to find distance)

- Spectroscopic

(main sequence temp). - variable star

(cepheid variable / puise period) * Property Measurement Law/Principle.

e Temp. spectrum radins/volume luminosity temp.

mass binam stars radial velocity red/blue shift If you want to learn more check out uf animal science

Weins law Stefan-Boltzman

Keplers and law I Doppler Effect

Study Soup

Study Soup

) Study Soup

Exam 3 study onide The sun * Star-glowing ball of gas held together

by gravity and powered by nuclear fusion * sun vital statistics

-radius: 696,000 km (100 earth radic)

1 million earths to fill sun. - surface temp n 6000K

- composition: Hydrogen & Helium * structure of the sun (inside outside):

core (fusing it & Hel radiation zone

convection zone - photosphere (surface)

chromosphere - corond - solar wind


helioseismoloan: used to measure vibrations

inside the sun to understand its interior * Sun's energy coup

- produced in the core from Hydrogen

fusing to Helium - radiation and connection push energy

to the surface 1 x sunspots darker, cooler regions on the sun

with intense magnetic fields come in pairs

like poles of a magnet

all year sunspot cude * solar cicle: 22 years, magnetic poles of sun

reverse and return to onginal configuration

Study Soup


3. HR Diagrams & life cycle of stars

Chigh mass) Ishon life) red giant


udy SOUT


Clong 160) Clow mass)

white dwarf


A study



temperature -

*(for main sequence stars):

• иррск lеff

- lower right - higher temp

- lower temp - higher luminosith - lower luminosity - short life

- long life - high mass

- low mass * parsec unit of length for distant objects

(2.2 light-years away) * life ade of a star



I stage fusion in core main sequence Itt He (90% of life) red giant, no fusion (retirement

branch Hetc. asympone giant branch/ no fusion star collapse

3/ honzontal

Stud: Soup



plane aid


(nigh mass)

6/ white dwarf - (high mass star: iron

type Il supernova

heutron starts

black hole

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