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mat 1140

mat 1140


School: University of Florida
Department: Math
Course: Precalculus Algebra
Professor: Endrit & uncu fejzullahu
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: #MAC1140 #PreCalAlgebra #Final #FinalReview
Cost: 50
Name: 2015 Final Exam Study Guide: MAC1140
Description: Hey all! This study guide is from the exam review on Thursday Dec. 10th. It covered past Exam 2; including breakdown of what will come up and NEED to know material. I know it'll help a lot, it has with me. P.S this is for professor's Ali Uncu Best of luck
Uploaded: 12/11/2015
14 Pages 314 Views 2 Unlocks

Jabari Douglas (Rating: )

Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!