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Palestine Response Paper

by: Haileyaliamus

Palestine Response Paper History 105 Fry- Roots of Contemporary Issues

GPA 3.1
History 105

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About this Document

These are notes for the response paper. They will help you write this last response paper.
History 105
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Haileyaliamus on Friday December 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 105 Fry- Roots of Contemporary Issues at Washington State University taught by Faunce in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see History 105 in History at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 12/11/15
Dec 7th 11th Monday December 7 2015 1109 AM I Palestine amp Israel a Great Britain decided in 1947 to leave Palestine b UN adopted a plan calling for the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states Many issues came up with this new map Jewish agreed while Palestine did not so GB gaveJews Israel and Palestine got nothing c First ArabIsraeli war May 1948 Egypt Jordan Syria Lebanon and Iraq joined Palestine and attacked Israel Israel won with help from GB II 19521990 a 1952 the population had doubled more immigration coming in Jews from other parts of the world other than Europe By the late 19605Jews from Asia and Africa began to outnumber Europeans b 1956SuezSinaiWar Israel attacked Egypt because England and France asked them to i Cold war is occurring Egypt gets their independent from GB GB decided to keep all the money that goes through it Egypt didn39t like that plan they were trying to dam the Nile However they have no money so the US offers to give a land but we ask that they pick a side We then offerto build up their military and give more money but we wanted to control them Then Russia shows up and offers a no strings attached loan They decide they start keeping the money from the canal to pay offthe loan So GB asks Israel to attack Egypt c Arab nationalism increases dramatically d Led Israel to attack EgyptJordan and Syria in June 1967 Six Day War e Result Israel takes form Egypt Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula From Jordan East Jerusalem and the west Bank From Syria Golan Heights f The Occupied Territories included an Arab population ofabout 15 million g Palestine Liberation Organization PLO Yasser Arafat Freedom fighters h Yom KippurWar October 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked to regain the territories however they lost in 1967 Camp David Accords Egyptian President AnwarEl Sadat Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and President Jimmy Carter The point is to stop the bigger Arab war O c USSu a Q thfDPPP39 900000 SovietJews immigrated June 1982Israel launched an invasion of Lebanon because they wanted to drive the PLO First Intifada shaking off 19871993 pport Formal intergovernment relations remained chilly until 1967 More than 140 billion in direct aid between 1967 and 2004 Annual3 billion in direct assistance We wanta strong stable ally in an oil rich region Support for Israel is strong among American Christians Informal lobbying also includes the activities ofJewish groups Three key formal lobbying groups i Christians United for Israel ii American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC iii Conference of Presidents of MajorAmerican Jewish Organizationsas an ethnic group the Jewish tend to vote the most and will always donate money Nov 16th 20th Monday November 16 2015 946 AM I Roots of Contemporary Conflicts A 19902012 0 The Oslo Accords Declaration of Principles on Interim SelfGovernmentArra 20th 1993 0 It was the first direct facetoface agreement between the government of Is Liberation Organization PLO Became the framework for future negotiations PLO chairman Yasser Arafat Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and US pres Creation of a Palestinian National Authority 0 The Accords also called for the withdrawal ofthe Israel Defense Forces IDF Gaza Strip and West Bank Yitzhak Rabin returned home and was assassinated Peace process falls apar July 11 2000 Camp DavisSummit 0 President Bill Clinton Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and PNA Chairman i 0 They all agree to the Trilateral Statement that they will agree sometime in t B Jerusalem Jerusalem has been the holiest city in Jewish tradition King David of Israel first established it as the capital ofthe kingdom of Israel i 0 King Solomon commissioned the building of the First Temple in the city 0 In Christian tradition Jerusalem has been a holy city since Jesus was crucifie In IslamJerusalem is the third holiest city 0 Temple Mount 0 The Western Wall 0 The Church ofthe Holy Sepelchre The Dome ofthe Rock AlAqsa Mosque C Crusades Seljuk Turks started to attack Egypt and the Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire did not do well and they turn to the west for help He asks that it is about religion 0 Pope in Rome sent out call to arms to fight offthe Muslims Jerusalem was only place the leaders had heard of so determined to march c r Ilr Ln l ngements August rael and Palestine and relations ident Bill Clinton from parts of the 39asser Arafat he future on a plan in C 1000 BCE d there the Pope and says on Jerusalem vveStern torces woum reTuse to ooey byzantine Emperor Peter the Hermit leads the next crusade Raised army of peasants from Franc People39s Crusade reached ConstantinopleAug 1096 They Looted and fough About 20000 men women and child crossed into Asia Minor Oct 1096 all killed by SeljukTurks 1st Crusade fourseparate armies from France and Belgium Crusaders attacked Antioch June 1096 city fell Jan 1099 set outforJerusalem June 1099 attackedJerusalem then fell ith 2nd Crusade Louis VII France and Conrad IIIGermany decided to retaliate Germans decided to attack Damascus They were only Muslim ally ofthe French so they said no The French sent a message to Damascus to alert them about the attack So D Salah adDin of Egypt became new power in area He took cities one by one I 1187 3rd Crusade Fredrick BarbossaHoly Roman EmperorGermany Philip IIKing Richard quotthe Lion heartedquot Kind of England July 1191Acre they were rescued Philip Job done so he goes home Richar Started to march toward Jerusalem 4th Crusade March to Constantinoplein 1204 and sacked it 1215 decided to go to Egypt more wealth Arrived at annual flooding of the down and hit them They rescued them and set them back with the promise 5th Crusade 1212 Children39s Crusade Nicolas of Cologne He led thousandsi crusade Marched to Italy and hired boats to get closer to Jeruselam howevr slavery e and Germany t along the way Hy1099 lamascus won Jntil Jerusalem fell in of France and 39d was in charge Nile The river roared to never attack of children on a er they were sold into


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