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Study Guide #3 Answers

by: Frankie Bjork

Study Guide #3 Answers ESS 104

Frankie Bjork
UW - L
Dance Appreciation
Kathy Gorman

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About this Document

These are all the answers to the Unit #3 study guide for the test on Thursday, December 17th.
Dance Appreciation
Kathy Gorman
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Frankie Bjork on Friday December 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ESS 104 at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse taught by Kathy Gorman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Dance Appreciation in Physical Education at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.


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Date Created: 12/11/15
Study Guide 3 azz Dance 1 From where did the syncopated rhythms ofjazz music and eventually jazz dance originate The syncopated rhythms and jazz dance itself came from African Americans They brought their drums and dance styles when they were brought over here as slaves 2 How are the jazz dance styles related to the social dance and popular music styles They are related because jazz dance is constantly changing to t the popular social dance style which follows the popular music style 3 jazz dance today is a blend of what 2 main movement sources Theater dance ballet and modern and folk dancing 4 In what decade in the 190039s did jazz dance begin 192039s 5 In what decade in the 190039s did jazz dance start to develop into a serious art form 194039s 6 What part of the body is often emphasized in jazz dance HipsPelvic area 7 Who is considered to be the father ofjazz dance jake Cole Tap Dance 1 From what other 2 dance forms did tap dance evolve This is another dance form that came from the slaves It also came from the Irish and their step dancing 2 What is the main difference between Irish step dancing and tap dancing The main difference is how they hold their torsos Irish dancers stand very tall and often use just their legs Tap dancers swing their arms and slouch 3 When and where was tap dancing rst seen Tap dancing was rst seen in the 184039s in New York City in the minstrel shows Musical Theatre Dance 1 What styles of dance do you nd in musical theatre dance You will nd many dance styles in musical theater dance because the dance must t the time plot and location 2 What types of entertainment preceded musical theatre Minstrel shows vaudeville and musical comedy revues 3 Why did white men perform in quotblackfacequot in minstrel shows Because they were imitating slaves and black people were considered second class at the time 4 Who choreographed quotOklahomalquot Why was quotOklahomaquot considered a landmark production in musical theatre dance history quotOklahomaquot was choreographed by Agnes de Mille It was considered a landmark production for two reasons First it was the rst time that all the dancing related to the plot Second the was the rst time that we saw a quotDream Balletquot This is a mini ballet that occurs at the end of Act 1 and leads you into Act 2 and it usually lasts 3045 minutes 5 What musical theatre production choreographed by Jerome Robbins replaced much of the dialogue with dancing quotWest Side Storyquot 1957 6 What are some characteristics of Bob Fosse choreography Emphasized pelvic movement isolations slouchy posture turnedin legs and hats Most of his dances can be described as quotDown and Dirtyquot because they were very risqu almost raunchy 7 What was the title of the production in which for the rst time SOME of the dancing related to the plot quotThe Black Crookquot 1866 8 In the best musical theatre choreography the movement Becomes the story in body language EthnicFolkSquare Dance 1 What are the differences between ethnic and folk dance Ethnic older more serious religion and history Folk occupations newer recreational simple 2 What is the one truly American folk dance Square dance 3 What dance was the forerunner to the square dance Quadrille 4 What determines what type of costumes ethnicfolk dancers wear Dress at the time style range climate and geography 5 According to the ethnicfolk dance video we watched in class what type of people dance in circle formations and what type dance in straight line formations Circle formations Farmers Straight line formations huntergatherer tribes warriors 6 According to the same video what are the 8 reasons people do ethnic and folk dance around the world Entertainment workpreparing food attract a spouse teach history celebrate coming of age religion greeting or welcome and story BallroomSocial Dance 1 In what decade in the 190039s did social dance change dramatically 196039s 2 In what centuries did the true origins of ballroom dance begin The true origins of ballroom dance began in the 15th century in the royal courts of Europe because ballet is considered a ballroom dance 3 When did modern ballroom dance begin Modern ballroom dancing began in the early 19th century 4 What was the rst modern ballroom dance Waltz 5 Why was the waltz considered scandalous when it began It was considered scandalous because for the rst time men and women stood very close together in the closed ballroom position 6 For what purposes is ballroom dance performed today It is performed for two main reasons to socialize and meet people and in competition 7 Ballroom dance is de ned as movement in Relationship 8 What are the 2 divisions in competitive ballroom dance What are the 5 dances in each Standard Division Waltz Viennese Waltz Tango Foxtrot and Quickstep Latin Division Cha Cha Samba Rumba Paso Doble and Jive 9 Of all the dance forms we studied this semester which one is the most popular form all over the world in terms of the public39s participation in it BallroomSocial Dance Education 1 How was dance viewed in 17th century Puritan New England the northern colonies as compared to the southern colonies of the US at that time North Most dance forms were forbidden due to the Puritan religion because the religion itself forbids dance South Young people were encouraged to dance because they believed that it made them better members of society 2 In what century did dance begin to be taught in American schools Dance was nally being taught in schools in the early 19th century 3 What were the 3 types of dance taught in American schools around the late 19th century Delsartian system of exercise depicted all human emotions through dance movement Aesthetic Dance ballet and ballroom mainly for women Gymnastic Dance was added for men had gymnastic tumbling sport movements and folk dancing 4 What university started the rst dance major program in 1926 University of WisconsinMadison 5 What are the 11 justi cations for dance in education according to the National Dance Assoc Reinforces all learning Provides alternative to usual modes of education Promotes self and socialawareness Improved physical tness Promotes understanding of your culture Provides pleasure in the kinesthetic sensation of movement Vital to personality development of children Develops the personal creativity of students Student39s body intellect and emotions are all directly involved Gain favorable attitudes toward observance of performance dance as adults Offers potentials and opportunities for future careers in dance Dance in the Schools 1 Elementarv School Dance What kinds of dance are taught in most American elementary schools today K 3 Fundamental locomotor movements rhythm games and activities folk dancing 46 rhythm folk and square dancing What type is lacking Creative dance Why is there not better quality dance programs in our schools Because it is taught by gym teachers who may not be comfortable doing it What is being done to help this Magnet schools 2 Secondary School What types of dance are taught in most American high schools today Folk square and social dance What are the 3 innovative programs some school districts are trying to help promote dance education in high schools High School of Performing Arts Work with local university dance programs high school students go there and earn credit college students that want to teach dance go to high schools and do it Urban Arts high school students can spend half of their day at an art institution 3 What are the 4 steps that need to be taken if dance is to be used to its fullest as a signi cant educannalexpe ence Strengthen dance in the already established school curriculum have it taught all the time instead of during one unit Improve the quality of dance instruction Get more boys involved in dance Develop community awareness and support of dance Dance in Higher Education 1 What is the difference in emphasis of placing a dance major program under a Physical Education Department as opposed to an Art Department Dance Theatre Physical ed tends to emphasize on the scienti c and physical side Arts emphasizes the artistic and creative side Dance Careers 1 What are the 6 possible dance careers Performance Educann Choreographer Dance Therapist Movement Therapist Dance ResearchCriticism Dance Management


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